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Over the last two weeks there have been three news items/ items of interest that have led to this blog and I think are important to bring up in the context of fundamental principles.

One is a story on Global Warming and Climate Gate, two is the JD Hayworth scandal (JD Gate?) And three is the USSC Gun decision.

The first instance came from Facebook.  (If anyone can track down more info on this story I would appreciate it).   Where I was debating, well reading through a poll and apparently the News Paper that was at the fore front of the Climate Gate scandal has issued a retraction.

What followed was the usual, oh this is such delightful news, oh you are so awesome for sharing this and creating this poll, oh I bet Conservatives will still call it stupid, Conservatives are too ignorant to see the truth and blah blah blah.

But at the end of it was the rather typical response ‘now I bet they will be willing to do something about our Carbon footprint.’

Pray tell what?  I mean does anyone truly want to destroy the planet?

You see this is a perfect case if your fundamental principle, if your being, is about small limited Government, and as much freedom as you can muster.

You see, whether this story is a lie, whether climate gate is a lie, if Global Warming is real or if it is fake (you should know where I stand) is in the end superfluous to the actual debate.

Think about it.  Do the facts, no matter what they are, change the fundamental principal?

We all want a safe clean planet and climate but how to go about doing it.  If you’re only solution is big Government control and Big Government slavery and solutions to this problem then I just cannot see eye to eye.

In the end if Global Warming is real, if we are causing it, and if we are going to kill the world then the solution is not about Big Government, it can be about freedom.

Then there was the JD Hayworth infomercial, the one where the Conservative went on the air and extolled the positives of a Big Government program.

OK that is bad.  But what is really bad is his reaction, saying it was a simple ‘mistake’.

Well duh.

It was very bad for you to make that add and casts doubt on your whole campaign.

But in essence I do not care about you saying it was a mistake…we all know it was a mistake.  What I care is have you learned anything, what have you learned?

See in this system of Big Government zealotry and massive encroachment we need to know what you and your fundamental principles are.  Condemn yourself and lay out specifically how you have grown, we are electing you to be our representative, and we need small Govt.  Not another McCain clone.

As we all know the Supreme Court has made a decision that has (at least in part) over turned certain local gun bans and extended Second Amendment rights to all Americans…which should be a no brainer.

But again Liberal Brethren seem to think that this is a bad thing.  Oh there will be mass murder in the streets by a bunch of untrained yahoos, oh people will shoot each other over a disagreement over baked beans.  And they like to point to the Militia part, saying that is obsolete now because of the Military, the Guard, the Police, and thus the whole Second Amendment is off its rocker.

They will tell you again that the statistics bear out, since people are immoral idiots who are irresponsible, that they will kill each other and guns are one of the easiest ways to do that.

But again the fundamental principle, and indeed the ‘stats’ bare out that the freest people is a well armed people.

And that not everyone is a bunch of gun-toting maniacs, though if you had more people well-trained and in legal fire arm use then you might see a lot more personal defense and you would need less of a police force.

Just saying.



  1. *giggles* So true… and I’m with you on this. 😉

  2. as am I…:-P

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