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Its interesting give some of the ‘coincidences’ that happen in day-to-day life that seemingly just prop up when they should not but you have no control or relation to them. It’s also interesting when you insist on broaching this topic than though I have been doing a lot of blogging of the insistence of the individual.

Never the less a case can be made.

I suppose I should make it clear right now for anyone of concern that may think I have lost my mind that it is still about the individual and the individual candidate running for small Government solutions.

No matter the party.

But it occurs to me that, again, we are living in pretty unique and historic times. Time that maybe, just maybe…this time, we can have a small Government revolution in one of the major political parties.

Now it is still about us and fixing our mess, especially if the Government goes away, but we are faced with an opportunity.

A historic opportunity we need now to work political change in one of the two major political parties in this country. This time the Republicans.

And if the roles were reversed, then in theory this could apply just as well to the Dems.

But right now the Republicans, if we want to do it in our current political system, almost have to be that agent of change. Republican and especially the candidates backed by the Tea Party.

And there are indications that groups in this country and people are moving in this direction.

This past week an ad for ‘Mourning in America’ has been released. And the GOP has released their pledge with America. Though I do not know if the people involved with the ad has anything to do with the GOP or not.

Now while it will remain to be seen if a majority of the members of the Republican Party will keep their words, or will have the political opportunity to do so, it is a good start.

From what I have heard and read and seen it is a good start. I have to digest it more in detail later, but its a good…start. Not agreeing with all of it, but it be good.

Now this is not to say that you cannot vote for a Libertarian or other Small Government candidate, in fact you should.

But we are presented with a unique opportunity that only comes up once a decade, but given the critical issues facing our country this just might be the right time and the most unusual of all.

A situation that has not existed since 1993, or 1979, or 1919, or maybe even in the formation of the Republican party in the first place.

A situation that is Reganesque, I know that may be unpopular with some of my fellow Libertarians but I am still a believer.

A situation where we can elect, put into, and encourage people who are, of a small Government Liberty and Freedom minded to go do the right thing.

Again to hopefully give us wiggle room as we address the problems of the nation.


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