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The American Elections are rapidly approaching and I think that I need to start off with this blog principally before all the others.

True I have already done my thoughts on how to go about saving America before we can go on, and in relation to a lot of the blogs during this election cycle this one point must be made.

You cannot be Given Freedom.

You see perhaps the fundamental issue of this next election is you will have both political parties say that they know how to give you freedom. That they know what is best for you, what programs you need, and how to take care of you and give you the freedoms or need.

Its where the Second Bill of Rights, the Right to Health Insurance, the Right to Vacation and High Speed internet comes from.

Or even, heaven forbid, you will have one party and groups in a party saying that they know that no Government or a lot less Government is the key to giving you Freedom.

And they would be right.

But I was having a conversation with someone on the internet on this issue, well not really.

And he said that when the Swedish Government tried to privatize utilities of that nature, the price sky rocketed.

I had no good answer for this, and I am still not sure I do.

But nevertheless I put my thinking cap on and I puzzled the puzzle that was before me.

And the answer I came up with?

You cannot be given freedom. Especially by the Government, the entity that just took it away in the first place.

At best what Governments and politicians, and other people for that matter, can give you is temporary safety. To prop you up just a little bit and give you something.

They can give you the fish to eat but you still do not have the ability to get more fish.

And besides it does really nothing to solve the problem. Suddenly cutting the Government out of our lives will do nothing to solve the problems we face.

As another person in another debate on the internet said, it is about culture.

In many respects, not all, we have a cultural problem.

We have a tendency to rely on and go to the Government for many many aspects of our culture.

From Health Care, to Gay Marriage, to even Police and Education.

What is right and what is wrong.

And in many cases we have corruption and people who are willing to use any situation to their advantage and has latched themselves onto the Government and have received power and control.

This is what happened in Sweden. Once you removed the controls these people were free to do whatever they wanted. And the prices rose.

So you cannot be Given Freedom. No Force in the Universe can do that.

Only you can.

We must restore the individual, we must be the better people and solve our own problems as often as we can.

Because if we expect to have freedom it must be done by us, morally, in our own way and in our own contributions.

And ultimately we can cut out the evil and the corruption in our society, or at least a lot of it.

By standing together, and coming against that evil, not spending money for that evil, or by teaching proper principles.

So when a party says that they can give you freedom, turn the other cheek, and run.


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  1. I concur…:-)

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