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Just recently. (In the last week or so) I had a tiny conversation with an online acquaintance of mine over the issues of America and just Government in general.

It rekindled an idea I had, for this blog and just in general, months ago, and since its election time it seems to be a good thing to bring this up. And in this election season when we are having to chose between our Constitution and a Big Government idea, it is important to know what we are for.

America is an experiment, it’s an idea, rarely done to such extremes in human history.

The idea is that men can govern themselves.

It is successful for this very reason because no man, and no power, can determine what you are supposed to do. In basic you are free to attend to yourself and to follow your own passions.

It’s the idea that no matter what, no matter how good or evil a man or a woman is that we can still get together and solve our problems and we have laws to punish those that will take the freedom and the livelihood of others.

Occasionally we mess up, but we can get out of our own mess and solve our own problems or occasionally, if we have to, ask for help.

It occurred to me long ago, when thinking about interstellar governance or a global government how best to go about it. How exactly do you achieve a just and lasting Government across the entire world that will not turn into Napoleon’s playground, Hitler’s Laboratory, or something that is Demonic?

Well I have no good answers all I have are good theories.

It has become clear to me that perhaps the greatest gift of the American Republic is one of a…Tolerance of Government.

In theory the land area that a State like ours is infinite, the population limitless, and the number of different various cultures and religions here numerous.

And it is for this reason that America can often become a cesspool of the lesser human actions, because different cultures, religions, groups, and individual’s do not always live up to the ideals in our Government.

But that is a subject, for a blog, that I have probably covered. ;).

But the reasons for this are that the American Republic is an idea of self Government.

That we can incorporate the best of your culture and make it part of the whole. As long as you are willing to follow our few simple and common sense laws.

That religions can have their own doctrines, whatever they may be, use whatever drugs for whatever experience that they want.

That we can conduct our own affairs, in our own way.

And that whatever Government we do have and must have can be the most local so it will be easy to exert control, and easy to go over there and protest when those controls become unbearable.

That, in theory, the people of Texas and the State, and city, Governments know what is best for their own people and their own cultures that live in their boarders.

That way people can grow and learn.

We may all have our opinions and our own ideals but we can get to it and gather in our own way.

That we make our own decisions. Not the Government, and the Government does not provide a system that will violate some cultural imperative of some religion.

That is why Socialist Countries and Countries with the bigger and more centralized Government effect the smallest amount of territory, have the weakest economic output, and a population that is not diverse nor numerically strong.

Though granted there are exceptions and specifics and this, much like America itself, is still evolving. But I submit how easy is it to Govern a billion people effectively? Look at the nations who are actually trying this.

This is why the Republic and our ideals for our people, for our Liberties, for our freedom.


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