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I would like to start this Blog off with a note.  I disagree with Glenn Beck.

As with many things it’s a matter of personal taste, I see his basic point on the disagreement.  That there is a new Anarchy versus a new Big Government scale with the Anarchists and the Big Government being in the same basic boat.

I agree with the basic point but in a political climate and a left right spectrum that is so muddied, there is little reason to make it more complicated.

Instead it is one of big Government vs and aligned with the Revolutionaries.  Forces of chaos that still believe their ideology is the best.

Which gives an interesting segue to the actual subject of this blog.

It occurred to me that this debate, one between Agents of Chaos and Agents of Order, should be one that is familiar to any fan of the show Babylon 5.

The Vorlons and the Shadows were two races in that show.  They were assigned to watch over and help guide the younger races.  But they had two diametrically opposed ideologies.  One believed that Chaos was the way to go, through evolution and war was the way to go and the best way to help the universe.  The Vorlons believed in an ordered universe and obedience was the best way to go.

However they both only wanted to see their ideologies prevail in the younger races.

Just like with us right now.

The difference between the Big Government Progressive politicians, and the Revolutionaries is one of style and of how to get there.

One through patience and nudging, and the other through societal shifts, and sometimes violence.  That we need to be dragged to it.

They are both the same, the ends are the same, the goals are the same but in the end their means that they will use are ideologically different.

And as we have seen throughout history sometimes vehemently opposed to one another.

But they all want power, they all want security, they all want to see their way prevail.  And will get there through any means that they will feel will be acceptable.

Meanwhile anyone else who gets in the way, is different, or is a ‘reactionary’ will be pushed to the side and told to get in line and obey.

Even if that means each other.



  1. EPIC Vorlons and Shadows analogy FTW!! 😀 😀 And it is so true it’s scary. 😮

  2. nice..:-)

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