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This has been on my mind, well ever since my blog on Libertarianism and Conservatism, and has been bought up each and every time I talk to people on this on a wide variety of issues.

How do you reconcile a ‘Socially Tolerant’ Libertarian position with morality that is more in line with Conservatism?

Now a good as definition as any for Libertarianism is ‘Socially Tolerant’ ‘Socially Liberal and Fiscally Conservative.’  While remembering that there are a wide variety of options within a specific ideology.  Whether that is for Libertarianism or Conservatism or any of them.

Now this hits close to home for me, I consider myself that I have been raised a ‘Conservative’ and only came to Libertarian ideology quite recently.  But reading issues of other Libertarians I have been branded not a Libertarian because I respect that there must be life, and that a baby, a fetus, or a potential human is all, in the end, life.

But it does not matter, really in the end.  How do you reconcile the difference?  How do you reconcile the difference between leaving marriage to the…people doing the marrying… but yet respect gays in their ability to try to seek one out?

After all many Libertarians when you push them on the issues say they are not necessarily for Gay Marriage, Drug abuse, or prostitution, but do not think the Government should pry.

In today’s world especially we have to make a stand, make a stand on our principle, our morals, and our ideals, we have to say when we feel something is wrong, and then let society judge us, we have gotten way too politically correct.

Why the whole Rand Paul thing is a perfect example of that.

But at the end of the day we must recognize that these are only our ideals, and our opinions, they may not be shared by others and that is OK.  In the end we must stand, but we must let others have their own way, only trying to convince them if we think they are wrong.

And meanwhile we just cannot expect the Government to be the answer for these sins, any of them, especially since the law might always not be on our side.

We have to work on the battlefield of ideas, but at the end of the day if we do not agree, well we just have to move on from there and agree to disagree, whether we are friends, or enemies, or what not.

That is how I believe to reconcile the two differences.



  1. Yeah Right on!! This is a very difficult topic because as you mention we are becoming way too politically correct and we are willing to tolerate all sorts of behavior that some believe deeply to be immoral. Really sometimes it is a slippery slope between tolerating and condoning a behavior. Sometimes you just have to draw that line in the sand or people will just continue to try and inch it over more and more and more. Until you are so far lost you don’t even know where you are. This has got to stop. True everyone has their own rights and we don’t need to count on the government for everything in our daily lives….but there are some things that really as a society needs to be preserved. I get that abortion and gay marriage is a very personal right and issue just like legalizing drugs but what I think is scary is what happens when controls are completely eliminated with regard to this for people? Do you have a complete break down of the moral fiber of our community and culture? I think that is a real possibility and I think it is the real fear that makes people fight so hard to try and keep things as they are, to preserve that moral fiber, not to remove or prohibit rights, but to say this is how it has been for years, and this is how it will stay….if you don’t like it feel free to leave. Period.

    • Exactly, another blog that I think you will be doing ;). And it also applies to the notion ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

      But as far as moral authority is concerned we have to reali on…well ourselves.

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