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It has come to me recently that there are two base types of Libertarians.

Now this is just simplistic because of course there are a lot more then one or two types of Libertarians. Glenn Beck was quite right when he said that Libertarians are ‘like trying to herd cats’. There are more Conservative Libertarians, Liberal Libertarians, Liberal Conservative Libertarians….:S, Christian Libertarians, Libertarian Socialists, and a whole other plethora, fiscal libertarians and social libertarians.

But there are two basic Libertarians, now for the purposes of this let us call them the Liberal Libertarians and the Conservative Libertarians.

A bit of a misnomer because not one or the other of the group was a liberal or conservative and then became a libertarian, but for the purposes lets put it that way. Oh and it does seem to be that way.

The difference is a view on morality.

Liberal Libertarians seem to believe that morality is a human construct. That our rights are a construct made up by people on a whim. That there is no such thing as universal truth, universal morality, that everything is completely relative to the individual.

While Conservatives, people from a more moralistic, religious, or those that understand the intent of the founders, understand that there is such a thing as universal truth and morality.

That our Rights are not owned by mankind and cannot be messed by man at great peril.

That they are sacred.

Of course most of these Conservative Libertarians do not recongize they have all of the picture, that they are not the end all and be all of moral figures, and that they know that they are corruptible and fight every day against it.

They know their word is not the word of God.

But some of them do have very real concerns about morality, and the direction of our country. From drug and alchol abuse to gay marriage to abortion.

Or heck not even that but just saying that there is a moral code that men must follow.

And for that the cry from the Libertarians who do not share these views is go home, go find an authoritarian page, so tell me about Adam and Eve and the Dinosaurs. Etc etc.

Of course there are those that feel that the Government should have a role in these things, in drugs, in gay marriage, in abortion, etc etc.

And while I do not always agree, well are any of us going to agree on everything one hundred percent of the time?

I see their point and they are entitled to their opinion every bit as much as you are with all of these things are acceptable.

Of course this is not the point. Most of the people who decry the ‘bigots’ just wind up looking like even bigger bigots themselves. That they are saying, well you cannot be apart of this club… a club that represents freedom of belief, expression, of speech, and of opinion, and does not believe in coercion, simply for having an opinion. An opinion that may be outside of the norm but an opinion none the less.

And an opinion that has only rarely said, well lets force our morals on these people through Government, well lets put our ridgid moral code on the Government.

That is at least how I try and live.

At least that is what I believe.

This is just the start. I will be talking about morality a lot recently, and going to really be delving into it in the next couple of weeks. All leading up to the Restoring Honor Rally on 8/28.

I was even going to be doing a post on morality itself. But decided since I am going to cover morality from almost every single other angle then why do I have to? What more can I possibly say?

Because we cannot rely on Government to be our crutch, we cannot rely on Government or anyone to solve all of our wills. We must rely on each other and do our best. Maybe pray, maybe extol the heavens for guidance if that is our way.

For their is universal truth and a universal way of doing things. But all of us can only glimpse pieces of doing that. And we can never ever fully succeed because we are imperfect.

But yet it is the struggle that will define us as a people. It is the choices that we make.

All in our individual way.

Do we give into the darkness that is out there? Do we just abandon all morality as being frivolous and meaningless?

I chose not to accept that, I chose to be better.

And I hope others will do the same.

For honor and morality are not just meaningless words, in fact there are few words that are more important.



  1. yep….just work on kicking government out of our affairs….we’ll manage our own private commerce thank you very much…..:-)

    • Yeah 😛

  2. Well I see the difference as one group being way more selfish and it’s all about me and they do not feel they have to answer to a higher power…and the other is seeing that they are not the end all be all… and it’s not just about the individual SELF. I typed self all in caps for a reason…cuz really that is what alot of the liberal libertarians are concerned about is SELF. And that is the single thing that has bugged me about it more than anything and maybe why I am holding off calling myself a Libertarian …cuz there are just so many different types and so many with differing ideologies that I just don’t think I could identify with such a group at this time :S

    • Good for you ;). And you are right.

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