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I have heard that the Arizona tea party is considering voting for the Democrat over the Republican in the upcoming election. That they’re peeved that the big Progressive Repub John McCain won the primary.

Now I sympathise (I already wasted my vote once I do not think I shall be doing so again.) but I think that there is a different option.

Do not rush head first into the two party manifold. There are others out there.

One of them is David Nolan who is running under the Libertarian banner.

A small Government advocate, inventor of the Nolan Chart, chairman of the Libertarian party, and an advocate for small Government.

While I need to follow my own advice and look at him (and Glassman) closer right now he is the better candidate.

At least give him a look before giving the Democrats, or anyone else that much power.

David Nolan might not be perfect (who is) but you are more likely to get a smaller Government out of it then with either of the two other candidates.

Because if we really are a small Government, independently minded, and if we are to pride our selves on thinking about things and being the wave of the future then we must consider all of our options before we make our decision.

That is all I can say. Give Nolan a chance, I am not sure how many people know of him or know that he is running. I have talked about him before and his comments on Libertarianism was the final pitching point for me.

Let us work to elect people who will be striving to limit Government and get it off our backs wherever possible.

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  1. correct as per usual….:-)

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