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Oh yes another blog about heroes and stuff.

Something has been bothering me for the longest time, then I keep on coming back to it.

You see I think what people get hung up on all the time…is well the content of character. And I will not dispute that this is a good thing. To judge someones character.

But it’s not always enough.

You see we are imperfect, we may be generally good, we may be generally bad, but we all have our problems. We all have a bit of good and evil inside of each of us.

And there are moments where we all become who we are not.

Moments when we are stressed, tired, angry, antsy. Moments where we just snap, and sometimes those moments affect us forever.

Moments that we are less than we are, moments that we do something that we do not agree with or whatever.

And we will never agree with everyone one hundred percent or agree with someones character one hundred percent.

Part of this process is what are we striving for, what is the world we are trying to build?

That is a question that is as important, or a part of, determining a person’s character, what its content is.

Because people are often pointing to Regan…or Lincoln…or whoever and saying, well they supported slavery, well they did terrible thing X or broke up the unions or went to war.

I mean I think that is what the founders went through.

They knew that they were not perfect, that the nation had slavery, and…some other social prejudices.

But they created two documents, that with the proper trust in people, that we could strive for, as a people, a better tomorrow. A document where the people could strive to solve their own problems and in their own freedom on their own.

And with their own volition.

Yeah the conversation needs to be had.

But what were they trying to build? Were they trying to build a world with greater liberty and freedom for a greater number of people, or what was going on?

And that is the question that we should be asking for ourselves and our culture.

For what are we trying to strive for? What world are we trying to leave for our kids?

Are we trying for a world of more liberty, or more control? Of a system of more spending or frugality, creativity, and helping each other out, that you do not need to do these things?

Are we building a world of morality, of dignity, of respect, of humanity, or are we building a world of immediate gratification?

What are we striving for in our own lives?

A job?

Or that in addition to all those things that you want to give your children the same liberty that you had?

It will determine the character of ourselves, and ourselves of our nation. What we are striving for, what we are trying to do.

People like Glenn Beck are striving for a more moral, a more faith-based society.

Are we trying to build something for ourselves, or are we just going to wallow in our pity.

If we want to restore the Republic, gang, we are going to have to work at it.


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  1. sweet….:-)

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