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In my first blog on the Daily Beck (read it here) I asked the audience how to bridge the gap on a lot of issues and how to bring more people into the fold, or at the very least to get them thinking about the possibility of the country being massively on the wrong track.

The obvious answer is the debt.  Is the economic crisis, I think that is the easiest thing to point to and say, dude there is something seriously wrong here, our spending and our addictions.

I mean that our debt is in the 130 Trillion dollar range last I heard.  Greece is collapsing causing many countries, including ours, to bail them out.

Portugal, Spain, and Hungary are facing similar problems.  Who knows what is happening in countries like Germany and England but they are having similar economic and political upheaval.

And now Japan is the latest country whose leader is saying they are having major, major, economic problems.

Its Prime Minister said in a speech, and I quote: “Our country’s outstanding public debt is huge… our public finances have become the worst of any developed country,”

(Source BBC News, read here)

I mean it is the most obvious thing to point to because we all get it.

The politicians get it, world leaders get it, homeless people on the street get it, and you in your home get it when you have a certain number of dollars and have to choose between food and the PlayStation that you want. (Can you tell this is important to me?)

Anyways its the easiest thing to point to, when you spend more money then you can get, it’s just a big uh oh sign to people.  Just that the politicians can pretend, or out right lie, that they are tough on fiscal policy, oh they cut this program, oh they are streamlining that program, oh they are shutting down the funding to the not so important programs like….NASA and the Military.

Meanwhile they are shifting money around to the programs that they feel important, like Health Care, banking ‘reform’, and other miriad group of subjects.

That is just the best indication that something is wrong.

The problem here is that there is so much white noise in the air, so many diverse political issues that need to be talked about, some important, some not so much.  Just so many things to distract us, and people who will believe, well we will get out of this and they are tough on spending, oh we have to temporarily spend buckets of money so we can ‘grow our way out of this’.

So many issues that it is easy to get sucked into that it’s not always easy, or appropriate, to always bring up the National Debt.

But in short, to understand the money, the debt, the spending, the fiscal night mares, and everything else that is going on, may be the best way to get more people on board that there is something tremendously wrong in this country.

That an understanding of economics, and the truth of economics, no matter where it will lead us, will be the key to setting us and keeping us free.



  1. someone..I can’t remember who…once said “If the people ever learned truly how our banking system works….there would be a revolution by morning” or something to that effect…..and I think now we are witnessing this revolution….the call for fiscal accountability…good blog as usual….you’re not leaving me with much subject matter to write about….:-P


      Actually I do think it was Ron Paul who might have said that.

  2. Nice Blog and I loved to go to the Daily Beck to see your work there as well. 🙂 Will you still remember me when you are rich and famous? 😛

    But yeah about the National Debt, we do all get it and it is obvious but where do you start? I think that is the point at which we all stand now….it’s just so huge how do you even get your mind around it? I know you have to quit spending and cut, that is obvious but where and how do you do that? I think that is where everyone is at right now….standing with their mouth agape, scratching their heads wondering just what to do next?

    • Exactly because we will always be having this conversation, just what is the proper role of Government, how big should it be. The best we can hope for is to defeat this particular monster and then get the rest of our lives off until Government swings back around to the notion that they can make people better….so many blog ideas so little time…you are going to like next months 😉

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