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Running up to the election Barrack Obama and the Democrats have resurrected the car in the ditch metaphor.

Basically saying that the US is a car, we dropped it into a ditch…well the last administration…and now the Republicans, slurping slushees and just sitting by the side of the road and not being constructive…are now wanting the keys back.

I first heard this metaphor late night on the Michael Savage program…months and months and months and months back. And months.

And that was it, I meant to do a blog about it…but did not obviously for whatever reason. Basically I thought it was absurd and I do not know my points on it.

So that leaves me here attempting to put it back together and make a blog out of it.

I have decided to make this a funny blog since this is near the end of the election season. Make it funny, probably fail, but light-hearted.

I see the whole metaphor as just being a whole mess. Everyone running around the car trying to solve the mess.

You have people who are pushing it, no driving it, into the ditch, you have people trying to pull it or push it out of the ditch…arguing over it. You have a group of people off to the side arguing about inventing a pulley system trying to get the car out of the ditch, but cannot decide on anything, not to mention the group that sees the car nose down in the ditch, and thinks the only way out is to dig a big hole under the front of the car.

You have people who are saying to not read the bill…oops I mean the emergency release car escape instruction manual. And you have people trying to write a new one. Then there are the people who are removing parts from the car and are trying to sell it off for scrap.

Then you have people who are off to the side, saying the ship of state has failed and we need to completely redo the system and abandon the car and find a new car.

Which all this does is create a mess, a noise of communication. Because we are all in the ditch, we are all in the ditch trying to figure out what to do.

But there is just too much confusion.

And we are all in the ditch, the only one that are not are the people who do not think the car was good in the first place and we need a new car!

It’s a mess in other words.

Meh probably not that funny…epic fail in fact.

Happy Halloween everyone, happy election day…. may the Force Be With You.



  1. yeah everything’s a mess alright

  2. 😀 I think it’s funny…cuz it’s true. It actually reminded me of the time I got my van stuck in my friends nice…pretty flower patch that she had so strategically planted right beside her driveway with a huge boulder there…. a rock that was the size of one of those giant turtles. Anyway… I got my wheels stuck in the mud between the rock and the curb…gave new meaning to the saying…stuck between a rock and a hard place. Well the more I gave it gas the more stuck I got…the wheels were just spinning deeper and deeper. I tried going forward and backward….rocking it….to no avail. The van was stuck period! Then my friends hubby got a huge board and we tried to run the wheels up on the board…well that was epic fail as well. The board couldn’t get up under the wheels…there was just no traction. Well I had a call into AAA to come tow me out…..when a bunch of strong neighbor men rallied together and they pulled the huge boulder out of the way. It took like 4 men to do this…..well they got the rock out of the way so I could simply back out of the mess I was in. It worked!! So I promptly called AAA back and told them….to forget it we had solved the problem. This goes to show you that when people come together for good to solve a problem….they can usually succeed. But it takes hard work….and thinking out of the box and working together to remove the obstructions. 🙂 Nice Blog as usual! You always get me thinking! 😀

    • awesome. 😉

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