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I am one of the people who will not, sadly, be able to go to 8.28. I just cannot see myself doing it. It is sad for me. But yet in some ways I cannot see myself doing it. (Sorry Glenn).

Now a couple of weeks ago Beck covered this and he said if you cannot make it you should fast and you should pray.

Now first on a tangent, what is the deal with fasting? I have never understood it, and since I am a big fatty fat fatty. But I just do not understand why that is important to show…I mean what does it show spiritually. I just do not understand it.

The praying I can see doing.

But what shall we do if we cannot do it? What are good ideas?

The best I can come up with…honestly I have asked in a thread…no answers…seem to not be getting answers from a lot of people lately…but I just came up with all we can do is reflect.

Reflect and pray about how best we can restore honor.

How we best can restore honor in our own lives and in our own country. How best we can help each other with our faith and our charity.

And to ask for guidance.

Because this is a very important day. Which I now understand the relevance of.

It is a day that Martin Luther King gave his dream, gave us his dream that we have been striving for ever since.

It is a day that, well I am not sure what Glenn is going to be doing. But its going to be big.

This is a day that we pledge each day to restore ourselves, our honor, and reflect, how close are we to living the dream?

That is the only thing I can think of.

A date where we gather, where we spend time with one another, share ideas on love and liberty, and to reflect, and comment. That is what I think we need to do.

We need to see if we, ourselves, are being the best friends for liberty and our doing our best to restore our country.

And what we can do better.

Meh. I kinda like this idea actually.



  1. I’m not sure the fasting component could be applied….it could I suppose….in The Catholic Church we do some fasting…..fasting is meant to put you in a more reflective and prayerful mood by temporarily abstaining from that which you take for granted….like for example most people raised in the older tradition of abstaining from meat on Fridays year-round do it because in this nation meat is the most plentiful resource…and because it’s most plentiful we tend to take it for granted…and so that is what we must temporarily abstain from in order to help us reflect on Christ’s sacrifice (since it was in a Friday that He died)

    • Oh yeah duh. *smacks self.*

  2. however though if you do have a medical condition that prevents you from fasting/abstaining you are then exempt from the fasting/abstination rules….like diabetes for example….if I were diabetic I could not do Ash Wednesday or Good Friday (both days of fast where you’re only allowed one full meal) because I’d probably wind up in a diabetic coma before dinner…thankfully I am not diabetic…..old far….errr…people…..:-P…..are also exempt…..forget what age that occurs at….since old people don’t have the physical ability anymore to fast

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