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Well another one of those blogs that has been a long time coming….

There are two concepts that Glenn Beck often talks about on his shows and when he is on tour. I feel that these two concepts are two of the most important concepts in order to study what is going on with the world, to understand economics and the importance of various concepts.

The wave theory states that there are certain economic trends that are natural. Based on the seasons. That you go from spring, a time when things are looking good, to Summer, which is joyous, to fall where things are looking bad, to winter. Its purely a natural cycle of economics.

Stalin had Kondratieff executed for this economic theory.

It has occurred to me that this theory explains a lot about why bailouts, and Government intervention, does not work. In one form or another.

It is the specific theory, the name, the process, that explains how the economy cleans itself out every so often. We reach the summer, have opulent spending, and an over the top lifestyles, get too corrupt, too over the top.

And then it reaches a breaking point, the market breaks and collapses and then it cleans out the system through winter as all the bad rot dies.

And thus the process begins again, constantly renewing, constantly renovating, constantly evolving. Constantly moving.

But if the Government stops this process it will only prolong the winter season. Will only prolong the suffering because the goal of the Government spending is in the end stabilization.

So we get stuck, we get more in debt and we suffer as a result.

The second of the big concepts is known as the Overton Window.

The Overton Window was a political theory established by Joe Overton that states that in a society you have a range of possibilities ranging from an extreme Government to a very limited or non existence Government. And in this scale there is the Overton Window that is a window that is the publicly acceptable options on that line, and what the politicians can do on the cycle.

It is a way of determining what the public will accept and not accept in terms of policy. It is meant for generalities and societies as a whole.

And if the politicians violate what public is ready for, then that is called Overton’s revenge.

It has occurred to me that the Overton Window is just as impressive and important in the individual context. It can be used on an individual basis.

We all have slightly different beliefs, slight variations on themes and our own philosophies when it comes to politics, philosophy, proper roles of Government, religion, and religion in Government.

And with some people the difference is vast.

So our own Overton Windows is all over the map. What sounds insane to one person is actually quite reasonable to another.

Oh I want Government to run my health care and give me a car and a house and wireless internet.

For me personally I have a very big Overton Window. At least in terms of understanding.

I understand almost everyone’s position and can see their point. I just do not, and do not have to, agree with that point.

But it’s just the very extremes, radical Government in charge of everything, or simply a non-existent Government, or anyone who would use violence to advance their own political ends.

That is dangerous and radical and is beyond my personal Overton Window.



  1. Thanks 😉 I wondered what the Overton Window was all about. Still not 100% clear on it and need to read up on it more…but that gives me a good basic understanding of it and it makes sense. 😉 I learn so much from you. 😀

    • I am a wise and powerful teacher :cameron:.

  2. the great and powerful Oz? LOL

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