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A little while ago I made this blog.

It was a blog about what, I felt, was the five most Libertarian figures in pop culture, some what recent pop culture.  Then in another blog that I read somewhere else (Sorry blogster I forgot about where I found your article *blush*) made a similar claim.

Well it got me thinking, and I think I can expand and add my own unique insight.

The pure simple fact of the matter is that the Doctor is a hero, a lonely lone hero.

But it’s how he goes about doing his heroic deeds that may point to him being a Libertarian in nature.

He is constantly going against Governments, bureaucracies, committees, and groups.  He was often in defiance of his entire people, and he was a loner.  Nor does he wait for any of the above to help him out, or make his decisions for him.  He does it by himself, helping out.

And then encouraging others to be better than they are, often succeeding, often causing them to do great things with their lives.

He is battling taxes, battling Government conspiracies and conspiracies of group, and often being critical of anyone who is out there.  Anyone who he feels needs it.

But he is a constant crusader for the rights of people, for the rights, the dignity, and the respect of life.

He is not trying to take permanent power for himself.  He is not trying to be a ruler or a God-King or a nanny.

He comes in, in a specific situation, offers a helping hand.  And then leaves.  Lets the populace clean up after themselves, let them grow and learn on their own.

And then he is often not there to hand hold, often nudging and setting up a situation and a circumstance, and then he watches the human, or the group as they try to make better lives for themselves and solve the problem at hand.  But always being there in the end, if he is needed.

And then he has a respect for all life, sometimes rising up out of his biases, and some of his perceptions and then doing his best to help there.  He does not care who you are, or what you have done, he always tries and gives you a second chance.

Being an individual, no Government, sometimes judgmental, sometimes a pain in the ass, but he does not ask for praise or power, and he never stays.

This may not make him a Libertarian, or a Libertarian role model, but he is a hell of a role model.



  1. Nice 😉 And what I like most about the Doctor is that most of what he does he does without force or guns or violence. That is the real hero in him. To rally for change in a peaceful way. We all need to take lessons from that.

    • Yes yes we do. I was reading a wiki file on one of his non tv adventures and apparently he beat a shoot em up game without violence. One of the things I admire about the show…and they can still keep things interesting.

        • squirrely1
        • Posted July 26, 2010 at 1:56 am
        • Permalink

        Awesome!! I wonder how he managed to beat a shoot em up game without using violence. That’s a good one! 😀

        • colfoley
        • Posted July 26, 2010 at 1:58 am
        • Permalink

        I want to read the comic and see sometime 😛

        But yeah the other thing that I have thought about just now is he does not use violence but the show is not dull at all. Its not like TNG which its just a bore waiting for something to happen. And then they do use violence ocasionally 😛

  2. yeah…TNG was a bit of a bore….DS9 though was like a wild west frontier type show crossed with sci-fi…..heck Sisko could almost be considered the Sheriff Arpaio figure and the Dominion the illegal immigrants….:-P

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