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This week, well last week, or a while ago…whenever this blog was posted this is in the past, financial reform passed in the United States Congress. So called financial reform.

In this bill there are provisions for minorities. That the Government and those financial institution doing business with the Government must have a certain number of people who are women or minorities. And I have heard that similar provisions are in this bill that got us into this mess, that the Government is forcing banks to do business with certain number of Minorities and women.

I have tracked down actual references to the first one (read the story here) but I am having trouble finding a specific example to the latter. If anyone can help or give evidence one way or another this would be helpful.

Now over the last little while I have been debating a wide variety of topics on Facebook, mainly Gay Marriage. (Man am I doing this a lot, both debating Gay Marriage and blogging about debates on Facebook, I feel like every time I do this somewhere in the world someone is kicking a puppy.)

In most of these debates the usual comes up, oh Government should regulate this, regulate that, stick it to the evil churches and make Marriage evil. Well that is basic.

For my opinion on this, read it here:

And I stick by it.

If there is one area that Government should not be anywhere near is the regulation of human relationships.

Business, moral, friendship, clubs, marriages, people talking on the street, people gathering for rallies.

Unless of course that relationship involves one person hating another person and wanting to kill them, then yes the Government can and should get involved.

But yes. The only things that these quotas do, these affirmative action is highlight race, in the other direction. You have to have or be or be with a certain number of Hispanics, African-Americans, or women, or you should let them into your business.

Under most normal circumstances you should, I do not want to exclude anyone from my circle or from my business or personal relationships.

But at the same time I should not have to associate with someone based on their skin color or their sex or creed or orientation.

I mean in friendship, you do not have to have X number of Jews or Blacks or women? The Government does not enforce this.

Or better yet since its marriage that has sort of inspired with the blog (along with the help of another Big Government foolishness) imagine if you had to, by order of the Government marry two or three people and one of them had to be Hispanic and the other one had to be a man.

That is ridiculous.

But yet that is what the Government is doing when it comes to business, not clubs, and in marriage. They are telling organizations that it is a right to marriage so don’t you dare deny someone the right to marry.

Furthermore they are deeply involved in the marrying process and it is sick. Through taxes, tax breaks, through encouraging it, and through licenses.

Now in one of the Facebook debates I mentioned that the Government does not and should not be involved in the marriage process.

I was quite literally called a bastard and was asked ‘questions’ on the status of my mom’s and dad’s relationship when they had me.

Now I was aware of the concept of marriage licenses before, that you had to go to the Government in some form to get married. I get it.

But this is just another step of Government into our private relationships.

Now I do not know if there are any limitations, I do not know a case by case basis for if the Government cannot deny your marriage for one reason or another. I do not even know if all fifty states have marriage licenses.

But marriage is special you see.

It has occurred to me that you do not need a license to get a divorce, sure to many people to separate you need Government (the courts) to divide up the property and the spoils and who gets the kids and visitation rights.

Sure in many cases that is need to be done, but not in all cases…but apparently humans aren’t compliant enough and we need the Government to help us….but we do not need a license to get a divorce. You can just do it, decide to do it, get going, and then if you need the courts then you need the courts.

So you need the Government once you decide to get married to seek some sort of permission, again not sure what, but unless I am wrong you do not need a license to divorce.

What message are we sending? What message are we sending with ridiculous racial quotas for companies and financial institutions…and even Government to make?

What message are we sending when a local town has never had a Hispanic on the board of trustees, has never had minorities, suddenly the justice department comes swooping in and demands them to change the way they are doing their elections because they are violating a piece of Civil Rights legislation?

Their solution? Each person gets six votes.

What message are we sending to future generation that it is not about the Content of our Character, oh no, but it is about the color of our skin?



  1. WOW yeah this is a touchy one. πŸ˜› First of all yeah you are right you do not need a “license” to get a divorce but before it can be deemed legal it has to be filed legally and go through the court system. Otherwise you could not be legally free from that person to go marry again. Now part of me agrees with you in that yeah it would be nice in the perfect world if the government was out of the marriage business…but the problem is when it comes time to divorce. Since that has to be a “legal” separation then it has to be handled as such and so if the gov. the courts weren’t involved in the marriage to begin with….well now what? Now you have two people who want out and it is ugly and they are fighting…one has run off with the kids and cranked up the credit cards and left the other with all the bills….yeah it’s not pretty. That is the problem. Marriage is great if it would stay great but it often times gets messy and then all hell breaks loose. So I see your point but not sure if that will ever happen. I say leave it in the courts only. Let any two adult human people regardless of race, sex…blah…blah…blah seek out a marriage in the court of law…..make it a binding agreement/document period…end of story. I think the more you make it a religious thing it becomes way too emotional and then it becomes a moral issue and every has themselves in a tizzy. Then it’s all of a sudden the churches problem and there are just too may fly by night cultist churches that I would not trust to follow the “law” when it came to marriage. So make marriage like divorce…go through the courts…but then you get no special tax breaks or insurance deals….period. Your marital status should be treated like your race….private and not a grounds for any decision making for credit or other provisional policies.

    As for your issues about affirmative action and having the gov. force businesses to hire a certain number of people yeah it’s stupid. But we all know why that came about and at the time it was necessary…have we grown up and beyond that now? I’m not sure. I would like to think we are all grown up and better and able to not discriminate in our hiring process but it does still go on ….even with
    AA so then make it more of a suggestion and give companies rewards for having a diverse workforce and I know you won’t like that either…I’m not talking tax break…but something…IDK….free subway sandwiches for a year πŸ˜› It’s a thought… problem is…once a regulation is in place it is damn hard to get rid of it! :S

  2. if I remember correctly I think AA was originally set up as something to help minorities WHO WERE EQUALLY AS QUALIFIED AS WHITES ensure that they were getting a fair shake…..but now it was been reduced to…”oh you have to have x number of this minority, y number of women”

    as for marriage though yeah since most of the so-called benefits are related to income and property taxes…it would seem that the way to render the marriage debate largely moot is to go to a FairTax system at all levels of government….that method of taxation which would tax poeple based on how much they consume rather than on how much they make or the value of their property would get the government out of the private sector for sure…leaving the people free to decide which marriages to honor in their businesses…for example a Christian hotel owner could say to a gay couple “sorry…my honeymoon suites are for heterosexual married couples” and the gay couple would just say “OK..I’ll find a hotel owner that will give us use of his honeymoon suites…thank you for your time”…that’s the mentality that needs to be restored…not the whiny, squeaky wheel mentality that liberals have encouraged

    • I agree. And I think if even if we had an ‘income’ based system as long as it was a flat tax we could get away with it. What we do need to restore is the idea that the tax code should not be used as a weapon and everyone, everyone, should be taxed equally.

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