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Monthly Archives: September 2010

I think…well I think this is common sense.

You just cannot rely upon groups and parties and a group mob mentality.

True people can join into groups to help get a point across and join in a debate and share ideas. And that there is power in numbers.

But you cannot rely on a group and deal with people as a group think.

Because there are bad people everywhere.

So the key is to get into an individual think. More on that…oh next week… hopefully, maybe.

But it has occurred to me time and time again that you cannot rely on a political party.

Its insanity.

Just like we cannot rely on this election to do anything real to ‘save us’ we cannot rely on the Republicans or the Democrats either.

And I am sorry this goes for the Libertarian Party as well. Not to mention the Tea Party.

I think I have gone into this before but I am not sure, it gets confusing writing all these blogs.

Patton was known to say that voting for the Nazis was like voting for the Republicans or the Democrats.

How right he was.

You see I have noticed time and time again that in a Modern Big Government Socialist style regime that you see in Nazi Germany or in Russia, or China, or anywhere else its a worship of the party that matters.

You do not hear them extolling the virtues of the state, you do not hear them extolling the virtues of the Government….

But the party.

The party is the only thing that is important.

And when you get down to it that is where we are.

We are relying on the party as some faceless group of people who one person fight for growing Government and the other for shrinking Government.

That is a far too simplistic definition of things because its pure insanity.

There are people in any group that will make you look insane and will disappoint you.

We cannot be pigeon-held into any group, we must constantly strive to work and to think as any individual.

And this is no matter the group, as I will cover later as well.

It be interesting the coincudinks of the universe sometimes. On the night I mention this, Beck ruins this with something. But I still think the point needs to be made.

I do not know if anyone has ever noticed (maybe it is just insane me) but the Elections are gradually getting more and more important since 2004. The stakes are getting higher and higher and the consequences are getting much greater from year to year and election to election.

But I think, well as for me, we need to divorce ourselves from the system, and our expectations. And I have been doing this myself lately in leading up to the blog, though not because of the blog.

Elections are just stop gaps now, that is all, that is it.

Sure the best we can hope for is we will elect a super hyper majority of doom and rejuvenation and can say hallalleu of Republicans and Libertarians and heal the nation and than we can go back to real concerns like sex, sports, and food.

But that just ain’t realistic gang.

What is the most realistic outcome is this will buy us time.

Because we can always count on the Republicans, various Republicans…must plug that now…, to just continue to grow the Government and to ruin our lives.

But for whatever reason, this is the hope, that the Republicans are still for much smaller Government then your ‘typical’ Democrat. And they grow it much more slowly then that of the Democrats.

So again this is to partially buy us time.

Because some of them will be for big Government, and some of the people we have coming in will be enthralled and mind controlled by the power elite.

The John McCain’s and Trent Lott types of the world.

Yes my friends…you are getting very sleepy.

What we need though is time.

I mean have you noticed Obama? We must get Health Care done, now, we must get our taxes in, now, we need immigration reform, now, we must fundamentally transform America…tomorrow.

Because he knows he is on the clock. Part of this is because he does not trust the Republicans, even though many of them will be for the same things he is for, and the same things just different and in their own unique way.

And no, I am sorry, I do not see a mass swelling of Libertarians instantly healing the sick and wounded and rising the body politic of this nation out of the grave.

So, what we need is time.

Whether it is a Libertarian, whether it is a Republican, whether it is an Independent or a Conservative, or even a “true” Democrat, not the progressives who have hijacked that party, we need time. And yes there really are progressives in all parties but not in as great a number.

Time to heal the nations own wounds ourselves and reform ourselves and our nation back to the way it should be.

Elections are not the key.

We are.

From the ground up.

In time elections will follow, in time elections will come, in time elections will again be effective and meaningful…I mean they are now.

But in time our Government will follow because our culture will follow.

And then we will not need this Big Government to do these things.

Remember, we get the Government we deserve.

I know it is a bit on the late side, and I do not really want to open up war wounds, but something has occurred to me.

It can be summed up in one term that I told one of my friends: I wonder if that was Rauf’s intention.

It seems like this has been the worse nine eleven since the actual event itself.

You still have the whole truther angle, you have the people who are using this for cheap political points, you have the division and the bickering….

But more importantly we are letting one issue, by a Muslim no less, divide us.

Many in the international community, and in our own country, are quick to condemn any condemnation of the Mosque as being bigoted, evil, wrong…and the third one may be true.

But there is little to no bigotry actually being discussed in this debate.

But, it is proving to be a divisive issue, and for no good reason. The only interest that I have in this debate and in this issue right now is to prove that not everyone is a bigot for disagreeing with the guy and his intentions.

Not necessarily using the Government, not necessarily murdering them or kicking them out of NY, but just disagreeing with him.

I mean I have to wonder what Martin Luther King would do in this situation? A man who was a bridge builder and trying to make a difference.

Granted he had his own stiff opposition to anything he did, he got killed for his advocacy, but I must wonder what would he do in this situation?

Would he continue to move forward knowing that this issue was tearing a nation apart? Meh maybe.

But again, after all of this I have to wonder, was this the Imam’s intention?

I have heard about his peacefulness, of his Sufism, of how he has condemned Hamas…after not condemning Hamas… but I do have to wonder if we have been set up, again.

Because there are so many people out there who are bigoted enough to blame everyone else for Bigotry for not supporting their issues. For not supporting their causes.

Or worse condemning an entire group for the bigotry that is condemned by a few of its radical members.

But at the end, as with most of the divisive issues, this is a distraction.

Sure it is something to be concerned about if we are right about his back ground and if what we fear about his rhetoric is true, but right now there is little, legally, that we can do about it, and we have much more pressing issues from our own Government.

I will not even bother to list all the issues either, that is a long list. :P.

I guess my only advice right here and right now is that we have to remember who we are, as a people, as a nation.

We cannot let this Imam, any international politicos that thinks that we are all a bunch of hate mongers, or ourselves divide us.

You know in a way this is even more important that I am writing this on 9-12 in its own way.

We will be the Key.

The American Elections are rapidly approaching and I think that I need to start off with this blog principally before all the others.

True I have already done my thoughts on how to go about saving America before we can go on, and in relation to a lot of the blogs during this election cycle this one point must be made.

You cannot be Given Freedom.

You see perhaps the fundamental issue of this next election is you will have both political parties say that they know how to give you freedom. That they know what is best for you, what programs you need, and how to take care of you and give you the freedoms or need.

Its where the Second Bill of Rights, the Right to Health Insurance, the Right to Vacation and High Speed internet comes from.

Or even, heaven forbid, you will have one party and groups in a party saying that they know that no Government or a lot less Government is the key to giving you Freedom.

And they would be right.

But I was having a conversation with someone on the internet on this issue, well not really.

And he said that when the Swedish Government tried to privatize utilities of that nature, the price sky rocketed.

I had no good answer for this, and I am still not sure I do.

But nevertheless I put my thinking cap on and I puzzled the puzzle that was before me.

And the answer I came up with?

You cannot be given freedom. Especially by the Government, the entity that just took it away in the first place.

At best what Governments and politicians, and other people for that matter, can give you is temporary safety. To prop you up just a little bit and give you something.

They can give you the fish to eat but you still do not have the ability to get more fish.

And besides it does really nothing to solve the problem. Suddenly cutting the Government out of our lives will do nothing to solve the problems we face.

As another person in another debate on the internet said, it is about culture.

In many respects, not all, we have a cultural problem.

We have a tendency to rely on and go to the Government for many many aspects of our culture.

From Health Care, to Gay Marriage, to even Police and Education.

What is right and what is wrong.

And in many cases we have corruption and people who are willing to use any situation to their advantage and has latched themselves onto the Government and have received power and control.

This is what happened in Sweden. Once you removed the controls these people were free to do whatever they wanted. And the prices rose.

So you cannot be Given Freedom. No Force in the Universe can do that.

Only you can.

We must restore the individual, we must be the better people and solve our own problems as often as we can.

Because if we expect to have freedom it must be done by us, morally, in our own way and in our own contributions.

And ultimately we can cut out the evil and the corruption in our society, or at least a lot of it.

By standing together, and coming against that evil, not spending money for that evil, or by teaching proper principles.

So when a party says that they can give you freedom, turn the other cheek, and run.

As many people may have heard Israel has opened up another round of peace negotiations.

According to this story from the Blaze, (first time linking a story to the Blaze, the new opinion site from Glenn Beck, squuuuueeee), Israel is willing to divide up neighborhoods in Jerusalem in order to accommodate the Muslim population in the region, and form two separate states in the region.

Now, this is…a very bad idea.

I do not know exactly why it is such a bad idea but it is one.

They should be working on building a future together, as one nation, as one people. They may be able to accomplish so much together, as they can apart.

Plus the terrorists don’t want this, the bad guys do not want this, this is the albatross that they have held over the world.

In Facebook there was an article…an opinion thing…posted by the group “The Truth about Israel’s defensive actions against the flotilla.” posted an issue of what to do about Zionism in academia.

It has occurred to me, with this whole debate, really has a lot to do with the debate that has gone on with issues of divine providence and Manifest Destiny the issue really is the similar.

Does Israel have the fundamental right to survive? Of course it does.

The Prime Minister should do everything to encourage a debate but there is very little other that then he, or anyone else, can legitimately do.

But that is the issue, just what is Zionism?

And just what else can we do?

Should Israel divide itself into two separate nation states?

I think this is a fundamental question.

One that we have gone through in our history of this Nation.

I have been watching a lot of Glenn Beck recently, trying to catch up…I got…a little behind :P. Anyways about the Native Americans…I had no illusions that they were not barbaric but a different and advanced society. I just did not know how advanced, or the significance of it.

I suggest that you find Beck’s Civil Rights Special and watch it for yourself.

It occurred to me just how history would have been different had we united with the Native Americans instead of becoming two separate entities.

What would have happened had we become one?

I mean maybe I am having a slight fantasy or dream here but it would be something.

Granted America in many ways is the story of unification and trying to move beyond differences.

Can we not try the same thing in this instance?

Again this could be a dream and there are parties all across the world that are trying to ensure that this never happens, but I think that this is the key.

Politicians and people all over the world are going to try to tell us that this can never happen. And that what to do about Israel, the Middle East, and Iran is going to be an important issue in the upcoming elections.

We are going to be told various things and posturing from all sides.

I just think that we need to show solidarity. Israel and the Jews have a right to exist like anyone else. I think Sarah Palin has the right idea actually, or similar.

We need to show solidarity with our friends, and our allies.

People of all faiths, persuasions, must come together in support.

We do not need to send ships, missiles, planes, or soldiers there. We do not have to invade.

But we must show the world that any Nation has the fundamental right to survive, to make their own mistake, and their own way in the world.

Because we have made our own mistakes.

I have heard that the Arizona tea party is considering voting for the Democrat over the Republican in the upcoming election. That they’re peeved that the big Progressive Repub John McCain won the primary.

Now I sympathise (I already wasted my vote once I do not think I shall be doing so again.) but I think that there is a different option.

Do not rush head first into the two party manifold. There are others out there.

One of them is David Nolan who is running under the Libertarian banner.

A small Government advocate, inventor of the Nolan Chart, chairman of the Libertarian party, and an advocate for small Government.

While I need to follow my own advice and look at him (and Glassman) closer right now he is the better candidate.

At least give him a look before giving the Democrats, or anyone else that much power.

David Nolan might not be perfect (who is) but you are more likely to get a smaller Government out of it then with either of the two other candidates.

Because if we really are a small Government, independently minded, and if we are to pride our selves on thinking about things and being the wave of the future then we must consider all of our options before we make our decision.

That is all I can say. Give Nolan a chance, I am not sure how many people know of him or know that he is running. I have talked about him before and his comments on Libertarianism was the final pitching point for me.

Let us work to elect people who will be striving to limit Government and get it off our backs wherever possible.

In what is, now that I realize is sort of bridge blog, I am going to talk about how I think we should be saving America.

8-28 was nearly a week ago, and Glenn Beck revealed how he believes we can get back to our principles. Restoring Honor and Saving the Republic, and Honoring people in the process.

I agree with that.

But I want to add my voice to the fray.

So without further ado, here is the way that I think we can save America:

To restore America is to Restore the Individual:

To restore the individual is to restore,






To restore the individual is to restore America.

America needs the individuals, we are a nationality and a culture of individuals doing extreme and great things to succeed and better their lives, and the lives of our countrymen.

To restore the individual we need to restore those things.

Love: To restore the Individual we need to love each other. We are not fighting a war, we are not up against an enemy, we are not working to destroy things, but we are working to preserve, protect and build upon our foundations. We must again look to other people and no matter who they are to agree with them, be friends with them, or to politely disagree with them with love.

We need to help each other to love our fellow-man and through our individual volition, help them.

Honor: We must restore our word, our honor, in all things we do.

Whether it is in business or in politics or friends coming to try to agree with friends. We must be people of our word.

And we must pledge each other ourselves to help each other and fight with one another for our principles, we must be honorable and hold the line with one another.

Faith: That to make no judgment on people’s honestly held beliefs, outside of pure debate and disagreeing, we must restore our search for God.

To strive to find God again and have a conversation with Him and to seek Him out and His blessing and His help.

That some people form religions to find out about the divine. Some people do it by themselves, we will not begrudge any man, but we must join with one another and as a people wonder at things above our philosophies.

Hope: That we need to restore the honesty, the truth, and honest questioning and reasonable debate with each other.

That no matter how bad things get if we know how bad things get we can know what is required to fix it. We know where to start, what direction to do in, and what to strive for.

Because if the hope is false, then we do not know what to Hope for and what to bring about through Faith and our own volition.

Charity: We must be good to one another. We must learn to help out one another, and to be good with one another.

That if we see someone in trouble that we can help them out. Or if we can find someone else, refer them, to the proper people, the churches, the centers, that can help them.

To restore the individual is to restore America:

That is the key, one of them, that makes America so different.

That we need to restore ourselves and our freedom if we are to get it, or expect it.

We cannot just be given freedom and expect everything to be hunky dory.

We must be the people we were. We must restore ourselves if we want to restore American Principles and reach for a better future.

A while back I did a blog in which I tried to explain the concept that is popularly known as the Overton Window.

This is about when I started reading the book.

I just finished it and should read it again.

It was…quite the mind blowing book. Quite a terrifying book that makes your head hurt, and if you know 1984 grab your sheets and want to hide under them.

It is a story of two main Characters, Molly Ross and Noah Gardner, who basically get together and battle the evils of the current administration and a plot, hundreds of years in the making…but not executed or done by the people you would think.

Knowing Beck (since I have had the Insider/Insider Extreme since December, and since I have watched most of his shows since he came to Fox, I know where he is coming from. Or try to.) as I do the most striking character in the book is the character of Molly Ross.

Molly is a very strong…but very independent and…um…unpredictable Female Character. I am trying to not give too much away in this blog, (the point really), but she is…awesome. Despite some of the things she does in the book.

In fact she is responsible for saving, enlightening, and bringing about Noah’s growth and change is a character. Oftentimes having to beat him into it and drag him into it, quite literally, but is a strong character who despite what she does, is still able to get through to Noah.

I think there is an important message here. One of Love, one that I can relate to.

You see Beck often talks about how his wife helped to save him and bring about the change in religion, in faith, and in politics, and is responsible for a lot of the things that have become known as Glenn Beck.

Not all of them, and please do not kill me Glenn, you have basically said this.

And I agree. Love and women, and a lot of other things, are responsible for saving ones character. They complete us and vice versa and is often the principle reasons why you are fighting for something. You are fighting to protect them and the family. And you are fighting, if you care about them, hoping that they will see the light.

But Molly, not Noah, is by far the strongest character in the book. In almost every single way. She has her problems yes, but so does Noah. And this is important knowing Glenn Beck.

At first, through the first couple of chapters of the book it sounded like something out of one of his shows. Arthur Gardner (Noah’s father) spends a lot of time quoting Carrol Quigley, and exercising his plans.

While I eventually saw the reason for it, most of it was set up for the meat of the book, the climax, the plot, and the conclusion, it did make me more than a little uncomfortable.

You see I think that there is far too much ‘fact’ and not enough ‘fiction’ in this faction book.

True most fiction books is based on reality, you need to do that to have a realistic plot. Even Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Doctor Who, portrays science, history, and human relationships. You have to relate.

But I feel that this would be a lot better as a Science Fiction Novel. To create a totally different Earth or foreign Government and play it out.

You see this book is too connected to our reality. So it will be a turn off to many people ‘not in the fold’, and will not achieve its aim of bringing more people there.

Despite this the book is highly enjoyable, a great read, and…well a thriller. It certainly thrilled me…lol. And I think I would be quite smitten with Molly too.

This book gets high marks in plot, in characterization, in the thriller aspects of it, and its portrayal of real life aspects. It was quite humorous and seemed to have it at the proper times…I was rolling on the floor at the obvious Star Wars reference and the near fiasco.

It is an interesting take with obvious characters and whose who, but the roles and portrayals are interesting.

This is Noah’s story, his conflict with himself whether he is a warrior for Freedom, or the NWO, if he loves Molly or if she is the ultimate bad guy.

This story scores low in dialogue, and word choice (mostly the same problem) he says ‘said’ a lot.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read it. When I get rich, or some income I will probably do the same thing that I want to do with Common Sense and a few other books: Get two Copies that I can lend out to people. But beyond that there is the library, I am sure the internet, and several other means.

If you do not want to contribute to the evil Glenn Beck’s financial empire, chose one of these methods.

It will be well worth it.

But on a personal level and a note the climax of this book and a lot of things that happened to it was shocking to me.

You see, because of this book and what I was watching recently, there are three basic types of outcome with this.

There is the approach where one character submits, is co-opted, is tortured and brainwashed into cooperating and then loses it all. Example is 1984.

Then there is the real approach where one character succumbs, is forced to submit, enslaved, mind controlled, what ever, and that is how his journey ends. But another never backs down and walks away in freedom. Example: Babylon 5.

And then there is the process of one character does not submit, despite insurmountable odds, he submits, does not say no, and still has his freedom and his wits about him.

That is interesting, it is the key. These three types of stories are really, so fascinating and bizarre.

A while back we had ‘1984’ on the TiVo. I could not bring myself to watch it. It is a terrifying book and a terrifying portrayal.

But these three types of stories are what it is all about gang. These three types of stories make all the difference.

It is the story of humanity, the story of history. The triumph, the co-opting, and the slavery of the human spirit.

Again: Enjoy.

Hello all, I decided to hold off on my political run up to the election blogs. You see last month was….heavy dude…and the next two…ish…maybe….if I can get to them all. So the next two months are going to be a bit hectic, and I am sure for other reasons then just my semi professional blogging.

Keeping that in mind there have been, now two blogs, that I wanted to cover, before I got to the grind of the politics, of proper Government principles, and of the run up to the election and just what it means.

Now off to it.

I just recently got through a re-watch of the majority of the Television Show Babylon 5 and once more I marveled at its brilliance, especially since I am not older and can get a lot more of it.

I think Babylon 5 is nearly everything that you are looking for in a television show.

It is the Libertarian/Conservative/ Small Government…well it is a primer.

Not only in the way it deals with the Government, but the way it deals with almost everything.

As an individual.

Constantly showing the good and the bad, of religion, of Government, of people, of our own heroes and our characters, of romances and relationships. And it sent our heroes through many many many many layers of hell.

But it deals with fundamental Principles to things so you can watch it no matter your own beliefs.

But it always showed the two sides to everything.

You can marvel at the strength and the brilliance of the main protagonist, and the tragedy of another character, hoping that he will make it but somehow knowing that he will not.

And it teaches proper lessons of proper principles. In religion, in science, in Government.

Now you may not always agree with the actions of everyone in it…but then again that is life.

Which is ultimately the point.

Babylon 5 is the closest thing to real life of any television show, probably out there, just wrapped up in its own unique and epic way from the opening credits to the action and the drama and the very cool special effects.

But it tells a story of Government, and of powers.

Of being manipulated, controlled, and the human spirit raising up and saying enough is enough. We are free, this is ours to make our own mistakes.

We are free to stumble, and fall, and then to just get right back up again and strive for a better future.

Even though it is not my personal favorite series it is a series that I recommend the most highly to anyone and everyone out there, no matter your politics or your ideology, or your own beliefs.

I promise you it is a wonderful and wild ride.

It will make you whoop for joy, and blabber like a baby. It will make you think, and pause for reflection, or just whack yourself over your head in sudden revelation.

I mean there is really not enough to say about this masterpiece of Science Fiction and the work of JMS, so I will just leave with this message:

Like Glenn Beck I love history, I love to know where we have been and what we have been doing in this life and what works.

And my big thing is my own personal history. I spend a lot of time figuring out why and how I have become a crusader, why and how and what principles has gotten me to where I am.

And I cannot possibly disregard this series in the formation of me.

While I was waiting for Glenn Beck and after I had found Rush Limbaugh there was this show.

This show has helped to form and teach me the right lessons of just how the Government and people tick and work. I had rediscovered a lot of it, and learned others, now because of the context and the times we find ourselves in.

Without this show, there probably would be no Libertarian me, no connection to Beck, no this or that… though I might be a lot more popular.

Though I do not know how JMS would react to this revelation. (Though I suspect the soundtrack from Psycho will be involved.)


Oh yes another blog about heroes and stuff.

Something has been bothering me for the longest time, then I keep on coming back to it.

You see I think what people get hung up on all the time…is well the content of character. And I will not dispute that this is a good thing. To judge someones character.

But it’s not always enough.

You see we are imperfect, we may be generally good, we may be generally bad, but we all have our problems. We all have a bit of good and evil inside of each of us.

And there are moments where we all become who we are not.

Moments when we are stressed, tired, angry, antsy. Moments where we just snap, and sometimes those moments affect us forever.

Moments that we are less than we are, moments that we do something that we do not agree with or whatever.

And we will never agree with everyone one hundred percent or agree with someones character one hundred percent.

Part of this process is what are we striving for, what is the world we are trying to build?

That is a question that is as important, or a part of, determining a person’s character, what its content is.

Because people are often pointing to Regan…or Lincoln…or whoever and saying, well they supported slavery, well they did terrible thing X or broke up the unions or went to war.

I mean I think that is what the founders went through.

They knew that they were not perfect, that the nation had slavery, and…some other social prejudices.

But they created two documents, that with the proper trust in people, that we could strive for, as a people, a better tomorrow. A document where the people could strive to solve their own problems and in their own freedom on their own.

And with their own volition.

Yeah the conversation needs to be had.

But what were they trying to build? Were they trying to build a world with greater liberty and freedom for a greater number of people, or what was going on?

And that is the question that we should be asking for ourselves and our culture.

For what are we trying to strive for? What world are we trying to leave for our kids?

Are we trying for a world of more liberty, or more control? Of a system of more spending or frugality, creativity, and helping each other out, that you do not need to do these things?

Are we building a world of morality, of dignity, of respect, of humanity, or are we building a world of immediate gratification?

What are we striving for in our own lives?

A job?

Or that in addition to all those things that you want to give your children the same liberty that you had?

It will determine the character of ourselves, and ourselves of our nation. What we are striving for, what we are trying to do.

People like Glenn Beck are striving for a more moral, a more faith-based society.

Are we trying to build something for ourselves, or are we just going to wallow in our pity.

If we want to restore the Republic, gang, we are going to have to work at it.