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We need political solutions, we need Government to help us distribute our Food and Our Health Care and provide for it because it is the right thing to do, we need Government to save us from ourselves and the insurance companies because we just cannot do these things for ourselves.


We have been abdicating our responsibilities.  Our responsibilities and our freedom.  We have given our power to the Federal Government.

Now why do people take power?

I believe that people’s primary interest is to have power over their own lives, control of their own lives, and the feeling that they can do things on their own.  That is what motivates most people, I believe, to succeed.

That the only way to have power over your own life is to be stronger and more secure in the things that you can do.

Most people are not interested in being an ABUSIVE cop or Military figure, most people are not interested in being a dictator.  People are just interested in being left alone from tyranny and oppression and just running their own lives.

And then when they are strong enough, or as a means of getting strong enough, going out getting a job participating in the economy.  Becoming stronger and stronger until you can do the job.  Then if you are lucky you can become a person who protects, serves, defends, or teaches.  That you are strong enough that you can take responsibility and lead others.

But there is a difference between leadership and control, strength and power.

In elected office or in anything else there comes a tremendous responsibility with it, to lead people.

But it seems like our politicians are using it, not even strong characters in their own right, and then take power over the people.

We have abdicated our responsibilities, whether we have wanted to or not, to this Government.  A little bit here, and a little bit there.  Because we do not think that we are strong enough or what not.

And they keep on taking more and more power and more and more control.  They are not encouraging  us to have any freedom and to be strong in our own right, just rely on them, and they can make all the decisions for us and we can go off and do…I don’t really know what.

Restoring the Republic, restoring our society, and restoring ourselves should be about restoring our strength, restoring our responsibilities, and then exercising our freedoms.



  1. Nice Blog. However it’s not as simple, Big government and big business are both the enemies. The founding fathers saw this, there vision for America was that of an agrarian society whose economy was decided by countless small businesses and whose rights protected by a Federation of states.

    If you have Big Gov. but small business…that’s trouble. Government will be prone to communism.

    Small Gov. but big Business…Government will be inept and unable to function as a democracy and will act as an oligarchy controlled by the rich.

    The solution is to..well this sound anarchist-ish…Destroy Big business and strip down government.

    That’s just my idealism speaking though. For example, the reason healthcare prices sour is thanks to big health insurance companies…healthcare would simply be cheaper with out insurance.

    • When have I not said this?

      I agree with you completly but I think it is because we have a growing Government, and an idea that bigger is better almost ingrained through our society is that bigger is better is what is growing Big Buisness and big Unions and Big this and that. I agree with you entirely. Because right now we are growing everything.

  2. Oh, so yeah, we need to restore the power base of the people. To restore our rights, we have to be close equals to those who can take them from us.

    Libertarianism leads to, on the radical side, anarchism which is against classes and government and if you think about it…I’m kind off preaching that aren’t I? :S

    • Yes you are :P.

      Look we need more ‘Anarchists’ because we have too many people on the other side wanting a total government. Both you and I do not want no government, but we are standing dangerously close to no government…on most issues…because people are like, hey we want total government, no no no government has to be limited, limited in scope, limited in power, and limited in its ability to do anything to you. We have to be on the other side as much as we can in the hopes that we can reach other people and hopefully balance is restored.

      • The thing is that though generally that’s how I feel, I have trouble with it in some issues specifically.

        I guess that’s the problem with an Ideal, it’s great..but not always practical in the current atmosphere.

        • colfoley
        • Posted June 5, 2010 at 1:46 am
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        Well anarchism is not really practicable period, we do need something, just a lot less then we have now.

  3. Well it is a precarious balance. And if any one thing gets too big either business or government you have a problem IMO. So less is more in many case with respect to who controls our daily lives. But people have become ingrained today that more is better and they stand with their hand out waiting for the next thing they feel is owed to them. So really we do need to change the way in which we think. Like you are saying, we can do this…take back the reins and take control and responsibility of our own lives. And to me that does start at the local level. More people need to be involved locally because that is where you can best serve the needs of yourself, your neighbors and your friends. So I think things just need to go in reverse and we need to have government at the federal level really roll back and allow more local governing and empowerment to take place. This has been lost. The Mayberry effect is gone and that is sad. We need to take back our villages and run them as such. And until people do that…get involved locally it will never happen.

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