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I have been puzzling about this for a while. Just what should I do to send people off to the polls with.

To tell the complete and honest truth it has been tough staying focused in this election season, because of the things I have done, not done, and just over all. I want to stay focused on the fundamental principles.

But I still wanted to do something.

Now I could give you a long list of regional and local issues and even national issues. Vote for this guy, vote for that guy, go stand over there! But I could also write a novel and make a buck from this…tempting idea but I do not feel like writing a novel…. on this topic.

But it occurs to me to be general, what I need to do is just trust the people but give you the signs, and the principles to go forth and vote. How I see them anyways. Quite presumptuous of me. As they did in the Constitution, the Constitution was a document of principles, not hundred of pages of specifics.

Before we start I think we need to put this election in its proper context. We need context people.

This election is just going to be the start, or a start, of something, of the future.

So that is what you should keep in mind for as you vote. Acknowledging that this is the beginning of a new future. We are not going to change overnight, but we must vote for people who will start the process.

Who cares about the Constitution, cares about making the Government smaller and fitting into a more Constitutional mode. And getting out-of-the-way of the American people as we attempt to fix things.

We must make this a legacy vote. We must begin to work to pass down a better world to our descendants and their descendants.

A world of more freedom, more personal choice, more liberty, more strength, and a world with a greatly reduced debt. One where America is able to trade equally with our allies and friends in both of our mutual interests, and defend ourselves from our enemies.

We need to begin to hand down to our descendants what we were given. It is as I said, we have been given a great legacy and one of the most crucial duties as an American, perhaps the most crucial duty in America, is to give them what we were given.

And a chance to make it better.

And a chance to be strong from their enemies, and their challenges, to be stronger so they can deal with their challenges.

When you go to the ballot box you are not voting for a moment in time, or a light and transient cause, or a quick fix so we can just generally go about our lives.

We are voting for the future. We are voting for our future. We are voting to make a statement and to begin to heal the wounds and smooth out this nation.

Because, as pointed out in their ridiculous ad, they will judge us. And what we do here will ripple into the future for time untold.

And long after we are dead people will sit and wonder what we did, and they will sit in judgment.

The judgment of the choices that we make here. Not just at the ballot box, but through to the future.



  1. bravo…:-)

  2. YES!! 😀 And thank you for helping me with my voting perspective! 😉

    • welcome. 😉

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