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Wow it has been a while since O’Donnell has won the primary and she roused the establishment out of their sleep and into a war of epic.

Well I guess this is the Blog of the week.

O’Donnell, she is the latest interesting political candidate that has come out of what has been a very long and….interesting…political election season. As she has come out of nowhere only days before the election and I go, oh ok, so who are you?

Candidates like Scott Brown (no I have not forgotten you), or Rand Paul, candidates galore.

Over the course of the last week though, mostly in the days immediately after the election, several important lessons and thoughts banged around in my head just waiting for a regurgitation onto a page.

You see I like her. Out of the things that I have heard, and read on her, I like her. She does seem to be a good candidate for her state and right now, if the election were today, I would vote for her.

And perhaps the principle lesson here is that the tea party is trying to do some good and is uprooting Establishment Republicans and putting in smaller Government people. Eight to date.

Despite this though she has done a few things that has caused me concern.

Now this is based on things that I have heard and read and listened to on her and about her, so I am not a personal expert on her or her character.

My two main concerns have to do with her actions, and the reaction to her candidacy by certain people.

Apparently in the past she has gone several years without paying her taxes, and she has called herself a college graduate over several years of not actually being a graduate because she did not complete all of her classes and she had outstanding debts.


You see even though I do not know of her personal life story and how these events unfolded they still leave me concerned.

The principle reason for this is has she learned? Has she grown and is she now following the law?

Because we, as a movement, complain when any Big Government progressive fails to pay their taxes or even has any debts, we make fun of them.

And rightfully so. Even though the law is ridiculous, moronic and evil, it is still the law.

So again has she learned? Has she grown? Has she moved past this?

And this question needs to…needs to…be asked of any other Republican right now.

Republicans like JD Hayworth, Sarah Palin, or John Boehner. If they have supported big Government Big Money, Big Spending programs like TARP, Cap and Trade, and No Child Left Behind and expanding Government control of health care.

And heck this can go for Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, and John McCain.

Have they learned? Are they now willing to follow the Constitution and some semblance of the Will of the People? Are they willing to be for small Government, and for Liberty?

The other thing that has occurred to me is that we cannot get into a battle of the ‘Establishment’ versus the Small Government / Libertarian/ Tea Party/ Freedom Lover, ethos. We cannot allow ourselves to be drawn into this paradigm.

True this is where the battle is, but we cannot allow ourselves to be drawn into pure groups.

Here we are trying to break ourselves away from the Democrat and the Republican paradigm and we are so hell-bent into replacing it with this?

What I mean is that we cannot take everything that an ‘establishment’ person says as Gospel and we cannot go to any Tea Party Candidate can do no wrong.

Clearly they can, they both can.

You see Karl Rove, I think he is wrong about several of the things he has said. He was very unfair to O’Donnell and was mostly an idiot, which takes away from his little credibility.

But he did bring up several good points. He has concerns and he has opinions of her candidacy.

I do not think that any of this is crippling, but it is still something that concerns him.

And yet he is the devil for coming out against her. And she? While she can do no wrong and there is apparently absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

We cannot be drawn into this, no one is above scrutiny. This is my advice and my warning.

In this issue and with her candidacy we have to deal with them as individuals. Deal with her, not that she is a Tea Party member, or a Republican, but deal with her. What she has done, and what she will try to do.

And deal with Karl Rove and his issues and positions.

True he is a part of the ‘Establishment’ and was a key member of a very Progressive administration.

But we have to deal with him individually.

Disagree with him, agree with him. But we need this is what we need to do.

On a final note bits on her religion have come up where she will be unelectable because of her theology.

That she is against masturbation and created a group that tried to spread that specific message.

The key issue for me,and any Libertarian…where I think a lot of Libertarians get stuck when people strongly talk about social issues and have strong opinions on them…but the key is what will you do about it.

She said though, that she will follow the Constitution as her guiding star for her positions. That she will follow it rather than her own personal opinions.


Now at first I was like…yeah yeah, that’s not much…all politicians say that, right before twisting the knife.

But then I thought: No they don’t.

We have politicians that mock it, laugh at it, say it does not guide their decisions.

Did you know that Constitution day was last week? I did…but even then I did not ‘celebrate’ I did not do anything. And I did not see one single major conversation about the Constitution or the Founders outside of perhaps Facebook.

Here we are, in a day and age when we hardly talk about the Constitution. Not pillow talk, not between teenagers at lunch counters, we barely think about it. Here she is using it in determining political positions. Or at least she will say so.



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