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I really cannot believe that I have not been blogging about this to this point, but I feel that now that has been time to chronicle my opinions.

Now I do want to get off that I did not listen to his full speech, I have listened to bits of it and pieces of it but not the full speech, yet.  Do not know if I ever will, so if any of my facts are wrong you can kindly point them out.

What I have heard, his whole response, what I have heard of the speech, leads me to a lot of opinions on it.  And I have been developing this opinion for a while now over the course of these events.

Now there are two separate notes of issues that can be regarded from this, two topics that need to be brought up.  So let’s get to it.

First of all.  It has struck me as odd at Obama’s specific course of action.  He seems to be using the oil spill to advance his agenda and get certain things passed like Cap and Trade and the rest of it.

But that is not really here nor there.

The main issue here is that he has his priorities mixed up.  I feel that he is taking the wrong way to fixing this problem.  He is looking to punish BP instead of trying to fix the problem.

Now BP has not been saints, they may be culpable in this incident, and there may be things that they are hiding or that they did that needs to be investigated.  Their response has been shoddy, and inconsistent.

But punishing them right now, is not really proper, especially since they are supposedly working together to fix this mess!

A better response would be to fix the mess, get the leak stopped, get all the problems solved, before you worry about who to punish, whose going to pay for it, and what actions needs to be taken to figure out just what went wrong.  This crisis is obviously so big, and the response by all parties so terrible and inconsistent, and this crisis has gone on for so long and has done so much damage, that it needs to be addressed before they can move on from there.

The second main issue I find is the sheer, pure, and unadulterated arrogance of this Government in dealing with this crisis.

First of all, I do not want the Government near this, they can help, they can lead, but it seems they have been micromanaging and have been playing catch up ever since.

But Obama has said that he would not rest until this crisis has been solved, that he would involve himself until it was over with.

So, now that he has done that he has been campaigning, golfing, hosting several sports teams and other events.  Showing that he has hardly been on top of this issue.

Which shows a major case of hypocrisy on this issue, that he says he can be here, but then have fifty days later and still no solution.

If you are going to solve the problem, then solve the problem, and then you can worry about whose fault it is, and then assigning the proper punishments, and distribute the proper blame to the proper parties.  Sadly though the Governments role in this Snafu will not likely be investigated.



  1. good blog…stole my idea though…:-P

  2. I agree, but there was a point when I was watching the Senate hearing on the matter with the BP CEO Heyward that he really just wanted to push off the responsibility and/or not wanting to own up what may have lead to this disaster. I agree, stop it first and fix the problem, but a disaster of this magnitude takes months maybe years to fully investigate and realize the long term effects. So what do the people do in the interim if the CEO isn’t willing to own up to the fact that it was their fault and willingly compensate the innocent victims? I mean Heyward just kept saying, oh I can’t say….I don’t know until the investigation is complete. Well that is a convenient excuse when you are trying to avoid doing anything about it or saying anything about it when you know that investigation will go on for a very long time.

    My point is that I feel that even though Obama has not handled this appropriately at all from the beginning, and true seeking punishment now is not appropriate, however, making BP accountable now and ensuring that money is set aside in a fund to help with this clean up and reconciliation to the residents and clients who are affected that was critical. So I was glad to see he at least did that. And that was a huge run on sentence …but hey it is but a metaphor for the ongoing gush of oil that keeps billowing up from the ocean floor … 😮 Yeah I’ll stop now 😛

    • LOL

      Yeah that is people do not want to take responsibility for their actions, but that is a subject that will be better explored at a later date.

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