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Something has occurred to me recently.  I have been thinking about the immigration debate a lot lately…who hasn’t?  With SB-1070, with the race stuff going on, boycotts, hate, national suffering.  Etc etc.

I think the sentiment on the videos, by Glenn Beck, that he expresses is essentially the correct one.  The poem on the Statue of Liberty has been misinterpreted.  It’s not about riff raff,  America is not the World’s Mental Hospital where you can just send your countries dregs.  We are a Country that will create an environment that they can make it as long as they work hard at it!

We are a country that you have to be willing to work at it, hard, to make a path for you and your children, because we appreciate hard work…or at least we should.

Now that is not to say that our system is just, that is not to say that it is not in need of serious reform, and not to say that it should be that hard.  In fact I think it should be significantly either, where we as Americans, either through the Government or the Private people, will meet you half way.  We will help you if you are willing to come.

But it strikes me as a startling contrast between the two groups.  Legal and Illegal Immigrants.

One is willing to do whatever it takes, no matter the cost of it, in their time and in their efforts, to get into this country.  Taking hours and learning about it no matter what to assimilate, learn our laws and customs and then participate in the American experience.

And then you have another side, sneaking into the country.  Now granted that usually puts their life into extreme danger and it is something else to be said for hard work.

But it seems to me that Illegal Immigrants want their cake and eat it too.  Because they are the riff raff, and the dregs of a country that is going through insane times and turmoil.  They are trying to have the best of both worlds, to have all the benefits of being a United States Citizen, but then give money back and still have loyalties to Mexico.

I mean sure some of them do work hard, and sure I am a Libertarian so I do not care about what they personally do in their own lives, but they have not worked hard to get here and the sad fact is that they are breaking the current laws.  When in any other country and in any other circumstance a breaking of these laws would be met with stiff punishment.

In speaking of work ethic though our Government seems to be doing everything it can to treat its own citizenry like second class citizens, like riff raff, and doing everything to discourage hard work and teaching men to fish.  So we can expect that attitude to carry over to the immigrant system?  I think so.

We need to restore the ideal of the immigrant, because Illegal immigrants are just being used as a frequent scape goat, targets of rage, and targets for political points.

We need to reform the system, and then we can rebuild it, from the ground up.

Again do we need a fundamental transformation or a fundamental Restoration?



  1. Good blog. May I also add that a lot of people who are upset over the Arizona Law are not upset because Illegals are being deported, nor because they will be held accountable for breaking the law.

    Judge Nepolitano’s complaints, for example, are not about deportation but about being asked to prove a negative.

    And about how many of us don’t feel that all groups will be treated equally, that some groups of Legal Immigrants and US Citizens(None White Hispanics and Asians)will be asked to prove that negative, that they are not here illegally, more than other groups(Such as White Hispanics, Blacks, and Whites).

    I mean how would you feel if you’re on a plane wearing a Red Sox jersey and the flight attendants are checking for tickets from Red Sox fans way more than Yankee fans because it is rumored that Red Sox fans sneak on planes more?

    But like you said, I feel that this is ignored by politicians who want to use a real problem as nothing more than a “Target for political points” on both sides.

    Another problem that I don’t feel that the Government is meeting Immigrants half way. Let’s just say that if My mom who spent about 300 dollars on bogus “Learn English” products was offered to spend that money on English Classes at night at the local school…she would be able to speak English as well as my dad.

    Immigrants today are the same as those of yesterday. But yesterday is a whole different world (I mean how many people talked on facebook in the early 1900’s?).

    • Cute. But you know in the end I still feel that, while the Judge raises a brilliant point and this is one of the more constructive pieces of criticism against the law, that the burden of proof still falls on the cops, the Government, and eventually even the feds. The feds have refused to even varify the illegals from Arizona. They still have to prove you are in the country illegal, and you do not have to do anything.

      As for the rest of it, yeah, you are right. Despite all of our advances we still have not made assimilation of immigrants easier.

  2. Great Blog….and thanks for posting Beck’s CPAC Speech I really enjoyed watching that again!
    We all must be accountable for our own actions and quit looking to someone else to save us….or wait for someone else to lift us up out of the muck and mire. No one can save us but us….we can only get what we’ve earned….we can only achieve what we strive for. The moment we all realize this…that truly there are indeed no free handouts in life then we will discover a true liberation. Because when we take from others what is not ours or come to expect something for nothing we are then held captive to that which we have become reliant on. So when we sneak into a land that is not our own and expect to get something for nothing….expect to become a natural part of things and reap the benefits of that land and take from her people then are we really free? No I don’t think so ….we become trapped in a foreign land that we cannot truly be a part of and/or call our home because we have not worked and earned the right to be here.

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