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Over the last few weeks I have been doing a lot of….well too much…want to go back to the friendly confines of Gateworld…debating on Facebook.

Over the course of these debates I have observed a curious phenomenon.  Liberals, Progressives, Left Wingers, and Big Government types all saying that they have been being confronted by Conservatives and Righties who have had the audacity, the spine, and the immorality to suggest that they leave the country if they do not like it.  And then I have saw Conservatives suggest it.

First of all, before I continue I want to say I do not think that is the best approach to go, and not how I want to handle things.  I think this Country truly can embrace and have all types in it, living and working together for a better tomorrow.  Except for those that want to take over the Government, collapse the country, and hate the opposition.

But the various positions got me thinking.

This is a position that gives one freedom, and thus is not too unreasonable too me, beyond the norm.  While I do not like it, it is a reasonable position to take.

That you have the right to say, if I do not like what is going on in this country I can leave.  That if you do not like it you have the option to go elsewhere with a Government more in line with what you want and a society who has morals you support.

That as Ronald Regan said, you can vote with your feet.  And that is one of the many, and principal ways of protest and to show your disdain.

But apparently that is not good enough for a lot of people.

But meanwhile you have people, some of them the same person so up in arms when you suggest them exercise their rights to freedom of movement, who tell people that they should shut up about Obama:  That they are too dumb, stupid, hateful, racist, etc. and hypocritical for not coming out against similar policies during the Bush years.

So on the one hand you have that Freedom of Movement is unacceptable and evil when someone dares to suggest it, but on the other hand you have name calling at the least and at the worst muzzling of free speech just because it took you awhile to see that our Government has been going out of control.

While this is an interesting phenomenon I am hardly surprised.  And it seems to me that in this specific case it is the only way that the Lefties in question can point to and say, ‘see the righties are evil, they are trying to Muzzle us!’ when in the end it is nothing of the kind, and is in fact, one way to look at it, encouragement for freedom.

But in the end it is a distraction.  A curious and interesting distraction that bares thinking about, and when I did thought the answer interesting enough to blog about.



  1. Exactly! Another good blog to get us thinking….that if we don’t learn to find ways to agree and get along things will never get better. And even though we do indeed have the ability to “vote with our feet” if everyone just gave up and left town there would be no resistance to change. Sometimes you do have to stick in there and fight the good fight….especially when you do not like who or what is at the helm.

    • Yes but the point is that leaving to an area that agrees with your politics is a freedom granting and perfectly reasonable option. Not advocating or saying that you should do it, just that you can.

  2. I concur…I’m one of the “crazies” that holds that view and I’ve had people tell me… can’t say that….and I’m like…yeah…last time I checked I had the right to free speech in this nation….WTF are you to tell me what I can or cannot say?

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