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Hello all, I decided to hold off on my political run up to the election blogs. You see last month was….heavy dude…and the next two…ish…maybe….if I can get to them all. So the next two months are going to be a bit hectic, and I am sure for other reasons then just my semi professional blogging.

Keeping that in mind there have been, now two blogs, that I wanted to cover, before I got to the grind of the politics, of proper Government principles, and of the run up to the election and just what it means.

Now off to it.

I just recently got through a re-watch of the majority of the Television Show Babylon 5 and once more I marveled at its brilliance, especially since I am not older and can get a lot more of it.

I think Babylon 5 is nearly everything that you are looking for in a television show.

It is the Libertarian/Conservative/ Small Government…well it is a primer.

Not only in the way it deals with the Government, but the way it deals with almost everything.

As an individual.

Constantly showing the good and the bad, of religion, of Government, of people, of our own heroes and our characters, of romances and relationships. And it sent our heroes through many many many many layers of hell.

But it deals with fundamental Principles to things so you can watch it no matter your own beliefs.

But it always showed the two sides to everything.

You can marvel at the strength and the brilliance of the main protagonist, and the tragedy of another character, hoping that he will make it but somehow knowing that he will not.

And it teaches proper lessons of proper principles. In religion, in science, in Government.

Now you may not always agree with the actions of everyone in it…but then again that is life.

Which is ultimately the point.

Babylon 5 is the closest thing to real life of any television show, probably out there, just wrapped up in its own unique and epic way from the opening credits to the action and the drama and the very cool special effects.

But it tells a story of Government, and of powers.

Of being manipulated, controlled, and the human spirit raising up and saying enough is enough. We are free, this is ours to make our own mistakes.

We are free to stumble, and fall, and then to just get right back up again and strive for a better future.

Even though it is not my personal favorite series it is a series that I recommend the most highly to anyone and everyone out there, no matter your politics or your ideology, or your own beliefs.

I promise you it is a wonderful and wild ride.

It will make you whoop for joy, and blabber like a baby. It will make you think, and pause for reflection, or just whack yourself over your head in sudden revelation.

I mean there is really not enough to say about this masterpiece of Science Fiction and the work of JMS, so I will just leave with this message:

Like Glenn Beck I love history, I love to know where we have been and what we have been doing in this life and what works.

And my big thing is my own personal history. I spend a lot of time figuring out why and how I have become a crusader, why and how and what principles has gotten me to where I am.

And I cannot possibly disregard this series in the formation of me.

While I was waiting for Glenn Beck and after I had found Rush Limbaugh there was this show.

This show has helped to form and teach me the right lessons of just how the Government and people tick and work. I had rediscovered a lot of it, and learned others, now because of the context and the times we find ourselves in.

Without this show, there probably would be no Libertarian me, no connection to Beck, no this or that… though I might be a lot more popular.

Though I do not know how JMS would react to this revelation. (Though I suspect the soundtrack from Psycho will be involved.)




  1. WOW!! I remember you telling me that this show was important to you…in forming your ideologies but I had no idea to the extent…. 😮 That is awesome…. but a little scary at the same time. You do realize it is just a TV show right? *snort* I mean yeah I’m one to talk….. Everything I learned in life I learned from BSG 😮 … there you go! 😛

    • I know it is….LOL. Bsg :P. And yeah it is, but I do not think it was really…well I mean it was important but a lot of what I was saying in the post was the positives and the good things that she show has brought. And just my general thoughts. But it was important 😛

  2. yeah…..JMS’s show was very prophetic seemed like

    • indeed

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