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Lately I have been on Facebook engaging in political conversations.  One of the people I have been posting with and debating, not liking much at all really but debating, posted an article about the rise of Neo Nazism on the border and the rise of a group that is a ‘Super Minuteman’.

A group that has wanted to work with the police to help patrol the border, has apparently fired on smugglers, and has no ties to Neo Nazi groups, nor are self identified as being as such, the article just tells us so.

Now they may be racist, they may be a lot of the article claims them to be, I do not know them and this was the first that I have heard of them.  That is not the point.

The point is that you cannot paint everyone on the right as Nazi’s or Neo Nazi’s, that is bad.

Nor is it good to paint all of your opposition as racist and then link that to Nazism.

Racism was only one part, though tragic, of the Nazi and other similar big Government regimes.

Specifically institutionalized  racism as supported by the Government and carried out by Governmental decree.  That is what is at the heart of Nazi racism.

This is not to limit the threat of the Modern Nazi’s, they are out there and some of them might even be in this country.

But wanting a stronger border, wanting to help, and wanting to defend yourself from an invader is not inherently an out of control Government, nor racism.  Illegals are not a race they are a legal status.

If they are out there I will stand with you and I have made my opinions, the good and the bad, of this law extremely clear in the past.

But we need to come together and let common sense prevail on this issue.



  1. Good point and I like your quote; “Illegals are not a race they are a legal status.” That got me thinking that I think people really have lost sight of this and automatically think if you are against illegals then you are a racist and that simply is not true. If a Canadian citizen were here illegally I wouldn’t like that any better. But because the biggest problem right now seems to be at the Mexico border this has suddenly morphed into a race issue. It is really amazing how when you get emotionally drawn into an issue you really do lose sight of just what the issue is. It’s just a mess. :S

  2. I concur

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