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Lately I have seen a lot of hate, and I have seen someone recover from their hate.  Hate is a powerful force, a destructive force.

I have been planning this blog for a long time, this has been where I have been planning to end the month of may almost at the beginning of May.  But it seems coincidence that I have seen an awful lot of hate, and an awful lot of intolerance.

It is a powerful, all-consuming, all enticing emotion.  It focuses efforts but has a way of destroying the person who hates just as much as the object of that hate.

Hate is blinding, it is binding, it is something that is hard to break the cycle of.

There is an old saying from a popular and wise franchise, I do not know the specifics but it is basically ‘once you start down that path forever will it dominate your destiny’

Whether it is Big Government, whether it is Hate, whether it is the Dark Side of the Force, it will just burn us, consume us, and it usually takes a great revelation or a great struggle to get us out of it.  To get one away from the path.  Because it gets so easy to go down that path.

It is so easy to get on that path, to frame the debate in those terms and in those ideologies of hate, it is so easy to move the Overton Window to that specific place and so hard to move it back or move it away.

We must not go there.  Let us be the movement of peace and brotherhood, let us be the movement that constantly beats the hammer of non violence and constantly explain our position and our ideology.

Whether it is Libertarian, Conservative, or any other freedom and liberty loving institution.  Lets not hate, lets come from a position of strength.

I know its hard but we need to be these people or we will lose, or we will have to have Government come in and save us from ourselves!

And I know its hard, I know its hard because we are human.  Because we are not always at our best, because we despair…which is a path to the Dark Side.

But, we must do these things because if we have any hope of expecting any better from our Government, if we expect to save the Republic this is what is required from us in this moment in history.



  1. Another nice blog. As I always say, the solution is Love.

    Love, Mercy, Compassion, and Forgiveness. Those are the core principles of Christianity. They are infused in everything. The essence of the Law is “Do unto others as you would want done unto you.” That is God’s Law…

    If we decide every political issue based on this principle, every social issue. Things would be easier. But sadly I don’t believe that people use these small concepts when they do, when they speak. When people advocate the murder of women and children, when people shout at each other.

    Like Nixon siad, and maybe not the best guy to quote, we should stop shouting and speak soft enough to hear each other.

    • When they make a good point why not?:P

  2. Amen! The Golden Rule as I mentioned a few blogs ago *giggles* has been lost somewhere throughout the ages. It is so simple yet so profound and difficult to follow it seems. But if we could just do that yeah things would be alot better! 🙂

  3. I hate hate.

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