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Recently I have been giving a lot of thought to this special issue.  America’s ‘proper’ place in international affairs.  America’s proper authority in toppling dictators and exercising our muscle the world over.

A while back I announced, through this blog, that I had become a Libertarian, more or less.  Strongly Conservative, yes, but a Libertarian.  And when Glenn Beck was going over the United States responsibility in the IMF and said “and people wonder why I am becoming more and more Libertarian with each passing day.”  I had to nod furiously.

I also stated, as this is my fundamental belief, that Libertarianism need not concern itself with Foreign policy.  That is not one of the five fundamental principles of Libertarianism, and even though a Massive Army can potentially lead to Massive Government, I do not buy that in this country those are inherent facts.

But, the size of Government needs to decrease, across the board, we must consider cuts to all areas if we hope to survive because our massive debt needs massive solutions to help cut it.

So where does that leave foreign policy?

Well it leaves foreign policy, and myself personally, in a very difficult place.

I believe, firmly, in the greatness of America’s military might, and our ability to do good in the world.  That if one country is threatening another country with extermination, or a loss of freedom, and a loss of the rights to self governance as that nation chooses.  Then we should help.  We should intervene.  Especially if that nation is one of our allies, we must act in our perceived National Interests.

We should not, however, be the World’s policeman, no one nation or body of nations should do that.  We should only act in our own legitimate National Interest, and we can just hope that it coincides with morality and just policy.  That should it be a war, it should be a just war.

But I have to wonder if we have the moral authority to do even that.  We keep on supporting nations, as much as even supplying military arms to nations like Saudi Arabia and Egypt.  We have actively mettle in the nations that we are trying to ‘give’ democracy too.  And we are hardly holding ourselves morally accountable for the actions we take here at home.  Thus providing a terrible example for fledgling ‘democracies’.

But most of this comes out of something I saw on Glenn Beck.  Karzai, the President of Afghanistan was locked in a tender embrace with the President of Iran.  That was a life changing image.

Now I want foreign nations to follow foreign policy of their choosing and to set up their own relations, but a hug, really?

I mean this is, as a nation…as a movement…we got upset (rightfully so) when Obama was caught in a friendly hand shake with Hugo Chavez and then started to bow to foreign leaders.  But yet we are not upset?  About this?

He can hug and do whoever we want, but we have the right to withdraw support of a Government that…we tried to help…but is now acting against our National Interests.

But then there is the issue of morality, here in this country.

We have our own problems to worry about.  Massive debt, massive growth to Government, Illegal Immigration, and serious Moral Questions that will determine the character of this nation for a hundred years, if not longer.

The question must be asked, are we strong enough to help out other countries?

Are we strong enough to help out, and in some cases actually subsidize the military in other countries.  I am all for helping out, but only as equal partners, and not as in the place of that countries responsibility.

Do we have the moral authority?

The sad fact of the matter is despite what I want, what Conservatives want, and what people who favor a strong National Defense…through offense…may want, right now we might have to withdraw into ourselves a little bit to figure out our National Responsibilities.

That we cannot rely upon, or be relied upon, for bail outs for other countries, and helping other countries military.  Because the only way to do that, the only way to be a true force for good in the world is to be a force of good at home.  To be a beacon of freedom and hope.

And most importantly to be strong.

Because like it or not America is in a very weakened state, economically,  militarily, and morally.  We are no good to the world,or ourselves  in such a condition.

So lets help and worry about our own problems, first, and then again we can become that shining city on a hill, and we can again be strong enough to help out the world.

Long gone is the time that the United States, can be relied upon to be the vast ATM of the world. To pledge Billions of taxpayer dollars to prop the Euro ( a currency that was brought into being primarily to be competition to the dollar) is complete lunacy.

Our present administration was voted into office on promises of change. I do not feel that the change we were looking for was to become Europe, or worse,  a third world country. No, actually we are becoming a fourth world country, a country that is putting it’s own national interests behind third world countries that would really like nothing better than to see us fall.



  1. Libertarianism in my opinion does play a role here. If a Government starts telling people outside of its boarders what to do and how to live…it stands to reason that it is a big government.

    Furthermore, governments of this nature tend to base their policies on corporate advise, not on the interests of national security and spreading Democracy and freedom. Infact, by doing so, the US has supported dictatorships and harsh regimes in the past and present. We also make ourselves some enemies that we should never have done. Didn’t Madison say that we shouldn’t be looking for monsters to vanquish in the old world?

    And you brought up a great case study, Karzai hugging the Iranie leader. My opinion is, let the Afghani people decide who their leader hugs and who their leader doesn’t hug. It is not our place to say. That’s called having a puppet government, and that’s called imperialism. Imperialism is the staple of big government, of immorality.

    As long as Afghanistan is not actively challenging our security or allies, or American Citizens, it is none of our business who Karzai hugs and who he doesn’t hug. Let his people decide if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

    • Yes but…Hitler.

      I mean I think we should have some role, but we need to seriously examine what our role should be, that is the basic point of this blog. And we can, I suppose, if that nation harms the itnerests of our forces over there, like the Drug trade in Afghanistan, that is a possible justification.

  2. Hitler…this is where multilateral action should come into play. No one nation should decide who is good and who is bad. It worked for South African Apartheid, it worked in the first Gulf War, it worked in Kosovo. We didn’t give it a chance to work in Somalia…

    It should be used, that way we don’t bare the full brunt of the costs, and we don’t make enemies as much and will have better support.

    • True but a nation should act in its own interests when others fail them. Though the United States have always worked with allies when going into foreign wars and for much of our foreign policy, only the most ‘black’ of ops we have done over seas have we ever acted like a lone wolf.

  3. Your quote: “So lets help and worry about our own problems, first, and then again we can become that shining city on a hill, and we can again be strong enough to help out the world.” reminded me of a situation I was in once I was flying on a business trip and I noticed in the flight attendant’s little show about airplane safety and what to do in an emergency really struck me odd for a moment. When she said to put the oxygen mask on yourself as the adult first and then worry about assisting your child with their mask. I was taken aback, because as a parent you naturally want to protect or put that mask on your own child first and give yourself that oxygen later. But then I reasoned it out and realized that If you are overcome by fumes and faint in the process of attempting to help your child you may die and then cannot further help the child. This is the harsh reality of being a parent or someone who is in a position to “watch over” or be the guardian to another. You MUST take care of yourself first in order to maintain your good health, stability and effectiveness in order to be the proper guardian to that other party.

    That was a long story to demonstrate that we really are in no position right now to be financially helping other countries. I realize the importance of foreign policy it is critical to maintaining balance in the world IMO, however, there does come a time when you do as a nation need to pick your priorities and realize you can’t be a handout for everyone. And just like our own problems here at home which is just a microcosm of what you see in the world that you have people here and other countries out there that always have their hand out for aid and come to depend on it. This is the problem with big government and the big watch dog who sits on the porch of the world. You have to let people know that we may not be there to always pull them up and sustain them. We can help them in their initial time of need true and much charity has been raised in these efforts to help with hurricane and tsunami victims over the years and what not but let’s not continue to pump millions and millions of dollars into these countries over years and years like we do here at home with people that lay on welfare indefinitely. Show them how to stand up and be an effective government for their people and then get out. Stop the aid, stop the funding of private armies, etc. I just think this is where the slow drain has always been with respect to foreign aid. It is like that BP oil leak…it just keeps gushing from our sides and no wonder our own economy can’t get a handle on our debt. We need to be responsive, yes but this long term funding needs to stop.

    • Excellent points to all 😉 You see help should be temporary. Just think of the Doctor, he comes into an area, helps, and then leaves to let people attend to their own affairs.

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