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In perhaps the most obvious statement of the year….but bear with me.

It has been…well plaguing me…for the longest time now…something about Liberal and Progressive Ideology.

You see where the Liberals always get the Conservatives, or those of us who are Libertarian but have a Conservative backing, is (at least in their mind) they can always say that they are for the little people, they are for freedom.

Because they are for Abortion rights, what is your business inside my uterus! And they are for gay marriage…how can you deny the people the right to happiness, the right to marriage, equal protection under the law!

Well the second one is easy to disprove, as I have proven out in previous blogs, as I have pointed to. There is marriage licences, there are property taxes and estate taxes and Government is deeply involved in marriage. (Ewww Get out of my bedroom! Perv.)

But the second one is the one that always getting in the way. Thought of the answer in Wal-Mart one day, and it made me laugh all the way to the door.

Its Health Care!

Now of course in my previous blog I went into the essence of Tyranny. A key point in this debate.

That the founders, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and even Ronald Regan viewed any growth of Government as being potentially dangerous, and potentially tyrannical.

That is the key.

You know that states are now publically funding abortions? Did you know that a lot of this is through federal spending? That it just might be in the Health Care legislation after all, or some future legislation?

The Government is in your uterus folks!

But but they are providing for me, they are allowing me the right to excercise my rights and provide easiness for them.

OK fine but consider this:

Say you want an abortion, you are going to the Fed to get it. You are a minority, or you are a likely Democrat voter. Abortion denied!

Or that it would cost 20000 dollars to do and the money is running short, and you are a minority and your kids are likely to be good Democrat voters. Abortion denied!

Or in the even more extreme example you are going to go married, you are a white woman, he is not a black man, well I am sorry the state just cannot approve this marriage. Denied!.

But these are extreme examples but the Government is a fickle and underhanded, uneven master, hell anyone is if you give them that much power. They will have the power of the purse, the ability to say and deny anything that they want to on a whim.

In the case of abortion that is a good thing. Even if this does not happen, even if they say free abortions for all, then they are still there.

Ladies how does it feel to have the Governments hands inside your uterus?

Men how does it feel to have Government in your bedrooms?

Eww perv.

That is what it feels like if you want more and more power to the Government, and less and less power to yourself.



  1. Ewwwww is right!! 😮 I’m so glad you did not title this blog as: Ewwww Perv….Get out of my Uterus! 😛 Course…your readership may have increased exponentially! 😀

    • I concur with Joe. LOL.

  2. LOL squirrely!

    • Whatever you say squirrel 😉

      Though I could have gone without the mental image of a hand in the…ick…o.O

        • colfoley
        • Posted August 21, 2010 at 8:05 am
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