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This has been bothering me for a while now.

Now 1632 is a great novel, it is a very important novel to read for the times.  Its fun, a great read, and it does have a pretty kind look at the American experience and American style Government.

But, some of it when I read it I can almost see once in a while a bit of a Progressive or Socialist ideology in it from some of the main characters, who seems at other times to be an annoying Libertarian.  Sorry Annoyingly Libertarian.  But the society that they built is not…quite a copy of the United States, and the rhetoric in it can sometimes be…seemingly..well of that side of the aisle.  Other times not so much.

Now one of the pieces of ‘evidence’ is the quote above.  One of the characters in the novel utters this question to the King of Sweden, Gustavus Adolphus:  “What lasts longer, the Mountains or the Sea?”  This really percolates in his head for most of the book and it keeps on coming back over and over and over again.

Now for cultures, well duh, this is quite simple to realize.  Cultures must change, the only constant is some form of change.  Even if that change is only repeating a pattern from the past.

But in Government this is where this gets kind of tricky.  Because it almost sounds like the ideology that dictates that the Constitution, the very fabric of Government, must change with the times, to be reinterpreted on the whim of the people, or a political elite.  To mean whatever they want it to mean for their agenda at any point of time.  In other words a very progressive philosophy of Constitutional Government.

How do you reconcile the two positions?  How do you reconcile the knowledge that if societies survive they need to change in some form or another, to grow, evolve, and to endure, with the philosophy that governments need to be firm and principled?

Then it hit me.

I was being glum about this blog, the views were getting small, and it was just, not a good day, well it was a great day since it was starting to come back a bit.

But it hit me.  That is the answer.

OK imagine this. The ship of state, it’s going along in rough and turbulent waters.  A hurricane of winds and waves smashing and rocking us, as the under current changes and new societal quirks are adopted.

But throughout the journey of the ship of state they have been in constant contact with the shore, with the home base, with the light house, with the guide stone.  In constant communication about the base, and with the base.

What is the safe port of call?

The Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights.  That is our blue print, and our safe port of call, and our foundation.

Think about it.

What lasts longer, the mountains or the sea?  Well obviously the sea, duh.

But we are not a sea, we are a ship traveling on the sea.

And no ship can survive without supplies, without food, a place to get water and medicine, a place to rest and relax from our travels and regroup and heal from our battering.

Because no ship, and no society can survive without firm foundations to go running back to and just know that they are there.

Our foundations are faith, hope, and charity.  Our foundations are our founding documents, the founding fathers, and the founding principles.

And the progressives know this.  They know that we have a life line, and if they destroy that life line then they can change the ship, they can change the founding principles.

That is why they are distorting the message, that is why they are messing with the communications lines and the satellite up-link, and discouraging communication with the shore.  Oh no we can do it, just trust our great and noble Captain!

They know if they can cut off our communication with the shore, if they can stop ourselves from getting supply and having that guide store then we will be adrift.  We will be lost out there in a wild current of change, tempest-tossed and forlorn.

We will be running out of supplies, we will be running out of water and we will be growing desperate.

Then we might be locking onto something else, anything else, it could be Marxism, it could be Fascism, it could be another version of our founding principles.  But it will be an unknown.

That is why we must restore our founding principles, that is why we must restore ourselves, and that is why we must constantly communicate, with ourselves about the shore, and the shore itself.  If we hope to survive.

And we cannot look for a political solution.  Oh no, we cannot look to the Government.  We cannot rely upon the ‘Captain’ of a vessel.  Especially when the Captain says ‘oh we do not need the shore, we have enough supplies and we can do it ourselves…or make safe harbor somewhere else.’

No that is not the answer.

We need our founding principles, our Plymouth Rock and our foundation or we are nothing.

And we also must look at their foundation, and for many of them their foundation was God, Faith, and Religion.

We must look at them, their words, their foundation, and their organization in order to win.  In order to discover our own foundation.



  1. Awesome points and although I have not read that book I can see the parallels you are making in that every good society needs a foundation that is unwavering, something that can be that guide stone or plumline to go by. Well and I like to think of the lighthouse as that perfect example that is the mechanism that leads you home and keeps you safe. Keeps the sailors from crashing into the dangerous cliffs and remains the beacon that brings us home safely time and time again.
    The lighthouse is also that powerful image that the Bible is to many who believe. That without that rock that foundation that is unchanging and that can truly stand up to the test of time, we would surely flounder as a people. The Bible is the only document that has remained relevant throughout countless years and has yet to be changed, edited or revised. It is just as relevant today as it was a thousand years ago and why do you think that is? There were no technology wars, gangs, oil spills or H1N1 viruses back then so how could it still be relevant today?? Or were there those things?? The answer is that even tho the names have changed the players and the concepts seem different the basic premise is still the same. There was war, there was disease there was domestic violence, bad guys and murder. There was natural disaster and there was the poor and the rich…the powerful and the weak. Just like there is all that stuff today. So it all still applies the way in which we do things is really not new but we just need to find new ways of dealing with it. And the best way to do that is looking through history to see how it was done before. We can use our history books and the Bible and note the effectiveness of our cultures in certain situations..true our Founding Fathers they were brilliant but I challenge you to go one further and look at Jesus when he walked among us on the Earth and performed miracles and teachings. There is alot to be gained from what he demonstrated to a variety of people and cultures who just were not living according to how they should be living. This can be a very powerful learning tool for many societies….if they only took the time to look in there….in the Bible….it is truly the blue print for how we as a people and as a society should live. 😉

    • Yeah, and I believe I indicated that in the blog that we haave to look at the Founders plumline, and for many of them that was religion.

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