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Something has been driving me batty and it finally broke. (Sorry if I have done this before, or at least very similar)

I was having a conversation with one of my online friends and this comes up a lot of times with him, and my other online interactions. Especially with people who are not American.

And this drives me absolutely out of my mind.

How is it that one can be of the opinion that politicians are nasty, are corrupt, that the whole system is stupid, but at the same time can be in favor of giving them more and more powers? Especially over our economic lives If you believe the system is that corrupt and that corruptible then why on Earth would you want to give them that much power?

Now I believe there are good people, well-meaning, people in Government. That the system is not always the best, is not always the most brilliant or the most angelic, but there are good politicians, there are good people in Government, and there are proper roles and powers that the Government can have.

Of course the greater the concentration of power the greater the risk of evil and corruption.

But if you are of the mind that politicians are greedy corrupt people and the whole system is broken and just must be ignored, then why for all that is Holy will you give them more power?

Power over our health care, our education, almost every single facet of our lives. And even that they are the granter and regulators of our rights.

This is madness.

Look, this is not meant to be a blanket statement. I know that not everyone shares this view and I may even be barking up the wrong tree.

But in case I am totally off my rocker let me leave you with this thought.

If you do think our Government is full of nothing but corrupt people and the whole system is off its kilter then pause to think about why they are deserving of more power.

If you think it is only ‘my side’ who is good and all the others are evil and bad, then consider this; Would you trust the ‘enemy’ with the same power you are giving ‘your side’.

Pause and think about it, the answer just might change your life.



  1. Nice Blog as usual….good to be reading them again…..come on people in the shadows reading….leave a comment! 😀 I like how you get me thinking Fols. 🙂

  2. I agree…nice…pointing out the illogic of attempting to concentrate more power into an entity that is believed to be inherently corrupt

    as Spock would say “That is highly illogical”

    • exactly, it bugs me when this kind of logic is used. I am going to write another blog like this soon. during the election specials.

      • I actually tricked someone who was using a similar line of thought once. It was about healthcare. They liked the reform…but then the subject changed slightly and they were talking about freeloaders in the welfare system that cheat the system…then I turned the tables around and asked them “And these are the same people you want running healthcare?”

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