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I promised way back at the beginning of the year that I would do this, well now I am.

It occurred to me recently that with the push to 8/28 coming up and the time to Restore Honor in this country that this would be the perfect time for this.

Especially since it is also the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech.

I have talked with several people on this subject all year and I have been thinking about this blog, and I realized that I have to do a variation of my previous idea of this blog. Same basic principles and ideas in the blog. But slightly different.

The attitude that seems to be prevalent, at least with the friend that I have talked to most about this subject, is that people get turned off by Racism. That they do not want to participate and how can we assimilate into the American populace when we are all being smeared? Why be loyal to a population that just lumps you in with criminals and hates your guts?

While I understand and sympathize with that position, and it does seem to be the norm (especially for first generation immigrants) there are other ways, better ways.

Especially since when I said as I was younger that I wanted to see all illegal immigrants out of the country, someone said, a friend, does he want us gone?

So part of the problem is perception you see.

I suppose that the best way and the best example to give of the point I am trying to make is in a television show that I watch called the Unit.

One of the main characters in the show related a story about him and his Father, and how they were in the deep south.

His father tried to get him a soda, but it was a Whites Only restaurant. So he had to pay a white woman to do it for him, for his son.

Some white men objected to it, cornered him, had a bus driver close a door on them, and then cornered him with chains and knives.

And as the story goes he gave a good speech to them, about brotherhood and peace and how they are not better than him for what he did, and the whites relented.

But in the end that this was just a story, and the character’s father ended up having to defend him and his son, to the death.

You see you have to provide an example, you have to be better than the people who would perpetrate acts of violence and prejudice of other people if you want to make positive change.

It is only going to escalate the situation, and make you look like the bad guys for any third person viewer, if you get down into the muck with them. But even if you do not and if you are proved right in the end it is still the wrong thing to do. To meet hate with hate and violence with violence.

Given an example of a better future for people. Reclaim the higher ideals of this Republic.

I am not saying to assimilate completely and abandon your entire culture. I am saying that there is a better way.

That even sometimes you have to put up with others racism to be better.

That it is their prejudice and not yours. Just go along with it, if you do nothing wrong you will survive and there is nothing they can do to you. The guilty will be punished.

I mean think of it if Jackie Robinson had struck back what would have been the result? If he got down into the muck and said, well I hate you because you hate me, or that I am better than you. That I am better and I am elite. He provided an example for others to follow.

Same thing with Martin Luther King. He preached a message of peace and tolerance for all man kind. Not just for blacks. But messages on the Republic and its ideals, he gave an example for all people’s of all races to follow.

That it was about the content of the character, that he provided the example, that he would follow the better morals of God and of the Republic.

That is what is required to restore honor because if we must restore honor then we must restore honor within ourselves and give ourselves a chance to breathe.



  1. nice…:-)

  2. Excellent 😉 And so true….when others yell racism and then proceed to hate back, make threats and/or demand special rights that forces others to deal with them and treat them exclusively…well then they too are breeding racism.

    • Indeed, anyone who deals in groups.

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