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Yesterday was 8.28, anyone who does know me and has been talking to me knows about what I have been supporting and why this is important. But this is an important day for two different reasons. Radically different and in some ways strikingly similar.

These two days, these two events are culmination of something. I just do not know in either case what. History will bear out what happened this past 8.28, and I still have to figure out what the culmination of the first one with Martin Luther King is.

Perhaps though we are still striving to live the dream, still striving for the culmination of the dream. Of what is going on now.

Anyways, there are people out there that want to try and take out of context what is going on. What the day is about.

People saying that it is a black only dream, that we are not going to let them take it, that you have Black Panthers spreading…well racist filth about the defense of the dream.

It has occurred to me that we are in the midst of the Second Civil Rights Movement.

You see what I think has happened, especially with the death of Martin Luther King…something I have commented on to great length in the past…. is that something happened to the original Civil Rights movement.

It started off morally, it started of wonderfully. It started off as the greatest thing in American History. A revival.

But along the way they lost their way, so many people lost their way. Not all.

Because I think when someone is beaten for so long, put down, when the entire character of a race, a people, an identity, or a country is just put down for so long, treated as slaves, second class citizens, the scum of the Earth that can never amount to anything.

People become resentful of that.

I mean of course they do and its human nature.

It’s usually what happens in literature, and in real life.

One person comes down with adversity and emerges stronger, a hero, and then another one can turn into a monster that enslaves and murders millions.

But that is what happened here. Now that the radicals have gotten one of their ‘own’ in the White House, it is their time.

It is their time to get what is theirs, their pound of meat, their reparations, their flesh.

That we are owed something for all the pain and the misery that your daddy did to my daddy.

This is their time. They are trying to take power and act out and treat others how they were treated.

To enslave, to commit vile acts of racism…to the point where you have people crying out ‘Uncle Tom’ to anyone that has a differing opinion, and to be bigots, and take power, and go get the pigs.

To enslave the former masters.

That is not the way.

I really wonder sometimes if this is the beginning of the Enlightenment again, but for now and these purposes this is the beginning of the Second Civil Rights Movement. where a White Guy, Glenn Beck, stands up and says.

No hold on, it is about the content of your character, it is about our rights and you do not have the right to do this to me.

That we should turn back to God, that we should have our own opinions, and that we should judge others and treat others how we ought to be treated.

But this is not a White idea. This providence does not belong to Whites, or Blacks, or Asians, or Jews.

It belongs to all of us, as Americans, and as Humans.

That we all have the same rights and that we all have the need to be judged by who we are, not what party we belong to, our educational status, dollar value, or anything else.

But that we are the same, and different, based on the individual.

And we deserve to be treated as such.

Not for the sins of our fathers, or others in our group.

We deserve the same dream you are fighting for, because…

It is the American Dream.


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