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Something has occurred to me that is something that is a bit amusing.

You know there is something rotten in Denmark when your friends are acting like the people who you would call an enemy.

I suppose the real reason for the blog is to warn people, all people. Its to warn the Republicans to not have a short memory and look at people, and its to warn Democrats and say, look at Obama, he is doing the exact same things you used to roast Bush on a spit for!

This idea goes into Obama is creating more Libertarians than anything. Is creating more people who look at the situation and knows there is something that is deeply wrong.

That his actions are causing people to run from his party, and its causing people in the Republican Party, former anyways, to look at and say, wait a second…wasn’t this what George Bush did? Isn’t this what the last Government did?

That’s not to say they both did everything exactly similar, and the political arena is a very complicated and far-reaching one.

But what this is saying is look at the record. Look at what they have done over the last ten years alone.

Both Parties have increased health care, and entitlements, both parties have increased the size of Government and Government spending, both parties have fought two separate wars…but at the same time not really, wasting American time, effort, lives, and money, both parties have bailed out Big Business and redistributed the wealth.

Both parties have failed to address the various crisis that was gathering in our financial systems and failed to take proper action in preparing the American people or fixing it. Both Parties have failed to enact proper welfare, health-care, Social Security, and other much-needed reforms in our country. Both parties have failed to grow freedom. And Both parties constantly blame the other party for the problem while promising to ride in and save us all.

I was having a conversation with one of my Facebook friends, a friend that has an important pulse on the Libertarian movement, even though I am one he provides a much different perspective. But the debate was about how Democrats should look at Obama and flee.

My basic point was that they wouldn’t, because they would just say, well we were wrong about Obama, he does not match us, or is not as strong, or what have you.

Then I had a debate on Youtube…first youtube debate that I believe I have mentioned.. with someone and I laid out the actions that Obama does that have just continued from where the Bush administration left off.

Oh you are crazy what are you talking about, after all its the big business Republicans and they are giving money to the rich and stuff… which is in some ways a lot of hooey.

But why should this be?

Why aren’t people running from Obama screaming in absolute panic. Both parties have done pretty much the same thing. Variations on the theme, sometimes they have done good.

But it’s still been a glacial like movement growing Government.

In the upcoming elections we have to look at these people, skeptically. Sure they might prove to be good in the end or start moving us the other way.

But we must make a stand on principle and learn to look at these people as individuals and separate ourselves if they no longer match our ethics.

We must not be swept up in being against the other guy, but being for something, for building a freer, better America where the individuals can do their thing for the future.



  1. yeah….Republicans need to return to the ideal in the party platform of smaller government….then they might get more respect…..but if all the Republicans ever to is make compromises with the Democrats…..i.e, be wishy-washy…..they aren’t gonna get any respect at all….you don’t get respect by being wishy-washy

  2. well you can’t downsize Gov’t overnight that is for sure. And I will admit Bush had his issues and did alot of bad things for the country…however, I don’t fault him for the war. I mean we had to do something we had to strike back after so many Americans were killed on American soil on 9/11. If we had done nothing….don’t you think American’s would have moaned and complained that Bush was weak and didn’t have the backbone to go after the terrorists? And yeah now that it is all over it’s easy to look back and criticize his decisions in the war but really would you want to go in and decimate Iraq and just then pack up and leave? No!! And wasn’t that the very criticism that Nixon got when he pulled out of the Viet Nam war and just left without properly cleaning up….mines still being discovered years later by innocents being blown up. 😮 So yeah you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. So we stay and help Iraq to rebuild…and then all of a sudden we are in this war too long and it is costing too much. Well you know sometimes it is costly to do the right thing. I just don’t know that we could in good conscience wipe them out and then leave. Ok so maybe I got on a tangent with this. But I feel this is one of the dark clouds over Bush’s head…that war. So I think now Obama is getting poked or baited into another war. With these Al Queda mail bombs….and they even come out and say they will continue their attempts at this. So what are we going to do about this? I mean this is an act of war IMO. And we just sit and hope and pray that our security measures we have in place will catch each and every one that comes over on these planes?? Really? I mean the problem is war has been a huge part of the drain on our economy. And there is one thing to just go over and meddle in the affairs of other countries…but it is another to do something to ensure the protection and safety of your citizens. I fear that Obama doesn’t have the backbone to do the right thing in this. Either way….it takes time to turn around a nation….to downsize government to pull out of a war properly. I think sometimes we as a people and as a nation just get too impatient and unrealistic when someone gets in power and we think they can somehow wave their magic wand and make it all better over night. Well so I think as a nation the first thing we need to do is establish a long term plan that will extend beyond any ONE administration…cuz it is obvious that any plan that is to succeed it will have to be one that will take us far into the future…it will not happen over night or even in 2 or 4 years. Not that any one party can tackle in their short term. This is where we need to get back to our Father and lay it at his feet and have Him guide us and give us ideas of a long term strategy and solution cuz only he can see into the future…we need to rely and trust in that. And forge ahead and stop finger pointing towards a President or a party or a bill or what have you. We need to start taking responsibility as a people and just do it and it will not be pretty …it will hurt but we need to stay on the road…the road to recovery….which is a long road indeed.

    • I agree.

      One the main point is that, as far as the war is concerned, is that its a point for Democrats. Bush was the Devil for engaging in these evil wars but Obama has done little, to nothing, to actually stop the wars and are continuing them in his own way.

      And I think….well as far as I am concerned… that I would be willing to stick out a war till the bitter ed, until we win or lose, or something, as long as we are willing to win it. Bush has shown a remarkable inabillity to want to ‘win’ the war and Obama’s record has been deplorable. After all it took us many many years of fighting to get the right people into the area and make progress and for a while it was a give and take, I mean one of this is the mind set of our army and our tactics and strategy…. but still. 😉

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