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Last year around this time I saw the first clips, on YouTube, of the HBO special John Adams.  One of the clips was of the reading of the Declaration of Independence to a group of people outside a square in Philadelphia.

I teared up.  Sad scene given what is going on.

Fast forward one year and on the Tea Party Patriots Facebook group…must be a Facebook time of the year…going through a faze…I will stop I promise….but on the Tea Party Patriots page the suggestion was made by the admin that maybe we should hold off celebration since our liberty is so under attack.

I responded…well that is stupid.

The Fourth of July is the perfect time to celebrate, celebrate the birth of the greatest country that has ever been on the planet, and to reflect on the ideals and the principles of our birth.

To remember our history as a people and where we came from, to figure out where we are going.

History is hard, it is not easy, there is so much information out there, almost as much as in politics with all of our silly labels.  And all the different political theories.

But it is never more important, the History of who we are, of where we have come from.  History is the most important subject in the world.

So celebrate, remember, reflect, and honor the sacrifice of our founders and what they gave us.

And then promise to be better in the service and the defense of our liberty then we were in the past.



  1. yeah…I agree….I’m with the tea partyists in their bid for reduced government…..but to say that because of this massive expansion of government that we should not celebrate the day we won our independence form British tyranny is stupid…..such an action would only allow the liberals another leg up over us

    • good point 😉

  2. Nice blog 🙂 And I agree….that was indeed a very stupid idea not to celebrate our independence. I for one made a ruckus and it was fun….hope you had a very Happy 4th of July Foley! 😉

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