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Today, (well this is a few days late so bear with me.) Is the one year anniversary of the start of this blog, and ironically, (maybe there is something to bloggers in their underwear in their mothers basements?) My one hundredth blog.  Coincidence?  Well partially.

But this blog idea was born out a long time ago, I wanted to actually….well blog on this blog date.  To come up with something unique and profound while celebrating my many blogging accomplishments and to reflect on one year.  But at the time that I was thinking about this blog, I thought I had started at the beginning of June, and not the end, so the delay on this, and I will apologize to…well myself..if I get anything wrong.

First off a personal note.

I am not a very religious man, I am spiritual, I wonder on a day-to-day basis at the supernatural, but as of right now I do consider myself to be more agnostic than anything.

I say this because this blog is going to deal with religion.  Its going to deal with religious precepts, and some of the language used, I can just imagine being used to show in a couple hundred years that I was a very religious man.

I am not, I may be leaning back in that direction more than I was in the past, but it is an ongoing process.

With that said I ran into a facebook poll a long while back, must have been in the earliest part of May.  I voted for it, and then noticed one of the answers and it sunk in.  The answer was “We don’t need God, we have Government”  Small paraphrase maybe but that was the general intent.

How can you make such a statement?  I mean if you are an atheist fine, if you are an agnostic, that is even fine.

But the idea to elevate Government to a Godly position, to literally replace God with Government is a dangerous and slippery slope. (Think 1917 Russia)

Even if there is no such thing as God, I believe there is, but even if there isn’t its a dangerous game to assume that there is not and that you  are the highest moral authority in the world.

It’s why I won’t vote for an Atheist, unless they are the smallest of the small Governments and they can swear up and down that they are not this way.

Because if you take away God and then want power, which is a very dangerous thing to want anyways, that means you probably consider yourself to be the highest moral authority in the universe.  The only person to ‘help’ the people.

Now I do not know about any specific religion, I do not know who is right and who is wrong and which precepts are right and wrong, I do genuinely try to listen to all sides and learn what I can.

It seems to me though that Ben Franklin was right.  That the American religion is that there is a God, that we all have to meet him eventually, and the best way to serve him is to serve each other.

I know very little about anything else, but I do know this, and it sounds like very good advice to me.  And it is something that I hope that all people everywhere can agree upon, no matter your religion or your faith.  Or at least that is where we need to be as a people.

And it seems to me that with all the world on fire, and the massive debt, many wars, moral decay, encroaching Government.  That with all this going on we just might need a God out there to help us get through this.

Now for the celebration.

Its been an interesting and enlightening one year so far to blogging, full of its own lessons, disappointments, pitfalls, stumbling stones, but yet its own profound joy and triumph.

I have not done or fulfilled and am nowhere in my life where I want to be, there is a lot left undone and a lot that still remains to be done.  Its going to be an interesting run till next year.  And the fact that there are one hundred of these things probably proves I do this way too much.

But its been good, its been enlightening, and it is what does need to be done.

I would like to thank everyone, and I do mean everyone, all the people who well, I will not be able to mention.  But know that you are thanked.  I would like to thank everyone for commenting, for being here, and for reading.  Its been a wild ride and I appreciate everyone sharing it with me.

And to anyone out there who has read, I once again continue to encourage you to comment, to read, and to give me your opinion.  Because that is why I do this, I do this to enjoy and to debate and to engage on the battlefield of ideas.  I do this to challenge myself, and to read things, and sometimes I get articles or get challenged by things and ideas that make me question.  But that is what is good, that is what keeps me coming back, to challenge my own thinking and my own beliefs and ideas.

I look forward to this, this is hopefully my first of many years.  And my first of many years of doing this kind of thing.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS COL. FOLEY ON ONE YEAR!!! WOOT!! That is awesome and yeah I hope you do many more as well and I want to thank you for making me think and bringing us to the table to debate things and question and well if anything scratch our heads and wonder. Because this is truly how change is born….it can be just a tiny seed that if it lands in just the right soil and under just the right circumstances it has the potential to grow to become a mighty oak tree. So you never know what your blogs may do to promote the change we need in our Nation or in us as individuals.
    So ROCK ON!! 😀 😀 And I must admit I really freaked out when I read the title of this blog and I had to run here and see what it was all about and I must say upon first glance I was panicked but then started reading it and about halfway down the page I could breathe a little easier and let out an emphatic *sigh*! So yeah way to get my attention! 😛 *giggles*

    Let’s hope it works for many other readers as well…. 😉
    But I raise my glass to you in celebration (tell Dad to relax…its only Rootbeer) to say “cheers for a job well done and for many many more thought provoking blogs! May you have much luck in whatever you pursue because you truly never rest when it comes to these issues….I’m convinced you have a special area in your brain truly dedicated to this!” HERE HERE!! 😀

    • Thank you for this so much! Yeah I wanted to do this this way too because I wanted you and Joe to sweat a little :P. Where ever he is :S. And other people, actually I am going to be doing a lot of thought provoking titles soon that I hope draws some more people in.

      But thank you so much! 😀

  2. Thought provoking title indeed… Congrats on one year, I look forward to reading it throughout this next year.

    • thank you:)

  3. yes….very dangerous indeed to have a system of laws that basically says that the imperfect can define their own moral code….:-S

    and congrats on 1 yr….:-)

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