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In the past Glenn Beck has gone into a theory of his, of the perfect storm, of the Arch Duke Ferdinand moment.  Now Arch Duke Ferdinand was an Austro-Hungarian ruler around the turn of the Century, his assassination started World War One.

With everything that has been going on in the world; the Irsraeli-Gaza situation, the Israeli Iran situation, Nazis and Communists rising in various parts of the world, the torpedoing of a South Korean vessel by a N. Korean Submarine, countries like Greece and Spain causing economic shock waves throughout the world, our own debt is spiraling out of control.

I contend that an Arch Duke Ferdinand moment is not one moment, is never one moment.  It’s just the latest in a long line of moments that has contributed to it that just makes things snap.  But it is personal, everyone…especially in today’s climates…all have their own Arch Duke Ferdinand moments.

Now while I am not aware of the exact history of World War I or the events leading up to it, it is not that much of a stretch that the shot was merely the last in a long series of events that triggered the war.  It is not that much of a stretch to suggest that the political and historical forces could have been pushing the world to that action for decades.

But in the end it is a personal experience.  It is an, oh my gosh moment, a moment that you just pause and makes you say, wait, wait, wait, something is wrong, is there more there?  Is there something wrong?

We all know there is something wrong but we are adrift.  We do not know exactly what, where to look, and we do not know if something is really wrong.  But then it hits us, something happens, we pause, consider and then we know that something is wrong, we need to look into it more.

Whether it is Israel and the Iranians on the brink of war, whether it is Greece spiraling out of control, whether it is the passage of health care!

We then realize  that something is deeply, deeply wrong, and that we need to look at things more.  They are life changing, history changing moments.

Why this matters is eventually there is going to be one big Arch Duke Ferdinand moment, a moment that will change everything.  Still you will get a variety of opinions, and it still might not be THE moment, but more and more people will come out and go, wait, time out.

They will be searching for answers, searching for help, and searching for a way out.  If you consider yourself  ‘awake’ then the best thing that you can do is help out those people when they are willing do join you.

At least help them out and explain your perspective of the event in question.

Otherwise we will be doomed to not progress into a shiny future because someone else who is not awake, or trying to use the situation to their advantage, may not give that person a complete and honest picture, and they will suffer for it.



  1. It’s like the proverbial “straw that broke the camels back” 😀

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