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I have talked about this before in the blogs You Cannot Force Someone to Evolve (Read it here) And in Chaos Versus Order and this is something that Glenn Beck touches on, sort of.

It’s a bit of a running theme.

Something hit me about this though recently, I was having a conversation with my Dad on the couch, about something based on Government. I forget the exact conversation.

But it occurred to me because of what I previously said, and because of what the Weathermen seem to believe and have said in the past.

And it ties into the how the Anarchy can be for a big and different Government.

Throughout history most of the revolutions, rebellions, and political upheavals have just led to another Government. That ‘their’ side has taken over once you have erased the previous structure and replaced.

That they usually want their own version of big Government to come in over the last one and fit the views of the world that they want, to take care of the poor properly and justly, to exercise the right amount of justice for all the people.

That makes the revolution that started this country so unique.

But there in lies the danger. Because there are agents of chaos, and agents of order, agents of anarchy opposed to a system, and agents of order…that sometimes might be for the destruction of the country.

But the problem here is that the political cycle in this light can be viewed as a sphere or a circle, it bends back on itself.

Because if you move the society, the Government, or the Overton Window to where there is no Government, then something must fill that void.

And usually it would have to be the people who just kicked out the last one. And more often than not it is a Government that is just as bad as the one they replaced, there is just no telling when you set down this path.

Which brings us to today. Which brings us to our movement, the tea party, and the current movement over this Government.

Now I do not believe that Conservatives, the Tea Party, and certainly not Libertarians are fascist and evil or are the next Stalin or big Government Nightmare.

And I highly doubt that we will turn into that and we are more in the mold of the founding father’s revolution.

But there is a danger.

And for the regular readership of this blog for those who actually bother to read this blog and comment this is probably preaching to the choir.

You see I have read comments by self-proclaimed people on the right (I say this not to doubt them but just keeping in mind Cass Sunstein.) who said that ‘well too bad he could not have hit you with a car on the way to where he was going, that would have been a connection.’

Now I do not know the context, I do not know if he was joking or not, I do not know him.

But there seems to be a lot of hate in this world, a lot of impure emotions directed at the left, at Progressives, at Liberals, at Socialists, etc.

And while some of it is justified, we cannot go down that path.

We must not become them.

Because if we acknowledge that part of this is cyclical, part of it is a circle that bends on itself we could wake up one day with all the power in the world and a seething hate of those who got us there and then…we will become what we have fought against and it will just go bad.

We need to keep in mind just what we are fighting for. We need to keep our emotions in check and not let them consume them for if we do become the power brokers in this country the last thing we need is another insane policy that just continues on from where the last ones left off.

We must break with the politics of the past and the revolutions and really challenge ourselves to see if this is the right thing to do as we move forward and rebuild our Government. Remembering the hammer of truth.

And the anvil of non violence.



  1. But….but…..but in the cartoons the anvil is what drops on their heads!! 😛 😛 *giggles* Maybe it’s the anvil of truth and the hammer of non violence….cuz in the cartoons the anvil falls on their head to wake them up out of their stupor and their hammer…no matter how many times they hit someone with it…they just bounce back. 😛 Nah this is no joking matter…you are right…the violence has to stop from both sides. And it comes to violence it seems when either side gets frustrated with the other and loses sight of the facts and just runs on pure emotion. That is why you have to stick to the facts and try and reason it out. And also this is a wonderful time to plug Glenn’s article again….His 40 day pledge….

  2. I concur…..we only need to consider a violent revolution like in 1776 if and only if we have exhausted all peaceful recourse in regards to taking back our nation….until then we have to be loving and charitable with those we disagree with…not something I have always done…..sometimes people frustrate me….but usually if I realize I have said or posted something out of anger I am quick to apologize

    • Yeah, we do need to do this ;). That is the hard thing, and I have another blog in mind along this topic.

      • Anger can be a pervasive thing. The problem is that any opinion, any solution formated from hate or anger is tainted and wrong no matter what it is. That if your opinion is accompanied by these two emotions, then perhaps you should sit back and wonder if you are wrong about it because you might just be wrong.

        • colfoley
        • Posted August 21, 2010 at 8:05 am
        • Permalink

        absolutly 😛

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