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I do not know why I have not blogged on it, but now is the time.

End of the week, new month, new time, new era, have things to do as always.

And it provides the perfect segue into what is going to be happening next month.

Cases about morality, (buckle up) and about fundamental principles. About Government and the roles of such, and then the Political blogs leading up to the election.

I spend a lot of time debating, a lot of time talking to people from all walks of political life.

Liberals, Conservatives, Libertarians, it does not matter.

One of the things that has surprised me the most is the regularity of it.

A lot of the complaints do sound similar to one another.

Whether it is the deficit, wasteful spending, bad and corrupt politicians, and other irregularities of the political process.

It is usually the blame and the solutions that are different depending on your political perspectives. It’s George Bush’s fault Obama is completely blameless in the debt and in fact he has had to clean up after Bush’s mess is a favorite among… well I am sure you can guess.

But the point is the fundamental principles is what is the same, they are across party lines, across political boundaries, most of the things that we do not like are universal no matter what.

We can all agree on those simple issues of what we like to see. Just that our positions on exactly how we expect to go about it, or what we expect from Government, is what gets in the way.

Whether it is strong law and order or welfare and health care and Government providing things for us.

That is what divides us.

And it is easy to be divided up it seems. Especially when you advocate that the Government must do this and take, or take away from another to do it.

What we need to do is unify, find those commonalities that we can all unite upon and then have the conversation.

Too often we approach from a position of how we are different, what divides us.

As I have pointed out you cannot build anything out of that, that is not unity. Only our likenesses can lead to unity, common ground, and then going from there.

Just then maybe we can rebuild our nation when we go from the fundamental principles to the solutions, not the solutions to the fundamental principles.



  1. yeah….we need to tell the truth to people……..we need to show them that conservatives care just as much for the poor…if not more so..than liberals…after all according to some stats we have given more to charity than liberals…all while making less money

  2. yeah I wish we could do that more…focus on what we can agree on. Like I always say….when I’m trying to stick to my diet….focus on the foods I can eat and not the ones I can’t. But it’s so tempting to fall back and cry over what I can’t eat. This is the same thing here… is easier alot of times to fall into the debate and focus on areas that divide us and so many times that leads us to unrest and derision. Sad but true *sigh*

    • especially when you want to make it clear where you stand based on your principles.

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