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Or about three hundred million of them.

This is a reference to the pop culture icon…from England :P….Doctor Who.  There was a moment in one of the episodes that the Doctor’s arch nemesis came back from the dead and rose to become the Prime Minister of Great Britain.  And he said this:

This country has been sick.  This country needs healing.  This country needs medicine.  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that, what this country really needs, right now…is a doctor.

Harold Saxon.

And then there was this clip, that I rather enjoyed, from another Doctor Who episode.

Ladies and gentlemen.  This country has a fever, we have been sick, we need healing, we desperately need healing, what we in fact need, is a Doctor.

But we cannot wait for one.

We cannot wait for one.

Sure we have inspirations, we have people out there on the fore front, we have people who we need to look up to and respect.  But in the end we need a Doctor.

We need to become the Doctor.  Not necessarily the more violent aspects of the character, but the more peaceful.  The morality, the determination, the passion, the fire that he will do right no matter what the cost.

Craziness optional.

Believe me I know about becoming, or trying to become a better person.  I, personally think its something we all struggle with.  Though if someone out there that does not struggle with this…call me.

Or we need to become George Washington, or John Adams, or George Whitfield.

It does not really matter who.  But we must be these heroes.  We must pick a person that we think embodies the best qualities in life if we hope to succeed.

I have talked about heroes before, and how they are not always perfect people, none of us can be.  But we need to pick those qualities that we admire in the people who we admire and expand them in our selves.

Hope, charity, truthfulness, thrift, ruggedness.

We must become those people.  We must become the ‘Sainted Physicians’ and the George Washington’s of our time, all of us…or most of us in our own way.

We must do this because the enemy that we are fighting will take nothing less to defeat then all of us going at it, united.

We must be angry, we must be indignant, not engage ourselves in violence, but in peace and use that energy for…the light side of the Force.

That is required of us, gang buckle up, it will be a bumpy ride.



  1. What we need in this country are those that can respect the constitution and use it as a basis to solve our problems. To quit the old tested and failed methods of politics, to go beyond the ideological divide and really talk with each other and cooperate. To stop seeing the other side as evil or stupid or devious.

    We need to learn to grow or we will continue down the same path of a polarizing nation that can’t do anything at all.

    What we need are for people to get involved, normal average freedom loving people. To make Federalism work for us, to make a more perfect union.

    • Its pretty hard to do that when the other side IS evil 😛

      • I have articulated a well thought out response and it could be found here

        • colfoley
        • Posted May 20, 2010 at 1:44 am
        • Permalink

        LOL. Oh come on! :P. The other side wants to enslave, wants to take away our freedoms, and steam roll any opposition. That IS pretty evil. But its not Democrats or Republicans only, its both of them, but its progressives and other big government types that mean to grow the government beyond its constitutional, or sane, limits.
        That is not to say that every single progressive, liberal, social justice type is evil, but right now the people that are putting their per political theories…into action…well the case can most certainly be made 😉

  2. CUTE….LOVE IT!! 😀 But that clip disturbed me and I’m still rationalizing that one! 😮 But yeah I agree with this….very well said!! We all need to step up and be heroes and help out one another and just “do onto others as you would have others do unto you.” Tell me….when did people forget this Golden Rule?? 😮

    • When people replaced it with the Government 😉

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