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A while ago, a long while ago, I was on my favorite fan site for my favorite actress looking at pictures. Yes I do that.

But in the background was an ad for one of her favorite charities. And it said basically, if I remember correctly, petition your Government to spend money to give food to X.

Now this put a bur under my saddle a little bit. But I did not know how to express it at first so I decided to wait for it. And in thinking about this blog I realized that it would be the perfect time, to make the point.

Now I have had yet another conversation recently with someone who thinks that only Government can do things for you, can be moral for you, and provide for your health care, your education, and to be a good and descent force.

Our founders, (Washington) Believed that Government was a Necessary Evil.

But yet an evil.

Government is meant to be small, to be limited, and to provide you the things that you cannot provide for yourselves or to protect your life.

The most basic and simple mandate for Government is to protect people. From the evils and vagaries and insanity of people, or of the natural disasters and fire department.

That is the only moral function of Government.

Because every time they take another morality from us and say, well you cannot make it unless we provide this moral purpose for you, well that is one less thing that we are obligated to do for yourself.

And this is a Government that often cannot give you and do for you the things it is supposed to. The Post Office, and protecting you…how good is the Government at protecting us? Or the Police?

Good at times but often not perfect.

Can Government paid bureaucrats educate you properly?

I do not think so.

You cannot go through the Government for Morality.

I mean look at it like this, does it not feel better, is it not better when you can do something on your own initiative?

That if you give charity on your own volition is a lot better than if it mandated by your school to graduate? Is that not even charity in the first place?

When is it ever better for you to be forced into doing something?

And that is what we must restore. That we do not need Government. Sure Government can occasionally be there but it is not the end all and be all.

It cannot be there for you, it cannot give you anything, it cannot legislate prosperity or morality.

We MUST restore personal responsibility. We must restore that we can do it through our own volition, and if we see someone suffering then we can help them.

Because that is the right thing to do, that is the best thing to do for each other.

And the more that we do to for ourselves and our neighbors, the less our Government feels it has to do.

It is the right thing to do and it is the honorable thing to do.



  1. yeah finding out that your Hollywood crush is as liberal as they come is a big let-down ain’t it? LOL!

    but yeah….unfortunately people are so dense that they’ll stare a history book right in the face that depicts the evils of 100% total government control over the citizenry and they’ll still try to defend socialism….oy!….just how dense can you possibly get?!?!?!

    • Tell me about it.

  2. All I can say is…. You do that really? Hehehehehe 😛
    Nah…Nice blog and I think it is nice to think that we live in a world were we can count on people to stand up and do the right thing and donate to charity of their own volition or to voluntarily attend all 12 years of school and graduate without being forced to do so…and for the most part there are those responsible citizens…. however, unfortunately there are those citizens who just will not stand up and do the right thing unless they are forced. This is what ruins it for everyone. Like take the PTA organization for instance. After having served on numerous PTA boards over the years it is always…and I mean always the same handful of parents who step up and do the right thing. They serve, donate, contribute time and time again because they are a good, descent moral people…and so things get done….but only because those few parents are willing to do it ….and take up the slack for all the other parents who can’t or won’t be involved. This so many times is what happens in society as well. We have the same people who are the ones keeping the ball rolling because many people just can’t or won’t do it. I think you are right you cannot get your morality from the government….but people need to get it from somewhere or a small government just may not work, because oftentimes people do not have the moral obligation to do the right thing and so the system collapses. This is what people fear…. I see it…and I wish I had an easy answer. It truly is a very difficult issue to try and solve… that is not so black and white I’m afraid.

    • I see your point…but do not really know where it comes from. 😛

      However I agree but the answer, or part of one, lies in your comment and your post. Part of the solution is for people to be examples for others and to go out and be better…and the churches and other similiar organizations. That we can do it on our own.

      Of course part of the thing is for the state Governments to do it, true you cannot go through the Government for your morality but there can be standards set up by each State. That if you are a kid you have to go to school until you are 16 or so, the schooling is up to you even…that is one possibility.

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