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This has been on my mind a lot lately, with 8/28 coming up…with something that I have been thinking about, and Martin Luther King, and how to fight with love.

On these musings I have thought about a blog and then discounted it and changed it to something that is more blogey and to the point (lets see how that goes 😛 )

Over this past week I saw the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. A great movie about love and loyalty, and believing in yourself to achieve a goal.

It got me thinking about what we are up against, what love does to people.

In Star Wars Love is frowned upon, by the Jedi, and causes people to fall to the Darkside. But in other circles it is looked upon with much regard, by other Jedi, as a liberating and worthwhile endeavor. That you are better for it and you know what you are fighting for.

And then in the television Show Farscape one of the characters proudly declares to the other, You can be more. They would end up being in love.

It causes you to believe in yourself, to push yourself, to know what you are fighting for exactly, and to fight it justly.

It is different than unbridled passion or a love of power.

Because you would not want to see the other person come to harm.

Whether it is a love of country, an ideal, or a woman.

You know exactly what you are fighting for. And if they love you they can complete you, they can push you, and then you can be more complete than you can ever be separately.

And I think that is part of the problem. Too few people actually love these days. They are not for anything, only against them.

Of course most people love but that is not why people fight.

We are suspicious, hateful, fighting against things, and this is a sad fact of life for far too many people.

Lets work to change that, lets work to change the equation and restore honor.



  1. The way I see it is that there are a few types of love…one of them is Idle love and the other is a love of actions. Idle love is what most seem to be doing, but no action. In fact their acts are born out of resentment and hate. How many people have already sent out death threats to law makers, Federal judges, and individuals over issues? On both sides too…do they really love? No. They hate, plain and simple. And no matter how valid their views are…they are tainted by that hate and it makes them wrong.

    Love is about action, positive action to people indiscriminately.

    • Yeah I agree.

      I am trying but this is a high and mighty ideal.

  2. I see love as being largely connected to self-sacrifice…through Jesus…He raised the bar…..God became Flesh so that he might take upon His sinless form the sins of mankind….and bled and died for them as our recompense…..He bled and died for our freedom from Satan’s tyranny….and so we must in turn be willing to give of our very lives for those we love

    • Yeah. And the things we love.

  3. Did someone say Farscape? 😀 YAY!! Great story of Love and growing through tough love. 🙂 But you have touched on a very important thing here and many times we do love and it is our loved ones that get the brunt of our frustrations sometimes and we have to remember not to do that. But too….it is that tough love the binds us and helps us to get better and help others that we love and care about get better as well. Cuz the easy thing would be to just walk away…turn our head and ignore the problem…but when we care to make a difference then we can show compassion and understanding…but also tough love…cuz that is what brings about real lasting change.

    • Actually you have touched upon something that I will be talking about in a blog in the new year. 😉

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