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It be interesting the coincudinks of the universe sometimes. On the night I mention this, Beck ruins this with something. But I still think the point needs to be made.

I do not know if anyone has ever noticed (maybe it is just insane me) but the Elections are gradually getting more and more important since 2004. The stakes are getting higher and higher and the consequences are getting much greater from year to year and election to election.

But I think, well as for me, we need to divorce ourselves from the system, and our expectations. And I have been doing this myself lately in leading up to the blog, though not because of the blog.

Elections are just stop gaps now, that is all, that is it.

Sure the best we can hope for is we will elect a super hyper majority of doom and rejuvenation and can say hallalleu of Republicans and Libertarians and heal the nation and than we can go back to real concerns like sex, sports, and food.

But that just ain’t realistic gang.

What is the most realistic outcome is this will buy us time.

Because we can always count on the Republicans, various Republicans…must plug that now…, to just continue to grow the Government and to ruin our lives.

But for whatever reason, this is the hope, that the Republicans are still for much smaller Government then your ‘typical’ Democrat. And they grow it much more slowly then that of the Democrats.

So again this is to partially buy us time.

Because some of them will be for big Government, and some of the people we have coming in will be enthralled and mind controlled by the power elite.

The John McCain’s and Trent Lott types of the world.

Yes my friends…you are getting very sleepy.

What we need though is time.

I mean have you noticed Obama? We must get Health Care done, now, we must get our taxes in, now, we need immigration reform, now, we must fundamentally transform America…tomorrow.

Because he knows he is on the clock. Part of this is because he does not trust the Republicans, even though many of them will be for the same things he is for, and the same things just different and in their own unique way.

And no, I am sorry, I do not see a mass swelling of Libertarians instantly healing the sick and wounded and rising the body politic of this nation out of the grave.

So, what we need is time.

Whether it is a Libertarian, whether it is a Republican, whether it is an Independent or a Conservative, or even a “true” Democrat, not the progressives who have hijacked that party, we need time. And yes there really are progressives in all parties but not in as great a number.

Time to heal the nations own wounds ourselves and reform ourselves and our nation back to the way it should be.

Elections are not the key.

We are.

From the ground up.

In time elections will follow, in time elections will come, in time elections will again be effective and meaningful…I mean they are now.

But in time our Government will follow because our culture will follow.

And then we will not need this Big Government to do these things.

Remember, we get the Government we deserve.


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  1. nice…:-)

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