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I have learned, last week, that MGM is facing financial difficulties, and have put the next James Bond movie on more or less permanent hold.  Effectively shelving the project.

This is tragic and gut rending for me since I am a big fan of James Bond and was curious to see what direction the movie series was going in.  And am also a big fan of Daniel Craig in the role.

Coincidentally though this might mean that Harry Potter will become the highest grossing movie franchise in history.  Something to be happy about.

But with MGMs accounts being four billion dollars in the hole it makes a lot of sense, though if the logic is twisted because of the popularity of the franchise.

It is good business practice.

But with our Government 130 Trillion dollars in debt (at the least) we are adding on massive debt through two wars, massively growing Government, and Government run Health Care.

James Bond is like, at least from the Government perspective, James Bond.  It is the icing on the cake, it is the high-octane sexed up action adventure frill frill multibillion piece at the top of the big Government food list.

But, at the least we cannot afford it.  And a lot of other things.  I mean let us just forget the moral pitfalls with the Government telling us how to run our lives for a second.

This is just pure not business sense.  This is silly and wrong.

But of course the Government is not a business, and is being run less and less like a business with each and every day.  They can just confiscate more and more of our wealth.  They can just trade money with foreign Governments, or Print more money.

But nevertheless this puts more and more strain in our society for a Government that can think, and it has anything that they want to get.  Anything with the frills on it.

And we suffer, in more days than one.

We do not get James Bond, but get an every growing Governmental apparatus.




  1. I agree on one hand but really the last James Bond movie I watched was a bit too over the top IMO. I mean they wreck how many perfectly good BMW’s or the like and shoot up how many extravagant sets…and the shooting locations must be very expensive to set up and work at….so really I agree…unless these producers can find a way to be more frugal with their budgets and learn to do with less….why should they continue to spend THAT much money to make one film? I say enough is enough. I think we have become addicted to as you say “sexed up” and I will add over the top action flicks and something has to give. So I say good for them that he put it on hold. Sorry Fols can’t agree with you on everything 😛

    • LOL. Nope guess not. Still would rather the sexed up action flicks to slavery ;)(

        • squirrely1
        • Posted July 26, 2010 at 3:25 am
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        I do not want slavery either. But it makes no sense to throw good money away at bad….or whatever that saying is? 😛 If you cannot manage your business then quit doing what you are doing. And your point of the gov. isn’t really run like a business anymore…well that is the problem…we are all so spoiled and used to getting what we want and not waiting or saving…it’s all the immediate gratification syndrome and well that is what is killing us right now. So maybe MGM had to be the first to put their foot down and say…NO more!! I mean I like James Bond too but really is it necessary to have THAT much destruction and things that go boom in a movie? If they can’t afford it then No they shouldn’t keep making them. So the government does need to learn from MGM… maybe we do agree on this 😮

        • colfoley
        • Posted July 26, 2010 at 3:45 am
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        We do LOL.

  2. as do I…..:-P

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