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I was thinking the other day of doing something, random and out of the blue.  But I realized the blog topic is personal, random, totally inappropriate, needs more fleshing out, and well needs more time for me to think on it.

But for a while now I have been wanting to do fun things.  I want to bring a pop culture spin on things, making movie, play,book, or TV references to make a point.  And while I do that often…the subject material is usually serious.

And I also want to analyze All Along the Watchtower, in today’s times and given a Libertarian context.  But that is for later.

But thinking about this, and going to see Robin Hood today, I realized.  I can make a list of the five people, I think, are big Libertarian heroes.  So here it goes:

5. Paladin:  (Have Gun, Will Travel)

The protagonist of the CBS television show from the fifties and sixties, Have Gun Will Travel.  A private ‘gun for hire’ that performed various tasks ranging from battling corrupt businessmen, outlaws, to even helping out local law enforcement.  Or battling corrupt law enforcement as the case may be.  Always fought for the truth and the noble cause, even going so far as to giving the money back if he felt the job corrupt.  The lesson here is that sometimes private people can be just as effective, or more so, with morality and justice, then the law that is supposed to protect us.  Especially for his times.  Also an intellectual, able to speak on a wide variety of topics from Chess, to Shakespeare, to Democratic Government.  Has been known to quote Jefferson “the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants.”

4. Robin Hood.

The emerald archer…no wait that’s Green Arrow :P.  The archer from the Forests of Nottingham who stole from the rich, and gave to the poor, and battled evil local Governments all the way.  The Current portrayal of the role (done by Russel Crowe) portrays him as someone who was firmly against big Government and raged against all Government intrusions.  Being the son of a Mason and a Philosopher who helped form a Charter of Liberties, a Contract between the people and the King.  A cause that Robin would take up one day.  However not knowing the breadth and scope of the actual legend, just getting really interested in it now, I do not know how much this is true.  The current movie portrays him as a 13th Century version of George Washington.  Again I do not know how true this is.  What I do know is he battled the special interests and the corrupt politicians of his time, and thus deserves some note.

3.  Malcolm Reynolds.   (Firefly)

Just a man trying to make his own way in a crazy world.  Be left alone by a big out of control powerful central Allied Governments.  Just wanting to do jobs and make his money, and was a Sergeant in their war of independence.  Tried to not do immoral jobs, giving money back to his employer, and vital medicines back to the people when he discovered that was what his job was.  Was also responsible for uncovering the failed Alliance policy of population control that led to the creation of the Reavers.

2.  John Sheridan (Babylon 5)

Seceded from Earth, Helped create an interstellar alliance that was modeled on principles similar to the foundation of the US. He  battled an out of control President (Clarke, who claimed dictatorial powers, created Government organizations with the express mandate to monitor and maintain control over the people.  Bombed Civilian targets and disbanded the Senate and the Press, led missions to seize by force any institution that stood against his administration.)  Think Obama with a bigger budget.   John Sheridan eventually was forced to help in a Civil War against that President, preferred to stay on the sidelines and find a peaceful solution to the problem, but was forced increasingly by his Government to take radical actions to stop them and restore the Constitution.


1.  The Doctor.  (Doctor Who)

Yes the Doctor, Doctor Who.  The independent and radical Time Lord who has battled his own people, is in stolen technology, and has failed his people’s driver’s tests to drive his ship, but does so anyways.  The ultimate hero of free spirit, independence, exploration, and justice.  Having a rigid moral code, and defying Governments, corrupt people, but yet protecting everyone and having a respect for all of life.  Even those that are trying to kill him.  Sometimes shows dictatorial tendencies, but he never stays, and uses logic and reason more than force and coercion to bring people to his thinking.

People who did not make the list.

Jack Bauer (24)

Despite often battling his own Government and policies of (Charles Logan, Allison Taylor, international Terrorists and the Chinese to name some) that he disagrees with and doing the honorable thing in his own life, he is also a symbol for bigger Government then I think most Libertarians would be comfortable with.  Using torture and big bother like devices.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter cannot make the list.  Even though he has battled corruption, and the books has dealt with a massively corrupt Fudge administration, it was not the main focus.  His main focus was the battle against the Lord Voldemort and a classic Good and Evil scenario.

Disagree?  Agree?  Have your own lists or your own quibbles?  Comment!



  1. Actually… Malcolm is indeed a great example! In fact the show as a whole! The Alliance did use “Enhanced” interrogation techniques, told the people what to do and think, and went as far as imposing it’s will on the outer system worlds. They want their hands on everything for the “good” of the people. Malcolm is a rebel who just wants to be left alone.

    • ……exactly…as are all of them….

  2. This was fun to read 😀 😀 Loved it!! 😉 But what?? No John Crichton?? *GASP* Well he was more humanitarian by nature I guess. But he was always battling against the BIG BAD Peacekeepers and/or the Scarrans always trying to respect all life in the process and keep the peace. I would also love to add to the list Lee Adama from Battlestar Galactica. He was always for the voice of the people and asking those hard questions of Laura Roslin and bringing into question her and Bill Adama’s role in governing the fleet. He would sometimes even set himself apart from them trying to see the perspective of the people and always wanted fairness and equality for all. But then he did have issues with Baltar and his wanting free assembly for his cult followers so it was a fine line. But it’s fun to look at these various characters and try and see just where their morals and political views lie with respect to our own government and political parties and process.

    • I thought about Lee, but yeah you are right about the thing but I did give serious thought to Lee, and actually he should have been in the ‘people who did not make the list’ list. I think he had just a personal problem with Baltar 😛

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