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In what is, now that I realize is sort of bridge blog, I am going to talk about how I think we should be saving America.

8-28 was nearly a week ago, and Glenn Beck revealed how he believes we can get back to our principles. Restoring Honor and Saving the Republic, and Honoring people in the process.

I agree with that.

But I want to add my voice to the fray.

So without further ado, here is the way that I think we can save America:

To restore America is to Restore the Individual:

To restore the individual is to restore,






To restore the individual is to restore America.

America needs the individuals, we are a nationality and a culture of individuals doing extreme and great things to succeed and better their lives, and the lives of our countrymen.

To restore the individual we need to restore those things.

Love: To restore the Individual we need to love each other. We are not fighting a war, we are not up against an enemy, we are not working to destroy things, but we are working to preserve, protect and build upon our foundations. We must again look to other people and no matter who they are to agree with them, be friends with them, or to politely disagree with them with love.

We need to help each other to love our fellow-man and through our individual volition, help them.

Honor: We must restore our word, our honor, in all things we do.

Whether it is in business or in politics or friends coming to try to agree with friends. We must be people of our word.

And we must pledge each other ourselves to help each other and fight with one another for our principles, we must be honorable and hold the line with one another.

Faith: That to make no judgment on people’s honestly held beliefs, outside of pure debate and disagreeing, we must restore our search for God.

To strive to find God again and have a conversation with Him and to seek Him out and His blessing and His help.

That some people form religions to find out about the divine. Some people do it by themselves, we will not begrudge any man, but we must join with one another and as a people wonder at things above our philosophies.

Hope: That we need to restore the honesty, the truth, and honest questioning and reasonable debate with each other.

That no matter how bad things get if we know how bad things get we can know what is required to fix it. We know where to start, what direction to do in, and what to strive for.

Because if the hope is false, then we do not know what to Hope for and what to bring about through Faith and our own volition.

Charity: We must be good to one another. We must learn to help out one another, and to be good with one another.

That if we see someone in trouble that we can help them out. Or if we can find someone else, refer them, to the proper people, the churches, the centers, that can help them.

To restore the individual is to restore America:

That is the key, one of them, that makes America so different.

That we need to restore ourselves and our freedom if we are to get it, or expect it.

We cannot just be given freedom and expect everything to be hunky dory.

We must be the people we were. We must restore ourselves if we want to restore American Principles and reach for a better future.


  1. Great Blog šŸ˜‰ One of the best I’ve read in a while šŸ˜€ And I agree wholeheartedly! šŸ™‚

    • wow my dad said the same thing. šŸ˜›

      Thanks for being so aggreable šŸ˜‰

  2. nice…:-)

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