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I want to make quite an…ambitious statement for me, an ambitious statement for our times, and an ambitious statement given the state of affairs in current American Politics.

In one of my last blogs I pointed out there is a big difference between the two main types of Libertarians. Those that, basically, believe in a moral code… and those that believe that Morality is a purely human construct.

And that Governments shall not enforce moral standards.

While that is a debate for another time I do want to say that there is such a thing as morality. Of universal truth.

There is such a thing as God.

Now it is kind of hard for a Libertarian to say it, isn’t it? We all have our own rights and perspectives to believe everything you want to, right?

Well yeah, sure.

But that is the thing.

There is such a thing as Universal truth, as God, as the mind of God, or the great continuum, or the Force, or what have you, whether it is the universe itself.

It is our perceptions and understanding that is flawed.

Because how can someone who has a confined perception of the universe ever understand an infinite?

How can something whose nature is not perfect, or not perfectible, ever see the whole picture.

We are trying to understand an infinite and complex universe and the mind of universe in all of its complexity.

Whether you are a truth seeker, a blogger, a political commentator, a Scientist, a holy man, or just a priest.

We are all trying to, with our own perceptions and our own individuality, trying to find our own way in the universe and tap into this universal truth. We are all looking at the Divine and the Universe through our own limited glasses and magnifying glasses.

And with all of these we have, in our own belief systems, these guide stones and these guide markers that we feel are trying to understand the universe and is the best guide-book for getting there.

The Bible, the Torah, Einstein’s theory of Relativity, I suppose, and the Koran.

Keys of trying to lead your life that will let you tap into the infinite. That is what we are trying to do. We are constantly trying to understand what is a scary universe, and at times mystical and gorgeous.

And that is what is flawed, that is what is weak, that is what is imperfect, and that is why our Government must be small.

Because even though there is universal truth, do not commit murder, do not have sex before marriage, any other moral goals, the more we try to restrict it, the more we try to outlaw this, or force that behavior on group X, the more we deny our own search.

The more we people from trying to take away their own ability to search for their own version of the truth.

They could be wrong, they could be right. But they will come down to the truth in the end if we trust them.

If we be there for them.

If we do our best to share our own perceptions and morality and be willing to say we are wrong when we are.

And then, after all,

Faith Manages.



  1. it is the moral precepts stated clearly in the Christian tradition though that can form the proper basis for something like what our Republic is supposed to be….that you can conduct all the commerce you want as long as no crime is committed…just think though if we had people who believe that all sins (crimes) are created equal running things….yikes!…we’ve seen examples of that kind of thinking in news stories about dads who beat their children within an inch of their lives for a minor infraction

    • this is not what the blog is about. πŸ˜‰

  2. I was just stating the uniqueness of Christianity….it’s not only a religion but also a foundation for forming something like our Republic….so that makes it unique in that Christianity and Judaism to a certain extent have moral precepts that can be translated to fair and just real-world applications….Islam certainly does not have fair and just moral precepts which can be translated in such a fashion

    • … many Islamic people it is.

  3. Nice πŸ˜‰ And my personal mantra has always been and will always be…. Eventually the Truth will be revealed. πŸ˜‰

    • the truth points to itself πŸ˜‰

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