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I want to start off on a personal note. I love blogging, it’s what I do and how I spend, too much of my time really. But I love it, love getting my ideas out there and many other reasons.

But I also love it because sometimes I can do this to people. Write a catchy or creative or interesting title that will make people pause and go, has he lost his mind, has he fallen to the dark side? It causes more people to read it. And it also causes more people on the ‘left’ to read it who says, oh someone is saying Michelle Obama is right? Lets go read his wise words of awesome wisdom, to discover just how the pillar of magnificence was right.

Sorry to all of you I am going to have to disappoint you.

Now way back, in a speech in Puerto Rico…interesting…Michelle Obama was talking to a group of people.

Now I am going to post a video clip and the battle in my mind was, shall I listen to the entire clip and make my ears bleed or should I find a more short one that can serve the purpose.

I chose the short one, but just so you know there still exists the much longer version of this on YouTube.

Now what she is talking about is fundamentally changing the way we view our history. What facts are to be presented.

She would be a moron….heh…if she actually believed that you could change our history.

History is History. It is there in the past and you cannot change it, ours, the Latinos, the Germans, it does not matter. It is History, it is there, it is truth and waiting for you to discover it.

What she is suggesting is altering what we learn in history. What our facts are, what the perceptions of it are. That we will have to cut ourselves off from our past by not learning about it, and viewing our silly traditions as outlandish, wild, and antiquated. The last refuse of a bygone age of hate and bigotry.

That we continue a process that has been a long time in the making.

Well she was right, and…well two can play at this game.

But instead of a fundamental transformation, we need a fundamental restoration.

Instead of feeding people what information that they want us to have to score political points and isolate us from the goodness of our past and the founding principles, we need to not be afraid of information.

To share it and channel it. Warts and all.

Instead of hiding from our history and only peaking at the convenient parts, lets look at all of it and then learn the appropriate lessons and make our own interpretation.

Instead of listening to the honeyed words of the people in the ‘know’ lets go back to them, their ideals, their principles, their works.

And then we can read others opinions when we want.

Because our history is far too important to be left in the hands of the elite, the corrupt or the people who are trying to control us.

It is the sacred right of all Americans. Because it is ours, our shared history.

Yes we made mistakes, yes we have done terrible evil as a nation, but lets recognize that and move on instead of having it tie us down or be beholden to it.

We must have a restoration of our history to see where we have come from, where we are, and where maybe we are going. And to avoid our mistakes, hopefully.

So yes Michelle, you were right, we need to wise up again.

And the best way to do that is with original sources, the Constitution, and what our Founders said about the subjects that they faced themselves.



  1. One thing about history though, contrary to popular belief, it does change. Up until about eighty to one hundred years ago academia would have called the Bible a complete fantasy with little to no historical value. Then they started to find cities and kings previously unknown outside of the Bible. The text books had to be rewritten.

    Forty to sixty years ago, Blacks right after the Civil War (we were told) raped and burned houses down, added little to nothing to the political process. Yet historians have gone back into the primary sources and discovered that for a slight moment in that time period, many black officials made it into local governments, crime was low and optimism ran rampant.

    We should constantly revise history BUT, it should be scientific free and void of politics. And many don’t realize that History is a science. We develop what we know out of eye witness accounts, recorded material, archaeological hard evidence. We compare testimonies from different factions and parties like comparing stories between suspects or witnesses in crime investigations. We use standard methods to develop timeliness and dates and study the way things are now much the same way scientists look to present animals to study those that have been gone for thousands of years.

    So yes, we should always re-examen what we have.

    • Yeah that is the point here. But the thing is History does not change, it is there, it is universal, it is truth, but our perceptions and what history we have is constantly changing. Constantly evolving.

      • Which is why it should be decided by “scientists” if you catch my drift. Not by dentist in Texas…not by people who say “I’m Liberal/Conservative/Libertarian/whatever” while they are sitting their on the table. But by people who are true to themselves and others and are the “experts.”

        To do otherwise would be like having CEO’s or Senators determine how a person should be treated for a medical condition…oh wait…that’s exactly what we have in our healthcare 😛 :S

        • colfoley
        • Posted August 26, 2010 at 1:28 am
        • Permalink

        Good grief you are right.

        I just trust the texas thing because David Barton is involved in it. But if you do not its just more to the point that we should not have Gpvernments controlling our education. Go seek your own answers young pilgrim 😉

  2. although there is a tendency towards “revisionist history”….meaning that like any science historical documents must be tested for authenticity to make sure it’s not a fake designed for example to paint a known aggressor in a positive light for example

    • Oh yes! 😀

  3. Yes…..History DOES NOT change but the way in which it is perceived and recorded does…and that is a shame…when things are twisted into something that maybe didn’t occur or truths are eliminated or glossed over. So I am glad they do have scientific historians to do this research to make sure we “get it right” But what scares me is time and time again when I tune into the History Channel I’m faced with alot of very evolutionary facts that may have some scientific merit but maybe no hard evidence, but because that is maybe all they have to go on they just go with it. Well what about the Bible as a historical reference?…why is that always “thrown out” as not being a credible source? They have proven that many of the historical documentaries in the Bible are true. So then we all of a sudden have these scientific people like OMG Stephen Hawking….who says we don’t need God to create the universe…..and so history is written according to that? ACK!! That scares me….so really IMO not only should science enter into the equation to determine what is written in our History books….so much of the religious aspects or roots are left out because they are personal to our culture and that to me is what is so critical about our history. How we as a people as a culture and society worshiped and prayed and worked and governed. That to me is so valuable….but unfortunately because that touches on religious aspects….that part of it is many times edited out and that is what is criminal. *Sigh* And that was rather rambly and probably made no sense. 😮

    • Bravo!!! You are asbolutly right *pumps fists* :D. Excellent excellent job :D.

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