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Due to the Glenn Beck program this has come to my attention.

About two weeks or so ago Barrack Obama refused to go to the one hundredth anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. This caused an uproar so about a week later he sent a video of himself instead.

This was booed by the Boy Scouts at the celebration and there was wild disapproval of the President’s actions. Maybe even disrespect.

(Watch it here: )

Now Glenn quickly came out on the side of the President, that the Scouts acted poorly and that once they put on the uniform they are put to a standard of respect and honor.

A big thing for him with his upcoming Restoring Honor rally in just under two weeks. (OMG Blog blog blog)

That it is incumbent on the Scout’s to act with honor, respect, and sacrifice and follow through with that to even people that they do not like, or organizations that they do not like, or groups that they may not even like.

That they wear the uniform they took their various oaths and that they should be a place of leadership, and inspiration for millions of young American….youths. :P.

And with that comes duty and responsibility to not act like a bunch of rubes at a football game.

Now I want to one up this. It is all of our responsibility to act with decency and respect to even our most irretracticable of enemies. Especially for ideology or other things that divide us.

Now we may fight against them, they may mean to take us over, enslave us, or eat us, but we can still fight with respect and honor and decency.

Now I want to get off the bat that this is hard even for me. I think its hard for most people, it clearly was for the boy scouts that saw the video.

(In fact if I ever came to meet Barack Obama, shake his hand, and I would likely be singing…or thinking…this song:


If we are to restore honor we must do it in all of our associations.

We must do it with our enemies, with our friends, with our lovers and our wives.

If people who mean something to us deserves respect, if bosses deserve respect, even if some office deserves respect then we all must act with respect.

We all must try.

Even if we feel the other person DOES NOT Deserve it.

For I have a theory on respect. It is earned. It is not given. It does not matter who you are, what your position is, you can still be a scumbag, you can be a saint.

But regardless of that we still must be the better people. We must be a beacon of light for others to follow. Even for our enemies.

Especially for our ideological enemies.

We must pray and talk and come to them with a position of the truth and the strength every time possible. With every ideological weapon at our disposal.

If I am to paraphrase a rather famous quote. Speak passionately and carry a big heart.



  1. Love that song, mainly because it is now Dr. Who Relate πŸ˜›

    But one thing that I found deplorable a few years back was the complete disrespect that Bush was shown. Regardless of his actions, he did not act tyrannical…sure he did violate some constitutional principles however he did it equally to all. It was Bush who held back the crazy “Lets use racial profiling” nutjobs. It was Bush that insisted that people don’t go around hating on Muslims…anyway it was complete disrespect towards the guy.

    And I feel the same way about Obama. Hey, it’s one thing to point out his flaws, his short comings and so on…however I don’t like disrespect for our president. The phrase “NObama” always gave me a sour taste. This is our country, lack of respect and lack of mercy, lack of love.

    • YEAH :D.

      Good point ;). *sigh* Sometimes I get so soured at Bush that I do forget the good things that he did do. Though he did grow Government and tyranny. Not as radically as Obama is doing…but you are right.

      And the same thing about Obama…you are right, last sentence. And the Nobama thing just does not make much sense, makes me chuckle sometimes. There is a fine line between bashing and enlightening on policies. However it should be the policies themselves that speak and not the labels. I do not care if he is a fascist or a Communist, all I know is he is growing Government and radically infringing on my fundamental liberties, the rest is to Historians and pundits.

      Though I am a pundit πŸ˜›

  2. Yes! I agree we all need to be respectful of others no matter who they are. It is the Golden Rule of course! πŸ˜‰ Oh and Nice song!! *giggles* πŸ˜›

    • I thought so πŸ˜‰ LOL

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