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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Today, (well this is a few days late so bear with me.) Is the one year anniversary of the start of this blog, and ironically, (maybe there is something to bloggers in their underwear in their mothers basements?) My one hundredth blog.  Coincidence?  Well partially.

But this blog idea was born out a long time ago, I wanted to actually….well blog on this blog date.  To come up with something unique and profound while celebrating my many blogging accomplishments and to reflect on one year.  But at the time that I was thinking about this blog, I thought I had started at the beginning of June, and not the end, so the delay on this, and I will apologize to…well myself..if I get anything wrong.

First off a personal note.

I am not a very religious man, I am spiritual, I wonder on a day-to-day basis at the supernatural, but as of right now I do consider myself to be more agnostic than anything.

I say this because this blog is going to deal with religion.  Its going to deal with religious precepts, and some of the language used, I can just imagine being used to show in a couple hundred years that I was a very religious man.

I am not, I may be leaning back in that direction more than I was in the past, but it is an ongoing process.

With that said I ran into a facebook poll a long while back, must have been in the earliest part of May.  I voted for it, and then noticed one of the answers and it sunk in.  The answer was “We don’t need God, we have Government”  Small paraphrase maybe but that was the general intent.

How can you make such a statement?  I mean if you are an atheist fine, if you are an agnostic, that is even fine.

But the idea to elevate Government to a Godly position, to literally replace God with Government is a dangerous and slippery slope. (Think 1917 Russia)

Even if there is no such thing as God, I believe there is, but even if there isn’t its a dangerous game to assume that there is not and that you  are the highest moral authority in the world.

It’s why I won’t vote for an Atheist, unless they are the smallest of the small Governments and they can swear up and down that they are not this way.

Because if you take away God and then want power, which is a very dangerous thing to want anyways, that means you probably consider yourself to be the highest moral authority in the universe.  The only person to ‘help’ the people.

Now I do not know about any specific religion, I do not know who is right and who is wrong and which precepts are right and wrong, I do genuinely try to listen to all sides and learn what I can.

It seems to me though that Ben Franklin was right.  That the American religion is that there is a God, that we all have to meet him eventually, and the best way to serve him is to serve each other.

I know very little about anything else, but I do know this, and it sounds like very good advice to me.  And it is something that I hope that all people everywhere can agree upon, no matter your religion or your faith.  Or at least that is where we need to be as a people.

And it seems to me that with all the world on fire, and the massive debt, many wars, moral decay, encroaching Government.  That with all this going on we just might need a God out there to help us get through this.

Now for the celebration.

Its been an interesting and enlightening one year so far to blogging, full of its own lessons, disappointments, pitfalls, stumbling stones, but yet its own profound joy and triumph.

I have not done or fulfilled and am nowhere in my life where I want to be, there is a lot left undone and a lot that still remains to be done.  Its going to be an interesting run till next year.  And the fact that there are one hundred of these things probably proves I do this way too much.

But its been good, its been enlightening, and it is what does need to be done.

I would like to thank everyone, and I do mean everyone, all the people who well, I will not be able to mention.  But know that you are thanked.  I would like to thank everyone for commenting, for being here, and for reading.  Its been a wild ride and I appreciate everyone sharing it with me.

And to anyone out there who has read, I once again continue to encourage you to comment, to read, and to give me your opinion.  Because that is why I do this, I do this to enjoy and to debate and to engage on the battlefield of ideas.  I do this to challenge myself, and to read things, and sometimes I get articles or get challenged by things and ideas that make me question.  But that is what is good, that is what keeps me coming back, to challenge my own thinking and my own beliefs and ideas.

I look forward to this, this is hopefully my first of many years.  And my first of many years of doing this kind of thing.

In my first blog on the Daily Beck (read it here) I asked the audience how to bridge the gap on a lot of issues and how to bring more people into the fold, or at the very least to get them thinking about the possibility of the country being massively on the wrong track.

The obvious answer is the debt.  Is the economic crisis, I think that is the easiest thing to point to and say, dude there is something seriously wrong here, our spending and our addictions.

I mean that our debt is in the 130 Trillion dollar range last I heard.  Greece is collapsing causing many countries, including ours, to bail them out.

Portugal, Spain, and Hungary are facing similar problems.  Who knows what is happening in countries like Germany and England but they are having similar economic and political upheaval.

And now Japan is the latest country whose leader is saying they are having major, major, economic problems.

Its Prime Minister said in a speech, and I quote: “Our country’s outstanding public debt is huge… our public finances have become the worst of any developed country,”

(Source BBC News, read here)

I mean it is the most obvious thing to point to because we all get it.

The politicians get it, world leaders get it, homeless people on the street get it, and you in your home get it when you have a certain number of dollars and have to choose between food and the PlayStation that you want. (Can you tell this is important to me?)

Anyways its the easiest thing to point to, when you spend more money then you can get, it’s just a big uh oh sign to people.  Just that the politicians can pretend, or out right lie, that they are tough on fiscal policy, oh they cut this program, oh they are streamlining that program, oh they are shutting down the funding to the not so important programs like….NASA and the Military.

Meanwhile they are shifting money around to the programs that they feel important, like Health Care, banking ‘reform’, and other miriad group of subjects.

That is just the best indication that something is wrong.

The problem here is that there is so much white noise in the air, so many diverse political issues that need to be talked about, some important, some not so much.  Just so many things to distract us, and people who will believe, well we will get out of this and they are tough on spending, oh we have to temporarily spend buckets of money so we can ‘grow our way out of this’.

So many issues that it is easy to get sucked into that it’s not always easy, or appropriate, to always bring up the National Debt.

But in short, to understand the money, the debt, the spending, the fiscal night mares, and everything else that is going on, may be the best way to get more people on board that there is something tremendously wrong in this country.

That an understanding of economics, and the truth of economics, no matter where it will lead us, will be the key to setting us and keeping us free.

I really cannot believe that I have not been blogging about this to this point, but I feel that now that has been time to chronicle my opinions.

Now I do want to get off that I did not listen to his full speech, I have listened to bits of it and pieces of it but not the full speech, yet.  Do not know if I ever will, so if any of my facts are wrong you can kindly point them out.

What I have heard, his whole response, what I have heard of the speech, leads me to a lot of opinions on it.  And I have been developing this opinion for a while now over the course of these events.

Now there are two separate notes of issues that can be regarded from this, two topics that need to be brought up.  So let’s get to it.

First of all.  It has struck me as odd at Obama’s specific course of action.  He seems to be using the oil spill to advance his agenda and get certain things passed like Cap and Trade and the rest of it.

But that is not really here nor there.

The main issue here is that he has his priorities mixed up.  I feel that he is taking the wrong way to fixing this problem.  He is looking to punish BP instead of trying to fix the problem.

Now BP has not been saints, they may be culpable in this incident, and there may be things that they are hiding or that they did that needs to be investigated.  Their response has been shoddy, and inconsistent.

But punishing them right now, is not really proper, especially since they are supposedly working together to fix this mess!

A better response would be to fix the mess, get the leak stopped, get all the problems solved, before you worry about who to punish, whose going to pay for it, and what actions needs to be taken to figure out just what went wrong.  This crisis is obviously so big, and the response by all parties so terrible and inconsistent, and this crisis has gone on for so long and has done so much damage, that it needs to be addressed before they can move on from there.

The second main issue I find is the sheer, pure, and unadulterated arrogance of this Government in dealing with this crisis.

First of all, I do not want the Government near this, they can help, they can lead, but it seems they have been micromanaging and have been playing catch up ever since.

But Obama has said that he would not rest until this crisis has been solved, that he would involve himself until it was over with.

So, now that he has done that he has been campaigning, golfing, hosting several sports teams and other events.  Showing that he has hardly been on top of this issue.

Which shows a major case of hypocrisy on this issue, that he says he can be here, but then have fifty days later and still no solution.

If you are going to solve the problem, then solve the problem, and then you can worry about whose fault it is, and then assigning the proper punishments, and distribute the proper blame to the proper parties.  Sadly though the Governments role in this Snafu will not likely be investigated.

This has been on my mind, well ever since my blog on Libertarianism and Conservatism, and has been bought up each and every time I talk to people on this on a wide variety of issues.

How do you reconcile a ‘Socially Tolerant’ Libertarian position with morality that is more in line with Conservatism?

Now a good as definition as any for Libertarianism is ‘Socially Tolerant’ ‘Socially Liberal and Fiscally Conservative.’  While remembering that there are a wide variety of options within a specific ideology.  Whether that is for Libertarianism or Conservatism or any of them.

Now this hits close to home for me, I consider myself that I have been raised a ‘Conservative’ and only came to Libertarian ideology quite recently.  But reading issues of other Libertarians I have been branded not a Libertarian because I respect that there must be life, and that a baby, a fetus, or a potential human is all, in the end, life.

But it does not matter, really in the end.  How do you reconcile the difference?  How do you reconcile the difference between leaving marriage to the…people doing the marrying… but yet respect gays in their ability to try to seek one out?

After all many Libertarians when you push them on the issues say they are not necessarily for Gay Marriage, Drug abuse, or prostitution, but do not think the Government should pry.

In today’s world especially we have to make a stand, make a stand on our principle, our morals, and our ideals, we have to say when we feel something is wrong, and then let society judge us, we have gotten way too politically correct.

Why the whole Rand Paul thing is a perfect example of that.

But at the end of the day we must recognize that these are only our ideals, and our opinions, they may not be shared by others and that is OK.  In the end we must stand, but we must let others have their own way, only trying to convince them if we think they are wrong.

And meanwhile we just cannot expect the Government to be the answer for these sins, any of them, especially since the law might always not be on our side.

We have to work on the battlefield of ideas, but at the end of the day if we do not agree, well we just have to move on from there and agree to disagree, whether we are friends, or enemies, or what not.

That is how I believe to reconcile the two differences.

“All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” — Ronald Reagan

Something has been bugging me for a while now that I think the above quote by Ronald Reagan explains it.  In this quote Ronald Reagan is talking about politics, how children, or their parents, must get down at the dinner table and talk about relevant issues of the day.

Now, in today’s worlds you have the Progressives, the Liberals, the Socialists, the Statists, and the big Government types trying to make the world a more complicated place.  To confuse and divide the issue.  This might be intentional, or merely a natural by-product from an ever-growing and more insane Government.

Now often, in regards to spending and the economy, radio host Glenn Beck asks does this make sense to you?  Would you do this for your own family?

That is more the point of this blog.

Because in an ever-growing, ever complicated world, we need simplicity in our lives.  In all the moral, political, or philosophical debates that you can have, my goal is to constantly make things simple.  In a world that is more complicated simplicity is what is required.

And I have found the answer.

In order to make things more simple we have to ask what is the best for me?  What would I do?  What would be best for my family and my group?

This can explain everything from Macro Economics, to issues of foreign and international war.  Because it is easy to get lost in the muck and the mire and get confused.  Simply if it works for me, my life, and my family, then why can’t it work for Governments and political institutions?

There are two examples that make this point.

One is the market, the economies.  You only have a set income, no more, no less, to spend on your luxury items and the things you ‘need’ and then one makes choices.

Our Government’s solution is to just keep on spending money, beyond what the tax payers, their income, can provide, beyond what they can make on their own, raising the debt.

But if you did the same, took out and spent thousands upon thousands of dollars for PS3s, a New Car, an RV, and a Big Screen TV, what would be the result?  What would happen to you? Would that be the moral and right thing to do?  Would you even attempt it? How would you do it?  Would you borrow money?  What would be the consequences of these actions?

Then with the Israeli situation, the Israeli intercepting the ‘aid’ flotilla’s’.  Now people have said, well they were in international waters, well the Israeli’s did not have the authority to come and take those ships, that it was an illegal blockade.

All that may be true, and it is easy to get lost in the legality and the complexity of international politics, and if you pay attention at the least the blockade was not illegal.  But that is beside the point.

Imagine if someone was coming up to your house, mysterious package, maybe yelling insults and carrying a pipe?   What would you do in that situation?

Better yet, this is assuming that the person in question is outside their jurisdiction, and you are a peaceful person.  Imagine that you are being pulled over by a cop, you see that its markings are for the next question, but he comes over and says, ma’am, you have been speeding.  What would you do?  Would you pull out a pipe and beat the cop to death who may or may not be there legally, or would you be cooperative, and be peaceful to the officer?  What would you do?  Would you resist?  Or would you say sorry officer, it will not happen again.  All of this presupposes that you have the best intentions and are a peaceful person.

Then it starts at home.  Because once you start asking yourself, how would I react in this situation, what would I do for my own life and my family, then you can know how to react, then you will know what to do, then you will know the proper action to take.

Because it does start at home, if you can teach the proper morality and the proper way to react, then you can begin to fix things.  By teaching proper principles.

I meant to do this as a blog of the week but I got distracted by the awesome incarnate that was Robin Hood.

So alas a couple more weeks had passed, and thus no blog, well now, there is one.

This blog talks about three related topics.  About positions of honesty, about lies, about morality and about the fundamental principles of how we govern our lives.

Now I could talk about Rand Paul, and perhaps the topic that he discussed, and one day I might just do that, but that is not the point of this blog, not about Civil Rights…per se. That is not the direction I want to go.

Now a couple of weeks ago it came out that Richard Blumenthal, who is running for Senate, lied or ‘mis spoke’ about his service in Vietnam.  He would address the acquisitions at a gathering of sympathetic veterans at a Veterans of Foreign Wars chapter in his home state…gee sure seems like he misspoke doesn’t it?

But, certain Veterans at the meeting came up and applauded him, saying that he was a great guy and a great supporter of Veterans.  And there was not a word of condemnation but nothing but an over flowing of support.  Now if he is good to Veterans and their Veterans groups that is a good thing, I applaud him for that.

However, he was outed as not being a Veteran of the Vietnam war, that he never went, that he had an exemption.  So what Foreign war did he serve in? The war of the fluffy pink dinosaurs? So why is he given a speech at a VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS PLACE, of which he is a member?

But lets run this down for a second, could you imagine if a Republican had done this, if a Conservative had done this, of George Bush had done this, had lied about serving in the military or his specific service, they would be roasted!  That would be the end of them and their credibility.  And rightfully so.  And maybe this will do it for him as well.

But meanwhile you have Rand Paul, someone who was giving his personal opinions that the Government should not regulate who buisnesses or people assosiate with in their personal lives.

Thats it.  His deeply held belief, but apparently you cannot have that, you cannot do that, you cannot have that belief!  Then the next day he apparently came and said, look I would have voted for the thing anyways, and by the way I said I would have marched with Martin Luther King Jr.  Oh but now he is flip-flopping!  He did not believe it and he really is as bad as any other politician out there!

WHOA!.  Hold the presses!

First of all, how can that be a flip-flop, he said that he would support and liked nine-tenths of the bill.  But there was only one specific part that he did not agree with, but he would vote for it.  Flip Flopper!

Have you been paying attention to the political landscape lately? Have you ever heard of compromise?

But looking deeper into this you have virtually in the same week, two back to back weeks you have it being discovered that someone lied about their service, and then ran to the VFW about it.  And then in the other corner you have someone giving their honest, most deeply held belief, that has nothing to do with the campaign, and then suddenly he is the one who is wrong.

That it does not matter if he would have voted for the Bill in spite of this, it does not matter if he is a racist or not, just because he has this opinion is damning enough to a startling number of people.  Oh he is a racist, oh he wants to bring the KKK back, oh all of this is just code and now that he is out there he is trying to cover himself.  And they read into his motives stuff that is just plain not there.

But just because Mr. Blumenthal is a ‘nice guy’ he must be defended no matter what he does, but how dare Mr. Paul step outside of nice political debate.  Which I will be explaining later.

This is just further evidence that we are in some very deep kimche folks.

If someone cannot express their honest political opinion, and have it accepted at its face value then nothing can be done.  People will be afraid to express it, because they will be afraid to express it when they will be ridiculed and broken wide open if they dare say anything outside of the norm.

Look, of course I have a problem with racists and bigots.  But I would much rather have that opinion, and all opinions, out there for the world to see then for it to be hidden in the shadows.

Because that is what this society, and the law, seemingly does.  Buries the truth and buries the opinion.  You will be afraid to speak, or intimidated, or cowed, or balk in it when the hot chick in class gives you a disapproving look.

Honesty is a fundamental principle, to speak without fear is a fundamental principle.  And we MUST restore it.  A racist can come up to me and say, hey I hate all the blacks, and I can say, ok, I disagree with you, I will not associate with you, and I condemn that position, and if you try to put it into action where you actively discriminate against people, then I will boycott you.

That’s all, that is all the battle field of ideas requires.  That you express your opinion, I express yours, and then we move on.

Or not, maybe this is not the way.  But I do know that we have a right to speak freely, and we should be honest people, and with us hiding who we are and what we believe we are destroying that, and not advancing society.

Something has occurred to me recently.  I have been thinking about the immigration debate a lot lately…who hasn’t?  With SB-1070, with the race stuff going on, boycotts, hate, national suffering.  Etc etc.

I think the sentiment on the videos, by Glenn Beck, that he expresses is essentially the correct one.  The poem on the Statue of Liberty has been misinterpreted.  It’s not about riff raff,  America is not the World’s Mental Hospital where you can just send your countries dregs.  We are a Country that will create an environment that they can make it as long as they work hard at it!

We are a country that you have to be willing to work at it, hard, to make a path for you and your children, because we appreciate hard work…or at least we should.

Now that is not to say that our system is just, that is not to say that it is not in need of serious reform, and not to say that it should be that hard.  In fact I think it should be significantly either, where we as Americans, either through the Government or the Private people, will meet you half way.  We will help you if you are willing to come.

But it strikes me as a startling contrast between the two groups.  Legal and Illegal Immigrants.

One is willing to do whatever it takes, no matter the cost of it, in their time and in their efforts, to get into this country.  Taking hours and learning about it no matter what to assimilate, learn our laws and customs and then participate in the American experience.

And then you have another side, sneaking into the country.  Now granted that usually puts their life into extreme danger and it is something else to be said for hard work.

But it seems to me that Illegal Immigrants want their cake and eat it too.  Because they are the riff raff, and the dregs of a country that is going through insane times and turmoil.  They are trying to have the best of both worlds, to have all the benefits of being a United States Citizen, but then give money back and still have loyalties to Mexico.

I mean sure some of them do work hard, and sure I am a Libertarian so I do not care about what they personally do in their own lives, but they have not worked hard to get here and the sad fact is that they are breaking the current laws.  When in any other country and in any other circumstance a breaking of these laws would be met with stiff punishment.

In speaking of work ethic though our Government seems to be doing everything it can to treat its own citizenry like second class citizens, like riff raff, and doing everything to discourage hard work and teaching men to fish.  So we can expect that attitude to carry over to the immigrant system?  I think so.

We need to restore the ideal of the immigrant, because Illegal immigrants are just being used as a frequent scape goat, targets of rage, and targets for political points.

We need to reform the system, and then we can rebuild it, from the ground up.

Again do we need a fundamental transformation or a fundamental Restoration?

In the past Glenn Beck has gone into a theory of his, of the perfect storm, of the Arch Duke Ferdinand moment.  Now Arch Duke Ferdinand was an Austro-Hungarian ruler around the turn of the Century, his assassination started World War One.

With everything that has been going on in the world; the Irsraeli-Gaza situation, the Israeli Iran situation, Nazis and Communists rising in various parts of the world, the torpedoing of a South Korean vessel by a N. Korean Submarine, countries like Greece and Spain causing economic shock waves throughout the world, our own debt is spiraling out of control.

I contend that an Arch Duke Ferdinand moment is not one moment, is never one moment.  It’s just the latest in a long line of moments that has contributed to it that just makes things snap.  But it is personal, everyone…especially in today’s climates…all have their own Arch Duke Ferdinand moments.

Now while I am not aware of the exact history of World War I or the events leading up to it, it is not that much of a stretch that the shot was merely the last in a long series of events that triggered the war.  It is not that much of a stretch to suggest that the political and historical forces could have been pushing the world to that action for decades.

But in the end it is a personal experience.  It is an, oh my gosh moment, a moment that you just pause and makes you say, wait, wait, wait, something is wrong, is there more there?  Is there something wrong?

We all know there is something wrong but we are adrift.  We do not know exactly what, where to look, and we do not know if something is really wrong.  But then it hits us, something happens, we pause, consider and then we know that something is wrong, we need to look into it more.

Whether it is Israel and the Iranians on the brink of war, whether it is Greece spiraling out of control, whether it is the passage of health care!

We then realize  that something is deeply, deeply wrong, and that we need to look at things more.  They are life changing, history changing moments.

Why this matters is eventually there is going to be one big Arch Duke Ferdinand moment, a moment that will change everything.  Still you will get a variety of opinions, and it still might not be THE moment, but more and more people will come out and go, wait, time out.

They will be searching for answers, searching for help, and searching for a way out.  If you consider yourself  ‘awake’ then the best thing that you can do is help out those people when they are willing do join you.

At least help them out and explain your perspective of the event in question.

Otherwise we will be doomed to not progress into a shiny future because someone else who is not awake, or trying to use the situation to their advantage, may not give that person a complete and honest picture, and they will suffer for it.

I have done a lot on heroes, on philosophy of admiration of certain people, on role models and rocks to base ones morality off of or to use as a model to base yourself off of.  Models of great peace and great morality.

I have wondered about this for a long time now but I have been connecting this to something, something that to me at least has been rather obvious.

We are standing on the shoulders of giants.  This to me is obvious.

But just what does that mean?

I think it has more to do with the last blog that I wrote about 1632, one of the last ones anyways:

We need something to hold onto, a rock, a plumb-line, something to hang onto and use as a guide star in an ever changing world and ever-changing political climate.  Or in this case we need someone to stand on as we move on through the world, someone to stand on as we move higher.

Now this concept as with many things depends on the shoulders you stand on, where you stand.  If there moral compass is small, if their shoulders are small and they are not too tall, then you will not be able to reach higher and higher in to the air.

For example I have some pretty small idols that I lock onto.  A famous actress, a Political commentator and two science fiction characters.  And my Dad, the best of that group I think.

But it’s no one like MLK, or the founders or anything.  Sure I ADMIRE these people, and greatly, but those are not my idols or role models that I am aspiring to be.

But that is the key.  What will be the guidelines, the heroes, and what will we base ourselves on.

Marx or Madison?  Jefferson or Stalin?  Franklin or Wilson?  Washington or Mao?

Who will we choose?  What will we choose to be?

Will we base our society off of, what I believe to be, small men, or will we choose to do giants?

Because yes there are mistakes, yes the founders made their mistakes but I believe them to be giants compared to the moral character of people who want nothing BUT violence and control.

And the point of being able to reach higher, to build a better future, and reach for the stars is having a strong framework, and a higher place to shoot from.  Is that Marx or Madison?

That what would be better, that we have a launch platform for our rocket of state and morality that will stand up to the massive forces, or do we have one that is flimsy and will fall apart at the merest whim?

I contend it is the latter and I contend that the framework that they built for us, as long as we can keep it in mind, will suit us well as we try to go throughout lives and into the future.  Reaching for a brighter tomorrow.

Lately I have seen a lot of hate, and I have seen someone recover from their hate.  Hate is a powerful force, a destructive force.

I have been planning this blog for a long time, this has been where I have been planning to end the month of may almost at the beginning of May.  But it seems coincidence that I have seen an awful lot of hate, and an awful lot of intolerance.

It is a powerful, all-consuming, all enticing emotion.  It focuses efforts but has a way of destroying the person who hates just as much as the object of that hate.

Hate is blinding, it is binding, it is something that is hard to break the cycle of.

There is an old saying from a popular and wise franchise, I do not know the specifics but it is basically ‘once you start down that path forever will it dominate your destiny’

Whether it is Big Government, whether it is Hate, whether it is the Dark Side of the Force, it will just burn us, consume us, and it usually takes a great revelation or a great struggle to get us out of it.  To get one away from the path.  Because it gets so easy to go down that path.

It is so easy to get on that path, to frame the debate in those terms and in those ideologies of hate, it is so easy to move the Overton Window to that specific place and so hard to move it back or move it away.

We must not go there.  Let us be the movement of peace and brotherhood, let us be the movement that constantly beats the hammer of non violence and constantly explain our position and our ideology.

Whether it is Libertarian, Conservative, or any other freedom and liberty loving institution.  Lets not hate, lets come from a position of strength.

I know its hard but we need to be these people or we will lose, or we will have to have Government come in and save us from ourselves!

And I know its hard, I know its hard because we are human.  Because we are not always at our best, because we despair…which is a path to the Dark Side.

But, we must do these things because if we have any hope of expecting any better from our Government, if we expect to save the Republic this is what is required from us in this moment in history.