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Recently a minor political shake up has been caused when a Federal Judge ruled the policy of the Military preventing Gays from serving openly, called Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, unconstitutional.

Normally I do not think this would interest me, and in coming up with notes for this blog and thinking about it, I find it hard to concentrate. Normally I would hardly care and find this question to be something that is irrelevant, and a sub issue to a lot of what is facing the country today.

But because of debates and conversations about this, and gay issues in general, and since most of the people I know seem to be talking about it, and since it is a big issue in an election that is coming up.

So I must weigh in on this very complex topic.

The whole debate seems to be centered on whether or not denying the issue of gays to serve openly in the Military violates the Equal Protections part of the fourteenth amendment, by supposedly limiting gays in their ability to serve.

I do not buy this. And I look at it from an issue of Hetero couples and gay couples alike. I look at the two of them exactly the same.

Sex is special, but it is a deeply personal thing. How you do it, where you do it, with whom you do it, and if you chose to celebrate your bond in any religious ceremony.

But the main issue here, it is private. And it truly does not affect your ability to serve this country, or die for this country, or shoot weapons. And it should be none of the Government’s business.

Whether you are gay non gay or anything else.

And it only becomes a problem if you turn it into one, if you flaunt your sexuality, or if you act inappropriate. And this is the same for hetero couples as it is for homosexuals.

If you disrupt a unit’s cohesion with your activities, you will be punished.

And there are strict rules governing how military couples can be couples, and what kinds of relationships they can pursue and if they can pursue them in the first place. Severe punishment follows anyone who fails to meet these obligations.

And meanwhile everyone in a unit will probably know what your sexuality is, but again the problem is, if it becomes a problem.

So in essence Hetero couples and gay couples are pretty much equal in the eyes of the military. There for, it is not unconstitutional.

This is not to say however that the bill does not need to be reformed and smoothed over through the legislative process, through the Congress of the United States taking proper action to regulate the military.

I have heard stories of military members being thrown out of the military when it was ‘accidentally’ discovered they were gay, or when someone viewed them doing homosexual acts through their bedroom window.

First of all I think I would bring the guy who was spying on the others on the same charges because that is just plain weird…though maybe its just me.

Though the validity of some of these stories have been challenged by people I have talked to that has said that those stories are false and the gays can still serve…they can.

But regardless whether it is a flaw in the bill or the over exuberance of a Military commander that went too far in persecuting these people, these questions must be answered.

And not in this way. My main fear is that you will have a ‘baby being thrown out with the bath water’ situation, and any motion for any court to declare it unconstitutional will just remove the problem without giving us a chance to make it better. That the whole thing will be thrown out and torn apart and it leaves us no opportunity to build on the good parts.

There is a balance that can be struck here. What this balance is, how you can allow homosexuals to serve in the military, without it being a qualification for service, and how homosexuals will be removed from the military is something that needs to be discussed and come to a conclusion.

I have no idea what this balance is, this is an issue that needs to be determined in the Congress.

To create a simple, clear, concise, but iron tight, set of guidelines that will govern Homosexuals in the military, as it does with their hetero counterparts.

The final issue though is that people have compared it to the integration of black and whites. This is an infuriating comparison that should never be made.

Sexuality is something that can be hidden. That can have no effect on your military service, and you can control, and chose how you act it out.

Skin Color, race, and gender cannot be. These things are impossible to hide and impossible to be put away.

It is apart of you, a thing that you cannot easily chose or make different and it is out there for all the world to see.

Now for those that are using similar reasoning and logic to prevent gays from serving, openly or otherwise, that is similar to the people who were arguing against integrating the military.

These arguments may be wrong, and over the top and irrational generalizations.

But that does not mean there aren’t just as strong arguments, and logical, arguments for keeping Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, or at least parts of it, in place.

And for that one is lumped in with the rest of the gay bashers, homophobes, and bigots…oh my!!!.



  1. DADT is precisely what kept hetero and homo couples equal in the eyes of the military by preventing the government from asking about sexual orientation… you said….it is nobody’s business but your own what your sex life is

  2. and some of those gays may not have been thrown out because of their orientation but their relationship was most likely disrupting unit cohesion….that’s what the frat regs are designed to defend against…..or at least they’re there to minimize damage to unit cohesion

  3. Yeah you are so right. The more you make it a “problem” the more it will become one. Just leave sleeping dogs lie is my position in it. Why does it have to be such a big deal? You don’t ask of sexual orientation period….so all people come in on equal footing in that regard. I do not get how this is unconstitutional? I think the more the government requires for you to tell them is actually more invasive. So yeah…. it is sort of a backward logic and one that I think needs to just be left alone.

    Oh and BTW….I would argue that you CAN indeed hide gender. Scary but true…many people have done this successfully đŸ˜®

    • Yeah I would not want my sexual orientation to be blasted all over the official Military beurocracy.

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