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A while back I did a blog in which I tried to explain the concept that is popularly known as the Overton Window.

This is about when I started reading the book.

I just finished it and should read it again.

It was…quite the mind blowing book. Quite a terrifying book that makes your head hurt, and if you know 1984 grab your sheets and want to hide under them.

It is a story of two main Characters, Molly Ross and Noah Gardner, who basically get together and battle the evils of the current administration and a plot, hundreds of years in the making…but not executed or done by the people you would think.

Knowing Beck (since I have had the Insider/Insider Extreme since December, and since I have watched most of his shows since he came to Fox, I know where he is coming from. Or try to.) as I do the most striking character in the book is the character of Molly Ross.

Molly is a very strong…but very independent and…um…unpredictable Female Character. I am trying to not give too much away in this blog, (the point really), but she is…awesome. Despite some of the things she does in the book.

In fact she is responsible for saving, enlightening, and bringing about Noah’s growth and change is a character. Oftentimes having to beat him into it and drag him into it, quite literally, but is a strong character who despite what she does, is still able to get through to Noah.

I think there is an important message here. One of Love, one that I can relate to.

You see Beck often talks about how his wife helped to save him and bring about the change in religion, in faith, and in politics, and is responsible for a lot of the things that have become known as Glenn Beck.

Not all of them, and please do not kill me Glenn, you have basically said this.

And I agree. Love and women, and a lot of other things, are responsible for saving ones character. They complete us and vice versa and is often the principle reasons why you are fighting for something. You are fighting to protect them and the family. And you are fighting, if you care about them, hoping that they will see the light.

But Molly, not Noah, is by far the strongest character in the book. In almost every single way. She has her problems yes, but so does Noah. And this is important knowing Glenn Beck.

At first, through the first couple of chapters of the book it sounded like something out of one of his shows. Arthur Gardner (Noah’s father) spends a lot of time quoting Carrol Quigley, and exercising his plans.

While I eventually saw the reason for it, most of it was set up for the meat of the book, the climax, the plot, and the conclusion, it did make me more than a little uncomfortable.

You see I think that there is far too much ‘fact’ and not enough ‘fiction’ in this faction book.

True most fiction books is based on reality, you need to do that to have a realistic plot. Even Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Doctor Who, portrays science, history, and human relationships. You have to relate.

But I feel that this would be a lot better as a Science Fiction Novel. To create a totally different Earth or foreign Government and play it out.

You see this book is too connected to our reality. So it will be a turn off to many people ‘not in the fold’, and will not achieve its aim of bringing more people there.

Despite this the book is highly enjoyable, a great read, and…well a thriller. It certainly thrilled me…lol. And I think I would be quite smitten with Molly too.

This book gets high marks in plot, in characterization, in the thriller aspects of it, and its portrayal of real life aspects. It was quite humorous and seemed to have it at the proper times…I was rolling on the floor at the obvious Star Wars reference and the near fiasco.

It is an interesting take with obvious characters and whose who, but the roles and portrayals are interesting.

This is Noah’s story, his conflict with himself whether he is a warrior for Freedom, or the NWO, if he loves Molly or if she is the ultimate bad guy.

This story scores low in dialogue, and word choice (mostly the same problem) he says ‘said’ a lot.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read it. When I get rich, or some income I will probably do the same thing that I want to do with Common Sense and a few other books: Get two Copies that I can lend out to people. But beyond that there is the library, I am sure the internet, and several other means.

If you do not want to contribute to the evil Glenn Beck’s financial empire, chose one of these methods.

It will be well worth it.

But on a personal level and a note the climax of this book and a lot of things that happened to it was shocking to me.

You see, because of this book and what I was watching recently, there are three basic types of outcome with this.

There is the approach where one character submits, is co-opted, is tortured and brainwashed into cooperating and then loses it all. Example is 1984.

Then there is the real approach where one character succumbs, is forced to submit, enslaved, mind controlled, what ever, and that is how his journey ends. But another never backs down and walks away in freedom. Example: Babylon 5.

And then there is the process of one character does not submit, despite insurmountable odds, he submits, does not say no, and still has his freedom and his wits about him.

That is interesting, it is the key. These three types of stories are really, so fascinating and bizarre.

A while back we had ‘1984’ on the TiVo. I could not bring myself to watch it. It is a terrifying book and a terrifying portrayal.

But these three types of stories are what it is all about gang. These three types of stories make all the difference.

It is the story of humanity, the story of history. The triumph, the co-opting, and the slavery of the human spirit.

Again: Enjoy.


  1. Glad you enjoyed it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I need to listen to the audio CD’s ….some day ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Like.

  2. Like what? And man that was fast ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  3. sounds like an interesting book….:-)

    • …. it is ๐Ÿ˜‰

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